"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The decline of America

If you are interested do a search seeking the words of those who spoke about the road to America’s decline – fairly simple and consistent – only we can do it to ourselves.

Right now we have two declining political party’s – one had two candidates for the top job – the other had a bunch.  America rejected all of them except for one guy with no political past – a little less than half chose this man – but they showed up in over half the states and the folks who set us up some time ago made it possible for a large minority to prevail in such a situation.

The party with the most votes has been in decline – both local, state and federal election decline for some time.  It has one rising accomplishment – more DEBT(a) at all levels where it gets to create DEBT – which brings us to the second key important element of our decline – the press – the media – the so-called information providers support this declining party and yet – zip – nada – nothing – nary a word about DEBT.

The other party is simply lost – wandering – frankly we don’t really have much of a concept other than it appears a lot of ‘em simply think they had better do some portion of the crap of the other group – a bit less – and that way appear to be a tad better…..

Enough – here is our closing thought – we have one darn good group of folks who in the past have given all for this wonderful land of ours.   We think that some of them – maybe up higher – are seeing and not believing what is going on – and we can only hope – are thinking at least about the possibility that sometime, somewhere, something basic – fundamental – will need to be done.  The 435/100/9/1 nincompoops are not up to it today – could that change – we’ll see.

(a) we must make a simple statement about DEBT – it goes back to our very beginning – we grew up with people and in a community and still maintain the fundamentals of these good people to this very moment and one key fundamental is – you owe money – you repay it.   No responsible person does not repay their debt.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Worth watching – Admiral Mullen

Obviously we are supporters of this man.  His few words spoken above when the issue/problem – rising and not even discussed debt – was quite a bit less – is our top fundamental.  It is to this moment our number one problem/issue for this once wonderful land/country of ours.   This man lead those many – many who fight and fought for us – and those who gave everything for us – he is well worth listening to – we are most grateful to him.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Written by a Democrat

Not only written by but the writer – Ted Van Dyk almost calls it just as it is – for the most part the nonsense flowing from the remaining Democrats of today is the problem as pointed out clearly in his remarks.  BTW, this man – Van Dyk – 30+ years of various Democrat Party action and involvement.  Here goes – some of his comments:
·         Their successors in the party have continued to focus on cultural issues with limited appeal. Their focus on political correctness and conformity has left an impression on traditional Democrats that their party leaders care more about transgender bathroom access than employment, the cost of living, education or public safety. Mrs. Clinton’s “deplorables” reference struck home with these voters.
·         Decades later, urban black communities in particular are in crisis. School dropout and incarceration rates, high black-on-black murder and other crime rates, births out of wedlock far outnumbering intact families, pervasive drug dealing and use, and a disgraceful poverty rate should shame all of us.
·         Political scientist V.O. Key famously observed that “the voters are not fools.” Millions of them, including traditional Democrats, driven by anger and frustration, abandoned their political roots last November to make Donald Trump president. Many probably sensed that chaos and fumbling would follow. By their lights, it was an acceptable price to pay to rid themselves of leaders who had forgotten them.

Much more coming from one of the few Democrats who recognize that the problem of America today is largely of their making – not entirely – there are plenty Republicans who share similar guilt and responsibility – but the remaining current group of Democrats today never mention anything displaying the realization Mr. Van Dyk does.  It’s available at – https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-democrats-biggest-problem-is-cultural-1501193226

There is no government that lasts that seeks the nonsense of today’s Democrats and a good chunk of Republicans – it’s just not the way responsible people are – not the way they develop and survive and most certainly not the way they live when under their own guidance and control.

BTW, closing observation – the Democrats don’t like this Van Dyk guy – one thing we know – well it’s a fundamental – if you spend time with people who are not open to other peoples thinking and analysis – it speaks volumes about them and why a thinking person may choose to move on.  A number of Democrats did so last November.  Is Don the right guy?  Probably not but that really has little to do with the process underway and all this guy can say is – let’s hope it ultimately works because the alternative stinks.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We like this book

The book is - PT 109: An American Epic of War, Survival, and the Destiny of John F. Kennedy – June 7, 2016 by William Doyle  

Here are the reasons we like it:

·         We read it fast – about one day – why?  We didn’t want to put it down

·         We have often thought about the decline and fall of our politicians and our many nonmilitary government people and have for some time darn near concluded that our (America’s) last two top good guys were – General Eisenhower and Lieutenant John F. Kennedy

·         This book tells us about Lt. Kennedy and just a few years of his life and we don’t know if the author got it 100% right – we know this – even at a fraction of that measurement – well read it and you see what you think

·         We want to close with this simple yet obvious connection – it’s a fundamental – we are blessed – fortunate – we are not alone with this fortunate blessing – we know that the country to the north of us as well as the place that we had to remove a couple of century’s ago and a few of their other settlements around the globe – we know how blessed we Americans are to have these as our allies – so revisit what General Eisenhower and Lieutenant Kennedy did working with those others so that today we get to deal with 435/100/9 of the greatest nincompoops ever to run our spectacular country and…

·         …pray (also fight for it – vote for it – read/learn about it) that someday we will again be guided by the good women and men who not only saved us in the 1940’s they raised us – they taught us – they left it up to us to continue – and so far we are failing…so far.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Small generator – crew of three

A bit of further info – “The cost per use?”  "It's about a dollar a shot."

