"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This man is worth reading

His name – Jason L. Riley

Please go to the following to get some of his work and writings:

Hang in there Mr. Riley.  You have your hands full dealing with the nonsense of others in our land.  Pls keep writing about them but mostly keep writing about the good ones who persevere now.  They deserve it and Mr. Riley – they need it.   Today's dopey press ignores them.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Learning a bit about the new President

Anyone have time to waste?  Lots of time to waste?  Well if so have we got a cheap (?), easy and readily available route for you to take – turn on your TV and look for anything on CNN or Fox or MSNBC or whatever other dopey channels and stations are offering so-called news or analysis or whatever they call the folks who talk with each other endlessly about things of no import to anyone with a family or a job or a profession or even a few easier and less stressful things to do like golf and gatherings and maybe even a lunch or dinner or just some good old fashioned get together will folks you/we know who spend their lives doing something worthwhile.

Like a real job – not a yapping time wasting trying to make something out of nothing while piddling away time.

One of the things we like about this new guy – the new President – he doesn’t give these dopes aplenty a moment – heck maybe not even a second – of time.  We have now reached a similar situation – we don’t turn ‘em on – we don’t watch ‘em – we don’t buy the crap that pays them if we did watch them – because why would we – why would anyone who worked for a living waste their time and money on crap that supports these dopes a plenty.

And one more thing we are learning – why would anyone worth even a nickel spend one second of their time yapping with these many, many nincompoops?  Why?

It tells us one thing – our politicians or whatever one chooses to call them – are overpaid, underworked, over benefited and simply stupid.  No, wait a minute; we don’t think that is an accurate much less correct simple statement.  Whoever pays them is...

The new guy – he sure ain’t stupid.

Who is paying these nincompoops?  It ain’t the new guy.

Know anyone who might be doing it?

Monday, May 29, 2017

May God Bless Our Soldiers…

We offer this man’s views – for your possible reading – and a very simple reason:

This one fellow who was born shortly after the United States entered the war against the Germans and the Japanese – and to this moment is simply in awe of what Americans did in that situation.  The men who faced the worst ever warriors and battles – the women who not only built them their needed weapons and mechanisms of delivery but raised their children and never once – never once – uttered a word of complaint or criticism.

Please God bless and care for those who gave and did what needed to be done and have mercy on us for our shameful ways of failed leadership and direction now rampant in our once wonderful land.

…and care for those who are gone.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The mess left behind

Every time we simply try to find something worthwhile to write and share we usually come back to debt – massive debt – unrepayable levels of federal debt – just think about it – TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS – mostly coming under the worst president and congress America has ever had.  It is very difficult for “thefundamentals” to get away from this reality – and focus on something else of importance.

The mess left behind for the new congress – the new president – others can be examined – can be assessed – responsibility for it can be easily and readily attributed – it ain’t all that difficult.

JFKennedy did several good things for America.  As did his family.  Alas he did one real bad thing – his choice of VP – for obvious reasons.   LBJ is the beginning of the self decline of America but, yes folks, he’s got a lot of company.

And then along comes this guy who is a bit tough to grasp/handle/support/explain and so forth.  But what we get a kick out of are two simple facts:
1.    The people have had enough – they didn’t want another useless dope loved by the media – loved by all who are “employed” (many unnecessarily) by various and endless governmental ridiculousness across the land – and loved by those who simply struggle with an open, competitive, market based economy.
2.    So they chose a guy who never held office – just think about it – both political party’s are run by ______ who simply don’t meet what the people sought.  They are fed up with governmental nonsense as well as governmental bureaucratic nonsense as well as all the dopey governmental employees mostly who are neither needed nor able to do jobs – but some of which need to be done but also require development and competitiveness and change.   And guess what – those groups see it – recognize it – are terrified of it – and will do anything to not have to face it.

We get a kick out of the media dopes – yep, 90+% of them are simply nincompoops.  Here are two facts we never hear mentioned:

1.    We all pay them – when we buy the products and services that pay them via advertising – pay them a ton of money.   Think about it folks – it’s us who support them.
2.    They are also completely out of line with the Americans who voted the new guy in office – many simply don’t have the principles – the history – the responsibilities – the experience – the work and the American values – yes, TheFundamentals – that those of us who seek change and responsibility – yep and no we don’t stick our kids and our grandkids with piles of unrepayble debt – these dopes share nary a drop of these “fundamentals.”

Donald Trump did not create this mess – those who left it – those who to this day benefit from it – simply can’t stand President Trump – and no it ain’t all that hard to figure out why.

Friday, April 28, 2017

An honest man…

…well it is at least worth reading –

This link gives you a bit of the commentary – look up some more if interested.

Hang in there Mr. President – you are situated with the rather ridiculousness of several limited predecessors.

Good luck – we all will need it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mr. Bob Wilmers and a bit more

Til today we had never heard of Mr. Bob Wilmers nor the journalist – Ms. Christina Rexrode who wrote this article - https://www.wsj.com/articles/he-rides-a-decrepit-bike-and-owns-a-french-vineyard-the-unconventional-world-of-bank-ceo-bob-wilmers-1492767000

Once again all we can offer is the contact above and the again very simple fundamental or our  beloved land – keep the dopey government nincompoops at arm’s length and minimization – we do not include our military in that group – and follow the law and amazing things can still happen when good people get about doing what they are good at!

And now what may even be the better part of this brief link/connection, pls go to - https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/25/fashion/weddings/christina-rexrode-and-nick-zaccardi-married.html