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Friday, April 7, 2017

Phenomenal misthinking

Here are her – Hillary’s stated reasons for losing the November 8, 2016 USA presidential election:
·         Russia
·         Misogyny
·         Comey
·         Wikileaks

Actually this brief outline of her stated thinking is the basis for the heading above – phenomenal misthinking.  Yes we mean it about her at this moment but it simply is an accurate definition of her political party – the Democrats – an accurate description of 90+% of American media today – this moment – and with the exception of our American military – it is an accurate description of much of our many governments and a darn good chunk of the other political party – the Republicans.

America is now overridden by people – human beings – who think America is about  governments that can do so many things for so many people regardless of outcome – regardless of cost – regardless of obvious nonsense – and most importantly regardless of historic results, consequences and just simple screw-up’s mostly the horrible behavior of a few and the consequences to so many.

Yet, people like the Hillary not only cannot see it they simply have virtually no history basis ever in their words – in their thinking – in anything about them.
Is it just Hillary?  Of course not.  All one need do is watch – listen – observe – folks it take so little common sense and so little historic awareness to grasp this situation.
No it’s not just Hillary.  The world is overwhelmed with Hillary’s.  Alas many of us have a chunk of the Hillary in us.  And yet many of us do not.

It apparently is life.  Simply life.  And yet we simply must make this modest observation after reading her comments – she thinks it is about others – others who are wrong – mislead – anti women – she is fairly basic in her assessment of others – what to this observer finds so missing in her self assessment – not only of her and her “family” but also her “political party.”

Always so easy – so quick – to blame others.

Which brings us to this closing comment – is it just us – us Americans?  We think not.  We see it all over the place – this moment – past moments.  The basic belief that government is the answer which brings us to the few simple words of a man who pretty well had it grasped - The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

It is rather funny to read the above – this guy writing the few words from Mr. Reagan doesn’t even think the government  dopes give a hoot and a holler anymore about even pretending they are here to help anyone other than their dopey selves.  They are BSr’s.

Is it funny?  Yeah.  Is it tragic?  You bet – even more so.  And we close with one very positive statement/observation – this one guy is overwhelmed with how many women – we want to repeat that – WOMEN – as well as guys who grasp this mess and yet have no idea what on earth to do about it other than live and care for those they love, need, respect and who need someone else.   People do it – governments don’t.

Final observation – get a chance – read Charles Krauthammer’s column today titled – Karma, precedent and the nuclear option – top notch per usual.

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