And – “Could (it) shoot down a missile…”   maybe…

Thank you.  Keep up the good work – please.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

When will the dopey republicans wake up?

What do we mean by “wake up?”

And then one might just see why we titled this brief piece as we did.

We know the democrats are just lost in a damaging – actually destroying – way of life and politics but mostly just wasting money that mostly comes from debt and no one even mentions – hey, who is gonna repay all that debt?  Meanwhile the few remaining places they control – mostly big old cities and counties and states – in debt up to their tiny brains and big fat behinds and the one common feature all these nincompoops share?   Never say a word about debt.

Meanwhile – just take a look at the title above – the dopey republicans cannot bring themselves to get together – use their tiny majority – and get the business of a few good decisions done and enforced.  Just too scared that some good policy and good management and reduced spending and big time reductions in the hundreds of thousands of dopey bureaucrats most all of whom vote for the dopey democrats would actually have to join the bulk of us who work making something or growing something or building something or fixing something and so on.

Which group is worse?  Very difficult to answer that question – they both stink as do the 9 dopey judges who could simply say something as basic and legal as – hey, dopes, you borrow money – you have to repay it – not roll it over and over and stick little kids with it.


Stupid sh**

Later in the morning, on a call with analysts, a more-animated-than-usual Dimon took his earlier statements one step further:
So, no, in spite of gridlock, we’ll grow at 1.5% or 2%. I don’t buy the argument that we’ll relegate this forever. We’re not. If this administration can make breakthroughs in taxes and infrastructure regulatory reform. We have become one of the most bureaucratic confusing litigious societies on the planet. It’s almost an embarrassment to be an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid sh—t we have to deal with in this country. And at one point we all have to get our act together or we won’t do what we’re supposed to do for the average Americans. And unfortunately, people write about this being like it’s for corporations. It’s not for corporations. Competitive taxes are important for business and business growth, which is important for jobs and wage growth. And honestly, we should be ringing that along to every single one of you, every time you talk to a client.

Comment s’il vous plait – Thank you Mr. Dimon – more wisdom in a few words to describe our government dopes and our media dopes all of whom (folks there are hundreds of thousands of these overpaid unneeded nincompoops) simply need a lengthy “vacation” – unpaid of course!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lord’s Player

Something we think is very worth reading.  Pls go to:

God bless this man – and thank you God for not only ordaining him but letting us find out about and read about this man.

One more thing – we do know some others – and we simply say to each – God Bless You and thank you.  We need you.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

For Catholics and others

The fellow writing these few words is and has been a Catholic since beginning in his Mom’s womb.  Alas, not always a good one.  He thanks the good Lord for allowing some added time to shape up.

He came across this article and wishes to share it – http://www.charlotteobserver.com/living/religion/article160165564.html

Not just because it is about a good guy; a good priest – but because times have changed and are changing and the idea of a married Catholic priest?  Well sounds pretty darn good to this old guy for a lot of reasons.  Other ideas and changes in the article are also worth considering and doing.

One of the things the priest in the article, Father McSweeney, says is, “…he’d like the church…to be more about hospitality and less about judgment.” 

And also – “McSweeney said he’d also support the church re-opening the door to married priests by making celibacy optional – as it was the first 1,000 years of Roman Catholicism.”

“First 1,000 years” – holy smokes folks – something is going on – something worthwhile.  We love America – mostly as it once was – not all that long ago – but we got a long way to go and we better start to shape up.

There is a lot more in this article – a lot more – a 75 year old guy who simply sees life as part of God and Jesus’ way of seeing and doing things.  Pretty darn good way of thinking we think.  He also says the “…Catholic population is booming…” and we notice it also and we are with him on his suggestion – as we recall Jesus didn’t say anything about married guys not carrying His message forward.  Heck, even as a disciple!

We simply are blessed to have good men like this – folks there are a lot of good men around – and not a one of them would be here were it not for a really darn good woman.

Thank you Father McSweeney – God Bless You.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Folks it’s not just dopey democrats that stink to high heaven

Please read this man’s straightforward and rather easy to understand overview of how terrible a good portion – maybe darn near 100% - of our two ridiculous political party nincompoops are and what it means for those of us who get to make a very basic choice – do we wish to support ridiculous candidates who are destroying our country or do we wish to find – maybe even do it ourselves – fundamental candidates who know how and why we became this wonderful land and how and why and who are simply destroying it.

