"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Monday, August 13, 2018

Freedom of the Press

Please read the following if you haven’t –
·         We support out founders who promoted the four title words above…
·         We do often wonder, “What the heck would they make out of this mess - almost nonrepayable amounts of debt?"   Lots of that debt pays the useless (nonproductive) nincompoops that we the people have our earned money taken to pay double/triple what we make…
·         Our founders said/published/made legal our freedom to flush them?    Useless unneeded (no, not our military) government nonemployees.  It's our job to flush 'em.  We the people.
·         When it comes to the press it seems the only option is – don’t buy any of the stuff that advertises and pays them with the money - our earned money - we buy the stuff with
·         As to the fatsos not producing anything – well folks that’s gonna be tough because they now can take big chunks of our earned money in our towns, cities, counties, schools, states as well as the DC nincompoopsaplenty…
·         …unless we got off our fat behinds and find a few who simply say – STOP – ENOUGH!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Regardless of whom you voted for on 11/8/2016…

…you need to read this analysis of what goes on when a government – any government – anywhere – becomes exactly what/why the United States of America was created for/by our founders – fought and died for by our young men for many years now:

Regardless of who you voted for we ask this simple question – where is the jail large enough to hold the “government employees” who engage in nonsense and illegal behavior?   Aren’t many hired (paid for) by “we the people” for the sole reason to arrest and indict and prosecute and then jail fatsosaplenty doing similarly what these “government employees” are doing now?
We were founded by good women and men who died to never ever again live with the nincomPOOPSaplenty of their day.  They flushed the “government” dopes (aka POOPS) of their time.  Folks, we had better get movin’ – get flushin’.   This crap goes on almost everywhere – and it’s a flowin’ 24/7 right here at home!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What’s going on and why?

Let’s see if we can make this fairly direct and hopefully brief –
·         Do we – thefundamentals – think what is going on has anything to do with Russia – its frequently elected boss – its futzing around in our elections – just like our country does in other countries?
·         The answer to the above is – no – not for a second
·         So what is going on? 
·         Well what’s about to occur?  Do you know?
·         We do – two things – a new judge in a few months and an election in one or two more.  That’s what’s going on
·         Well so what – doesn’t that happen often?  Every two years – maybe a bit longer for the judge?
·         You bet – but that’s not why what is going on (by the democrats and the press) is going on.  The reason is basic – fundamental – obvious – and it is all about the party out of control finding themselves losing more control come the senate vote on the judge and come the vote on the 435 and 1/3 of the 100 on 11/6/2018
·         So what will they do or try to do?  Well darn near anything and they have several groups that also realize what is going on and those groups face the exact same deterioration/reduction/fear of disappearance that the democrats realize is occurring and it simply is based on their ongoing failure and what they think will postpone that awareness
·         Stop and look at the financial condition of anywhere they currently and for some time have had political control – here is our quick list – DC -  New Jersey – Illinois – California – and more – here take a look:

·         The above is several years old but do this – on your own – ask to see the debt and the pension obligations of some of the places in blue and green above – or read the following:
o   Having promised public workers big pensions without saving the money to pay them, many of these states are fiscal time bombs. Nationwide, state pensions have unfunded liabilities totaling nearly $1.4 trillion, according to Pew Research. Not coincidentally, of the states with the 10 largest deficits by dollar value, eight do not have a right-to-work law. Three states—California, Illinois and New Jersey—account for a third of the pension hole. California and New Jersey each have net liabilities of about $170 billion, and Illinois’s are $140 billion.
o   The Illinois crisis is so severe that paying the promised pensions would require a 30-year property-tax increase that would cost the median Chicago homeowner $2,000 a year, according to a study from three economists at the Chicago Fed. Not a penny of that added tax money would pay for better schools, police, roads, hospitals or libraries. Already, Illinois’s property taxes are among the country’s highest.
o   Will the change spur pension fixes and other fiscal reforms in states like California, and Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland?
·         Above written by two guys – Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore – guys who like facts – do you?  If so read the entire factual article at:  https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-court-tosses-blue-states-a-life-jacket-1531263883?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1

·         Folks the democrat party and its towns, cities and states are on the chosen road of self destruction.  Study it – then study it more.  Ask yourself – do I want my country/state/city to become one of those places?   My kids - their kids - to live there?

