"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Folks…what’s goin’ on in America today…in the world?

Do you get answers readin’ lots of printed daily “news” and “analysis” reportin’?  Or watchin’ endless yip-yappin’ tv/info/political shows?  How about the many internet information (“ii”) offerin’s?   Many of us now have ‘xtra time to flip around and get “informed”, huh?

What’s goin’ on in America today?  Well sit back folks, we’re gonna try to give you the answer that ain’t gonna set that well…perhaps why it’s usually avoided?  Please keep in mind that this ain’t the first time homo sapiens have dealt with change – a bit different each time – doesn’t make it easier.

In America the number one form of Øchange is a democrat party seekin’/holdin’ on to the old ways of doin’ things even though many of us now do things in new ways.  2nd, large religious groups run mostly by men repeatedly doin’ things the old way – yeah, we know, that one ain’t gonna go over well with them.   History based ways of gettin’/not gettin’ things done – changed – fill the books – usually in “damagin’” ways.   Then we get to the tough aspect of what we are talking about – what does this “change” in so many ways mean for the many in various forms of power, delivery, financing?  Yes, we mean established governments and supporters historically rejectin’ change.   Our one word answer…


America has two political parties – one simply opposes most forms of basic change – the other a bit more welcomin’ of it for reasons that simply have to do with self independence; some historic awareness; some acceptance…and benefits.  Unfortunately, they also go along with DEBT because it doesn’t destroy immediately.

Change is a real stinker when it gets to our homes – our neighborhoods.  This old guy knows because he is livin’ in it; strugglin’ with it.   Many cities, counties and states; school districts, postal service, public transportation, highways and many other forms of governmental “needs” – are seldom open to change.   Folks we are livin’ it now – all around us – goin’ on 24/7.

So what the heck should I/we do to survive…along with our few needs including those who need us?   We've got one example – not working out very well; but they’re facing it – our founders flushed ‘em a while ago – Great Britain.   A few years ago, by a tiny narrow margin, their citizens said to the large group (EU) surrounding them – we’re gonna give this a run on our own.   They said – bye bye germany...us Brit’s learned a while ago we simply need to do a few things on our own; hopefully with a few good tough allies.

Folks we’re closing in on our 500 word limit – enough for this offering.   The change we are living in this minute ain’t gonna go away – many of us will vote to avoid it – and the other party that seems to want to deal with it?   It’s gonna be tough for them.  And for us, we the people, come November 3.  We’ll see…not lookin’ good folks.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

“Free the Big Ten”

Well folks this fortunate not so young fella does not always agree much less support the coach of the football team from the university at which he did a few things over several years including gaining some real as well as college based education.

Nevertheless he sure agrees with the four words above…

“Free the Big Ten”….let's offer them a bit more impressively…

“Free the Big Ten”

Folks this getting’ old fella grew up in a time when the world faced some issues a tad more significant than overpaid football coaches – endless tv advertising in between the occasional play – and some of the really low iq nonanalytical POOPsters yappin’ in between the above.  But, college football sure beats the pants off overpaid nonproductive nincomPOOPs (435/100/9/1+++000,000’s) trying to buy our votes come early November.

Heck this guy would rather watch the buckeyes beat his wolverines (I really don’t mean that) and be encouraged to buy this or that over and over again each quarter…it's pretty basic (aka fundamental) here’s the article… https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/wolverines/2020/09/05/michigan-football-protest-big-ten-postponement/5730504002/

Monday, August 31, 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020

The fundamental reason we offer http://www.thefundamentals.us

Our simple basic fundamental reason – responsible Homo sapiens borrow money (debt) for good reasons and always repay debt on time in accord with the contractual obligation.  If they don’t repay debt it becomes DEBT – the Road to Bankruptcy.

Folks that’s as basic and simple – fundamental – as this one getting old American citizen since birth can state the reason.

He knows one or two things about this fundamental – one came from the brain…delivered via the mouth of one of the worlds fellas who had some ups and downs in real life – kinda like many of us guys.   This guy did one thing that even to this minute we write these words today is not only a basic fundamental it is exactly what American nincomPOOPs (435/100/9/1++++000,000’s more everywhere) don’t do.   He simply said he would borrow, find, get his hands on every penny of money available including borrowed money to kill the nazi POOPsters doing everything possible to kill British people.  And he said if the British didn’t survive – the hell with the DEBT – otherwise it would be repaid – every shilling of it.  The British people survived and the DEBT became debt and ended up at zero.

Folks a while back – about 240 years ago – our founders flushed the British king and his gang of nincomPOOPs.   The people of Great Britain to this minute have survived.   Ever ask yourself why…are we going to survive?

This old fella simply answers – our POOPs need to be flushed – DEBT needs to become debt and then zero. The fundamental reason we offer http://www.thefundamentals.us

Pls let us close with a simple suggestion – a fundamental based on the above words – don’t vote for anyone seeking more DEBT – only vote for one with a plan to make it debt…and then zero!

Good luck!!