Folks we simply need a new political party of good women and men who have the courage and the conviction to end this ridiculous debt rising nonsense – start paying it down – and reduce the government nincompoops by the numbers – yes we mean massive reductions – and start paying them the same level of pay we regular people earn and also receive limited benefits from as we compete in the private sector.

Worth reading

Peggy Noonan wrote it – well worth a few minutes for anyone wondering what the heck is really going on.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Holy Smokes

What is fake news?  We simply do not know.  Why do we not know?  Well best for someone else to answer but here is our answer – we have stopped watching darn near all of the fake news dopes and we have darn near stopped reading all of them and we are not even spending much time on the internet dancing around them and no, it didn’t just start with their ridiculousness around the 2016 election or their ridiculousness around the Obama dope (does anyone have even a small amount of knowledge about the mess he and his boys (and some girls) created in Cook County, Chicago or Illinois?)

Now the Donald says that CNN is fake news.  Okay, so what?  Doesn’t make them much different than the networks or the other crap providers does it?  They all wanted the Hill to win – they all approached 11/8/2016 on the basis the Hill was going to win – and to this day we suggest you watch a few of these nincompoops not say what is obvious to anyone watching them – we were stupid – we are stupid – and we will remain stupid.  We would list the short films of their late election night stupidity but they are using bad language instead of simply saying – over and over again – WE ARE STUPID!

Why watch stupid dopes?  Well now that is an interesting question – many of us do and they are “Hollywood” dopes and they are dopes aplenty and well paid dopes aplenty and believe it or not – guess who pays them?

Hey, come to think of it – it’s the same who pay the fake news dopes.  And guess what?  Who else do you think is paid by this group who pay the fake news dopes and the “Hollywood” dopes?   Yep, government dopes by the thousands – heck by the tens of thousands – by the hundreds of thousands – and no we don’t pay them millions – nope we pay them billions.   And they treat us as if we are stupid.

Wow, we are beginning to get it.  Holy smokes.  Golly gee.   We are stupid.   Now we get why they treat us as if we are stupid.  It is one, maybe the only, situation where they are right.

Holy smokes – they’re not the stupid dopes – we are.  How much are we paying these nincompoops?   How much extra do we pay when we buy something that advertises and supports these nincompoops?  Anyone know?  Hello……….hello………...hello……….

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This man is worth reading

His name – Jason L. Riley

Please go to the following to get some of his work and writings:

Hang in there Mr. Riley.  You have your hands full dealing with the nonsense of others in our land.  Pls keep writing about them but mostly keep writing about the good ones who persevere now.  They deserve it and Mr. Riley – they need it.   Today's dopey press ignores them.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Learning a bit about the new President

Anyone have time to waste?  Lots of time to waste?  Well if so have we got a cheap (?), easy and readily available route for you to take – turn on your TV and look for anything on CNN or Fox or MSNBC or whatever other dopey channels and stations are offering so-called news or analysis or whatever they call the folks who talk with each other endlessly about things of no import to anyone with a family or a job or a profession or even a few easier and less stressful things to do like golf and gatherings and maybe even a lunch or dinner or just some good old fashioned get together will folks you/we know who spend their lives doing something worthwhile.

Like a real job – not a yapping time wasting trying to make something out of nothing while piddling away time.

One of the things we like about this new guy – the new President – he doesn’t give these dopes aplenty a moment – heck maybe not even a second – of time.  We have now reached a similar situation – we don’t turn ‘em on – we don’t watch ‘em – we don’t buy the crap that pays them if we did watch them – because why would we – why would anyone who worked for a living waste their time and money on crap that supports these dopes a plenty.

And one more thing we are learning – why would anyone worth even a nickel spend one second of their time yapping with these many, many nincompoops?  Why?

It tells us one thing – our politicians or whatever one chooses to call them – are overpaid, underworked, over benefited and simply stupid.  No, wait a minute; we don’t think that is an accurate much less correct simple statement.  Whoever pays them is...

The new guy – he sure ain’t stupid.

Who is paying these nincompoops?  It ain’t the new guy.

Know anyone who might be doing it?

Monday, May 29, 2017

May God Bless Our Soldiers…

We offer this man’s views – for your possible reading – and a very simple reason:

This one fellow who was born shortly after the United States entered the war against the Germans and the Japanese – and to this moment is simply in awe of what Americans did in that situation.  The men who faced the worst ever warriors and battles – the women who not only built them their needed weapons and mechanisms of delivery but raised their children and never once – never once – uttered a word of complaint or criticism.

Please God bless and care for those who gave and did what needed to be done and have mercy on us for our shameful ways of failed leadership and direction now rampant in our once wonderful land.

…and care for those who are gone.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The mess left behind

Every time we simply try to find something worthwhile to write and share we usually come back to debt – massive debt – unrepayable levels of federal debt – just think about it – TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS – mostly coming under the worst president and congress America has ever had.  It is very difficult for “thefundamentals” to get away from this reality – and focus on something else of importance.

The mess left behind for the new congress – the new president – others can be examined – can be assessed – responsibility for it can be easily and readily attributed – it ain’t all that difficult.

JFKennedy did several good things for America.  As did his family.  Alas he did one real bad thing – his choice of VP – for obvious reasons.   LBJ is the beginning of the self decline of America but, yes folks, he’s got a lot of company.

And then along comes this guy who is a bit tough to grasp/handle/support/explain and so forth.  But what we get a kick out of are two simple facts:
1.    The people have had enough – they didn’t want another useless dope loved by the media – loved by all who are “employed” (many unnecessarily) by various and endless governmental ridiculousness across the land – and loved by those who simply struggle with an open, competitive, market based economy.
2.    So they chose a guy who never held office – just think about it – both political party’s are run by ______ who simply don’t meet what the people sought.  They are fed up with governmental nonsense as well as governmental bureaucratic nonsense as well as all the dopey governmental employees mostly who are neither needed nor able to do jobs – but some of which need to be done but also require development and competitiveness and change.   And guess what – those groups see it – recognize it – are terrified of it – and will do anything to not have to face it.

We get a kick out of the media dopes – yep, 90+% of them are simply nincompoops.  Here are two facts we never hear mentioned:

1.    We all pay them – when we buy the products and services that pay them via advertising – pay them a ton of money.   Think about it folks – it’s us who support them.
2.    They are also completely out of line with the Americans who voted the new guy in office – many simply don’t have the principles – the history – the responsibilities – the experience – the work and the American values – yes, TheFundamentals – that those of us who seek change and responsibility – yep and no we don’t stick our kids and our grandkids with piles of unrepayble debt – these dopes share nary a drop of these “fundamentals.”

Donald Trump did not create this mess – those who left it – those who to this day benefit from it – simply can’t stand President Trump – and no it ain’t all that hard to figure out why.

Friday, April 28, 2017

An honest man…

…well it is at least worth reading –

This link gives you a bit of the commentary – look up some more if interested.

Hang in there Mr. President – you are situated with the rather ridiculousness of several limited predecessors.

Good luck – we all will need it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mr. Bob Wilmers and a bit more

Til today we had never heard of Mr. Bob Wilmers nor the journalist – Ms. Christina Rexrode who wrote this article - https://www.wsj.com/articles/he-rides-a-decrepit-bike-and-owns-a-french-vineyard-the-unconventional-world-of-bank-ceo-bob-wilmers-1492767000

Once again all we can offer is the contact above and the again very simple fundamental or our  beloved land – keep the dopey government nincompoops at arm’s length and minimization – we do not include our military in that group – and follow the law and amazing things can still happen when good people get about doing what they are good at!

And now what may even be the better part of this brief link/connection, pls go to - https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/25/fashion/weddings/christina-rexrode-and-nick-zaccardi-married.html

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Will Christianity Perish in Its Birthplace?

Please read at - http://buchanan.org/blog/will-christianity-perish-birthplace-126816

Happy Easter Week

Democrat party leaders…and a bit more

Ready – let’s go:

Dick Durbin – 72 years old.  Illinois senator for 20 years.  Here are a few simple facts about (IL) –

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget office estimates the state will have a budget deficit of over $5 billion by the end of fiscal year 2017, and billions more in the years to come. The Illinois comptroller’s website shows the state has a $10 billion mountain of unpaid bills. And the General Assembly’s analysts have announced the state’s pension debt has spiked to a record $130 billion.
For many, tax hikes look like the only solution to Illinois’ fiscal woes. But tax hikes will only make things worse. Illinoisans are already burdened with some of the highest taxes in the nation, including the highest property taxes of any state.
As a result of Illinois’ dysfunction, the state is bleeding people and its tax base. Between July 2014 and July 2015, approximately 300,000 people left Illinois for good and only 200,000 moved in, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This resulted in a loss of 105,000 residents on net to other states – an all-time high for Illinois. Tax hikes will only chase more residents away.

USA debt 20 years ago –   $  5.4 TRILLION
USA debt today –                 $19.8 TRILLION
We ask you this – why would the people of IL want this clown in the senate?  Much less in the state?   (Raises an interesting question about who benefits?)   Give the dope Obama credit for not going back to IL!

Next this dope from New York City –
Chuck Schumer – 67 years old.   NY senator for 19 years.  From the NYC – here is a recent statement about the NYC financial condition -

In our latest review of the financial conditions of the 20 largest cities in the United States, New York City ranked 20th among the 20 cities. Last.
This ranking is based on Truth in Accounting’s bottom-line “Taxpayer Burden” measure, which represents each taxpayer’s share of unfunded debt. New York City has accumulated over $150 billion in bills above and beyond assets available on the balance sheet, leading to a $61,000 bill facing city taxpayers, on average.
Starting to get the picture?

Here is the dopey gal from CA –
Nancy Pelosi – 77 years old.  Been in the House since 1987 – THIRTY YEARS FOLKS!
What pray tell was USA debt thirty years ago?  See below:
Should we go on?  Well let’s do one dope from the other party – okay?

John McCain – 80 years old.   Been in the senate for 30 years – since 1987.   Debt when he arrived – see above.

Let’s close with a very simple and basic fundamental – actually two fundamentals.
1.    None of these dopes should be able to be in office for anything near their time periods much less get paid and benefitted as they are.  Cut their pay – set very short time periods of office – no more retirement and other benefits (i.e. – encourage Americans with other skills and employment opportunities to serve and then return to their respective jobs).   Now if you doubt the need for this, read #2 below.

2.    Debt must be repaid in reasonable time periods – no longer than 20 years.  And the dopes above – no more than 12 years total combined in the House and Senate.  Yes, we know, that is still a bit too long but it is a start.

Closing comment or whatever - is this ridiculous?  Dopey?  Undoable?   No folks it's not.  It simply will not get done as long as clowns like the above can be in office - stay in office - get paid for doing so - and not be forced to follow fundamental disciplines that all good Americans follow!  We work real jobs - we repay our debt!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mr. Trump requests our input

Yes folks – he indeed does.  TheFundamentals says – we will do it and we will let others know how to do it.  Right now.  And we sure hope they do it too!

We suggest you watch the brief (only one minute - we like this guy already) presentation by the man with the task of making our federal government wiser, cheaper and hopefully a lot better working!   And then proceed to answer* as you see fit.
We must say as we get back to working on our response – good for them for offering this opportunity for those of us who occasionally (yikes if only it could be reduced, huh?) get to deal with federal, state, county, local and other governmental accumulations and unfortunately sometimes just unneeded and overpaid and over benefitted “folks” – it is well past time to cut ‘em back just as in case you haven’t noticed is going on and has been going on big time in many or our providers of needed products and services.  Folks the world is changing and we – TheFundamentals – say simply – we don’t need a darn good portion of the various government stuff we pay for and who knows – this may be our best chance to get rid of it!

Now if only we could do the same to all the dopey ads on TV – huh?  BTW, have you seen the media dopes talk about this request?   Maybe even encourage our input?  HUH?

* don’t delay too much – they are closing down the input on June 12th !!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A few thoughts/observations about the new guy – and then bye bye

Let’s start with the obvious ones – okay:

·         We remember the media fools crapping on him before he even said he was running.  Not just a little or occasionally – a lot and vigorously
·         To which we think – what would we have done in such a situation
·         To which we give the new guy credit – we would have been much worse – four letter word worse at a minimum
·         We don’t know the guy – he got a lot of crap from other nincompoops besides the press profound low IQ and incredibly stupid boys and girls and
·         The top leader of this crap – the Hill – a truly ridiculous but oh-so glorified leader of those who think this country is about what it does for you – well at least around election time
·         As we – thefundamentals – look back on this group of clowns (no disrespect to the good clowns) known as democrats – we see a mess – and a debt – and crappy cities – and bankrupt states – and fortunately – a slightly rising factual awareness in several of these locales – democrats are simply stupid
·         The Hill – top stupid – the Bill close second top stupid – the dopes who gave them money – seeking something – boy they sure did disappear fast last November
·         To which we say – America is this the crap you really want?
·         Now, we get to the true clown – we dare not say too much truth about this clown
·         He comes from a bankrupt city – bankrupt county – bankrupt state – where fortunately the younger folks – well some older ones too – are getting the heck out
·         He has no idea that borrowed money must be repaid.  Why you may ask?  If you have to ask all we suggest is read one or two of the front pages most any day from the Chicago Tribune – not the editorial crap on that paper – the facts
·         This clown (for the first time we now wonder – should we just use a factual terminology for this idiot?) did more damage to the USA than the dope LBJ – the dopes Nixon, Carter and maybe even the dope Clinton(s).  Time will tell
·         For those of you who demand impartiality – yes we also include the Bush Jr. in that list – well heck we also include a big bunch of the reps and senators who went along with a TWENTY TRILLION DOLLAR DARN NEAR UNREPAYABLE DEBT!!!!!
·         Enough.  Like America?  Maybe?  Then put up with this new guy and only insist on one thing while supporting or at least allowing his other things
·         What is that one thing?   Folks we all gotta repay our debt.  We simply can’t even ponder what kind of a**hole would possibly pass debt onto her/his kids – grandkids – little ones not yet even pondered much less conceived
·         Have at it Mr. Donald – they left you a big pile of crap – many of them are doing their darndest to lie and deceive because they know one thing for sure – it they aren’t employed by a government – one way or another – they gotta work – show up – do something – or bye bye
·         TheFundamentals is fine with bye bye - it's either us or them

Monday, April 10, 2017

A question to ponder

The question to ponder in this essay of just several hundred words is something that we – those of us who pay for government via more darn forms and ways and bills and debts and taxes and costs than are even remotely calculable these days – are now attempting to list for you and analyze for you is this:

How backward – how out of pace – how ridiculously ridiculous in a rapidly developing and changing world – a world of new products – new services – new ways of doing darn near everything – including those products and services frequently and alas unfortunately “done” by government – can it get before we simply realize and stop permitting “government” to do anything other than the few simple things they possibly can continue to be responsible for?

Or if you don’t or can’t quite grasp the vast and overwhelming applicability of the above few words to our ridiculous numerous layers of simply backward out of touch and just plain stupid governmental nonsense here in America today we then pose to you to answer – well first perhaps just ponder an answer – to this simple question – list those items you wish to purchase from your many local governmental entities and then add those items you wish to purchase from your many state governmental entities and then add those items you wish to purchase from your many federal governmental entities.  Okay? When done with that list we then pose to you to answer – this simple question – list those services (the above are items or products) you wish to purchase from……..

Get the picture?

If not we think there is a darn good chance you vote for democrats which means there is a darn good chance you listen to dopey democrats telling you how crappy the services and goods are when they are being controlled/supplied/voted on/etc. by dopey republicans, huh?  But not from them, huh?

And we close with this simple situation now occurring in our once phenomenal place where darn near everyone realized – the fewer things done by government – wow, the amazingly positive benefits and results for all – is simply gone – down the toilet – which is perhaps the one thing we need from a central source of supply and service – crap removal – someone needs to do it and at least this one guy cannot come up with anyone better to do it than those who produce it in so many other locations and activities these days.  The millions of mostly backward unadvanced and simply dopey folks earning big government salaries and benefits.

And no we again exclude our military although we are struggling about some police after we read about the ridiculous Chicago cop situation these days as to whether or not we can include cops along with the military!  (BTW, we don't think the cops there are the ones who can fix that democrat mess.)

Finally we do close with this – for some time now this once wonderful land has been run/overseen/taxed/and other piles of simply crap ridiculousness coming from the most undisciplined and simply inexperienced politicians and governmental do nothings (not the military) at all levels but mostly in our larger populated cities and states.   Anyone even occasionally reading here knows that the one and only thing they have to show for their ridiculousness is many, many trillions of dollars of debt for which these nincompoops to this very day – this very moment – say not a word about the kids born and not yet conceived who will get to repay them or simply be destroyed by them.

Folks – wake up.   No one did this crap to us – no foreigners – no religious nincompoops – no enemies – nope – not a one.  We did it to ourselves and at this moment we tolerate the dopes a plenty in all of our ridiculous governmental obscenities (not the military) with nary a moment of facts and plans to stop it.

Do we deserve the obvious answer to the question posed above?  You answer it!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Phenomenal misthinking

Here are her – Hillary’s stated reasons for losing the November 8, 2016 USA presidential election:
·         Russia
·         Misogyny
·         Comey
·         Wikileaks

Actually this brief outline of her stated thinking is the basis for the heading above – phenomenal misthinking.  Yes we mean it about her at this moment but it simply is an accurate definition of her political party – the Democrats – an accurate description of 90+% of American media today – this moment – and with the exception of our American military – it is an accurate description of much of our many governments and a darn good chunk of the other political party – the Republicans.

America is now overridden by people – human beings – who think America is about  governments that can do so many things for so many people regardless of outcome – regardless of cost – regardless of obvious nonsense – and most importantly regardless of historic results, consequences and just simple screw-up’s mostly the horrible behavior of a few and the consequences to so many.

Yet, people like the Hillary not only cannot see it they simply have virtually no history basis ever in their words – in their thinking – in anything about them.
Is it just Hillary?  Of course not.  All one need do is watch – listen – observe – folks it take so little common sense and so little historic awareness to grasp this situation.
No it’s not just Hillary.  The world is overwhelmed with Hillary’s.  Alas many of us have a chunk of the Hillary in us.  And yet many of us do not.

It apparently is life.  Simply life.  And yet we simply must make this modest observation after reading her comments – she thinks it is about others – others who are wrong – mislead – anti women – she is fairly basic in her assessment of others – what to this observer finds so missing in her self assessment – not only of her and her “family” but also her “political party.”

Always so easy – so quick – to blame others.

Which brings us to this closing comment – is it just us – us Americans?  We think not.  We see it all over the place – this moment – past moments.  The basic belief that government is the answer which brings us to the few simple words of a man who pretty well had it grasped - The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

It is rather funny to read the above – this guy writing the few words from Mr. Reagan doesn’t even think the government  dopes give a hoot and a holler anymore about even pretending they are here to help anyone other than their dopey selves.  They are BSr’s.

Is it funny?  Yeah.  Is it tragic?  You bet – even more so.  And we close with one very positive statement/observation – this one guy is overwhelmed with how many women – we want to repeat that – WOMEN – as well as guys who grasp this mess and yet have no idea what on earth to do about it other than live and care for those they love, need, respect and who need someone else.   People do it – governments don’t.

Final observation – get a chance – read Charles Krauthammer’s column today titled – Karma, precedent and the nuclear option – top notch per usual.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Worth reading…

…well we sure think so.

Two articles about two guys – darn good reading we think.

It starts tomorrow – we love it – the game – the guys – the way its run – and shown to us – and yep it is simply following good old well established and very long lasting concepts and “fundamentals.”  Darn good lesson for us all and its many values and needs, particularly today.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Misguided? Or just not all that bright?

It is an interesting time for a rather large group of folks who for many years now – actually decades – have had the running set of “principles” and “basics” and “governmental” and “foundational” standards – well at least laws were passed to support – all of these – their ways of running things.  We today – us Americans – now live in a country run by their ways and techniques and results (oops, yes, and debt.)   And lo and behold a rather large group of us Americans are simply sick and tired – fed up – simply ready willing and able to step up and say “enough” – well not just say it – try at least to do something about it.

We look at the “clowns” a plenty – again no disrespect intended with the use of this descriptive word for the good women and men who dress up to entertain our kids and grandkids – no we mean the other definitional group of “clowns” who mostly can be found in several locations doing not much of value.  This group of “clowns” includes:
·         As far as we can observe, darn near all Democrats
·         Ditto for a good chunk of Republicans
·         As far as we read/listen/observe 90+% of America’s “media” dopes, and
·         Yes, that includes the ones who pretend otherwise
·         And with one notable exception* – the masses not overpaid and phenomenally unneeded dopes in government jobs all over the place
·         Does that cover it?  Nope.  Anyone with an ounce of still working brain capability would add in the entirety of Hollywood – and a good chunk of its neighboring neighborhoods….
·         ….and all one need do to finish the list is observe those places now experiencing a good departure of the many older Americans who, like us, are simply fed up

Closing comment – s’il vous plait.  We look at the media mostly because – well, it’s the media.  As we all know it comes in a variety of delivery forms and fashions and folks it mostly simply stinks.  Why is that?  Well we have a pretty good idea but we instead are going to simply address its rather obvious and growing problem – people, many people are fed up with it and as it loses its audience and – surprise/surprise its money coming in – it is getting more and more lost in its nonsense.  Alas folks what we are learning is it needs someone else to hold accountable – heaven forbid it might recognize what really is going on.

And that folks is our closing comment/observation – it simply is clueless.  American media today is lost (yes, it has a chunk of followers (see above listing please) and seeks others to blame.

Misguided?  Or just not too bright?  

* Excludes American military 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How much trouble are we in?

Here is the official definition of “trouble” – “difficulty or problem”

Synonyms – problems, difficulty, bother, inconvenience, worry, concern, anxiety, distress, strife, agitation, harassment, hassle, unpleasantness

Anything missing perhaps?

 Well we think an obvious anything is missing – unrepayable debt.

Now when we say – “are we in” as above we mean – the United States of America.

Our quickest – easiest – fastest – least difficult – manner or approach to offer our thinking and reasoning for now concluding the US of A is in trouble is to combine two simple fundamentals –
1.    The one above – unrepayable debt – a no-no – and
2.    These several words spoken by our 35th president within minutes of his taking the office of president –
“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

Still with us?   If so, ask yourself this – is there a connection between our source of trouble – now we know it is the result of several real problems but we don’t see much point in spending anymore time addressing the real problems for several reasons including:
·         It is politically incorrect these days to so address any real problem, and
·         Therefore it is a waste of time to so engage, and
·         The simple knowledge that we have tells us no one – nary a soul – with even a modicum of wisdom and human standards intends or will even consider passing along debt to their children born and to their children not yet conceived.

Get it?

As human beings we can do one of two things – be responsible to those we care about and add to the human being gathering – or not be responsible and  folks it is now fairly obvious to all but those who live off the latter that America is simply self destructing.

The democrat party as well as a good chunk of the dopey republicans has simply abandoned the rather obvious brief words snitched and used by JFK in his rather brief commentary upon getting the top political job here.  Did JFK mean the words?  Well all we know is this when we ponder that question – he gave his life for the USA – as did his older brother before him – and a younger brother after him and he said the few words above and we cannot find even one person in darn near all our political jobs and government jobs (excluding our military of course) and reporters who has an ounce of their simple commitment to America by following the principle of the few words.

In trouble?  It’s just debt, huh?  Don't mention it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Worth reading

Just a couple this wonderful morning –

And –

The above/latter link – just for those who wonder – why is our media so lost.  Well folks it simply is just doing what it loves to do.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

90+% of our press are……..dopes

Now let us explain, s’il vous plait.

First what meaneth the dots in the title above?  Simple answer – we don’t print most of the words – well none of ‘em – that preceded the descriptive definition – dopes.

How did we calculate the 90%?  Simpler answer – we have been around for a while – quite a while.  Actually we do use the descriptive + plus sign because it has always been very obvious that it is more than 90% but we were not certain of using 95+% and obviously knew that 100% would be at least modestly difficult to defend.  Alas – it can’t be defended and here are two good reasons why:

1. First a guy by the name of John Kass.  We’ve read him for a long, long time.  He is a Chicago guy –well he is on the second page of the Chicago Tribune and this is what we usually – no, not always, but darn near – like and admire about this one man – he is getting better and better by the day – by that we simply mean in our opinion – this one dopey guy writing these few words – he sees the situation and he knows darn well it is not good and yet he still has to balance that with good writing or else – well you figure out what else, huh?  An example – well read his article published today and afterwards ask yourself this simple question – the dopes in the 90+% of today’s American media and the one pile of ____ party cannot bring themselves to apply one standard to all – and that is just one of the reasons so many are not worth watching/reading/listening to.

2.  Now the next guy – a guy named Jason L. Riley.   Holy smokes folks we have just found him recently (last year or so) – not over the years as mentioned about the guy above.  Not only is he a darn good writer and observer and simply aware of what the heck is actually going on - he has the ability and the skill and simply the guts to put it together and write it/reveal it and not give a tinkle of nonsense to diminish it.  Why do we mention this characteristic?  Well name a Republican who acts in a similar fashion, huh?   Mr. Riley is located at the Wall Street Journal. 

Closing comments s’il vous plait.

Now we are pretty darn sure you may need to subscribe to one or both outfits to promptly get their commentaries – observations – wonderful writings.  But we also think you may be able to get their writings by moving around and checking up on them.  Pls don’t hold us to that.

Up to you – we do find them way above – really those words are woefully inadequate to describe their observations and simple presentations compared with 90+% of the dopes in America’s media today and yes we mean 90+% of the TV dopes (heck, we are probably being rather generous  in limiting that observation to just 90+% of them dopes, huh?)

Our modest closing suggestion – turn off the TV – read these guys – find others – heck if you’ve got a good one let us know, huh?   But also know this – we will check ‘em out and maybe agree – maybe not, huh?

Monday, February 27, 2017

The American Debt Discussion and Awareness

We start with a simple human being medical example – let’s say some guy, hypothetically,  recently  visited the medical center a week ago and was tested and examined and had samples of this and that taken and came back a few days ago and was told the following:

·         Some hearing loss
·         Immune system not quite what it used to be
·         Occasional urinal incontinence
·         A possible tumor in your liver needs further analysis

We all know that the last one needs immediate attention – the others need to be dealt with and there are several well known methods.  But a tumor?  May be a big problem – let’s hope it is treatable – get moving – deal with it.

Is this simple example appropriate elsewhere?  And if so – where – and further who should be doing it – and further – let’s just say we have an example – then – what are the next steps?

Yesterday morning we did something we seldom do – for about 12 or 15 minutes we clicked around between the Sunday Morning news/interview shows – whatever – and we were most interested in what those shows – their reporters and whatever – and their guests and whatever – were questioned about and discussed or talk about or try to discuss.

Now, at this moment in this brief writing we, TheFundamentals, will state what we think is America’s number one problem, much like a tumor:
Here is the DEBT of the United States of America now (rounded out):
$ 20,000,000,000,000.00

If you have interest in this number and its recent growth please go to:

We have just a few things to say before we close up this brief essay:
1.    Number of times we heard it discussed Sunday morning – ZERO
2.    Number of times we heard anyone attempt to raise it – ZERO
3.    Number of times we heard or saw someone mention it in an indirect fashion – ZERO
4.    Enough

This is all we have to say in closing – we did not bother to try to rank our closing statements:
1.    We have no clue who is the stupidest – American media or American politicians and bureaucrats (not the military) or just all the rest of us
2.    Take the politicians – the only one we have heard mention it briefly and recently is the new president (please go to:  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wud7UvrpgLg )  – all the others we watched are simply stupid,  ignorant, afraid or ________
3.    Why do we vote for ignorant dopey people?   Or watch them?
4.    Even better – ask yourself – do I intend – will I leave my kids – my grandkids with debt I didn’t repay?
5.    And then ask yourself this – what in the _____ am I doing voting for _____ who will?   Or watching ________?

6.    Please fill in the blanks after you have read and contemplated an answer!  We can’t because we do not print the several words that come to mind.