·         If the democrats can get back in control – they already have the media – it needs the same nonsense to survive – and get back control of the house and the senate then they can print the money/open the borders/buy votes for another 10 or 20 years before the “you know what” hits the fan!

What’s going on and why?  Now you know.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

For those few (just kidding) who still have an open mind…

…we suggest you read these few words about the new guy –

We offer a simple suggestion to “we the people” as this good guys life is about to get hammered by some of the dumbest/dopiest/stupidest in the worlds top gathering of fatsosaplenty – the middle group – of the 435/100/9 pure American nincompoops – well a lot of ‘em – not all of ‘em!   We assume (hope) some of ‘em still have real jobs doing real things – giggle giggle….

Monday, July 2, 2018

“So pick Barrett, Mr. President.”

We also would like to add one thing – a simple fact – to Mr. Ponnuru’s above article – Mrs. Barrett and her husband, Jesse M. Barrett have seven kids – Emma, Vivian, Tess, John Peter, Liam, Juliet, and Benjamin – noted here:  https://magazine.nd.edu/archives/2012/winter-2012-13/class-notes/1990s/

Does America need a Midwestern Mom/wife/good human being on the Supreme Court?   Well you ponder and answer that question – here’s a bit more to read:   https://www.nationalreview.com/bench-memos/who-amy-coney-barrett/

And we offer one more link – as one ponders and wonders – what the heck is going on in this wonderful place of ours – as offered a while back by a good woman – good Mom – good wife:  https://www.wellesley.edu/events/commencement/archives/1990commencement/commencementaddress

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Please read

Please go to:


We offer the following from the above article - 

"The first big thing I'm going to buy is my mom a house. My parents are everything to me -- and all the sacrifices they've made -- I wouldn't be the man I am today without those two -- my mom and my father," Barkley said, via 247sports.com. "So, definitely going to buy those two a house that they can call home and not have to worry about anything."

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Worth listening – Mark Sanford

Pretty tough to beat what this man is saying as he leaves – well with our comments below – please go to:  http://www.counton2.com/news/mark-sanford-us-house-district-one-race-speech/1236561956

What can we say – he offers Admiral Mullen’s (see above) observation about the main/top issue we the people face – DEBT.

He supports our system – as do we – we just find most of the 435/100/9 nincompoops in need of flushing and the sooner the better.   We do wish he would address a bit more bluntly what the heck is going on in a system that is simply and bluntly and factually moving on the one way trip of self destruction.

Why did he get flushed?  We simply don’t know but we do know this – if he can – a man who at least seems to get the basic fundamentals on which we love and support our country – then we are very concerned that those who need flushing seem to come from rather non basic (fundamental) places in America that actually are a-ok with today’s nonsense.

We hope that we don’t bring our country to a real situation of self destruction but we are fearful that some (or many) would be okay with that result.

Monday, June 11, 2018

flush di niro

In case you are one of the few who haven’t seen it or heard it or read about it – well go here:

We – thefundamentals – suggest two things plus our title word figurative suggestion above:

·         Stop spending one penny directly or indirectly on anything involving di niro or anyone or thing connected in any way with him…
·         …and ditto for voting for or in any way supporting anyone getting directly or indirectly his and others like him votes and other forms of support

We close with a simple basic fundamental that we the people have displayed over and over again for 250+ years – if you don’t like this place – do your best to run it how you and others like you so chose and if that doesn’t work – well do what we the people have been doing – we work and we work and we do what is necessary to change things – for the better – and for most of us that involves a few simple things: we obey the law(s) – get educated – we raise our kids – we pay back every penny of what we borrow or owe – and we expect most others to do the same.   Oh, one other thing – we don’t pretend to be entertainers or actors or other human forms of no or limited productiveness.  We make things – we build things – we fix things – sometimes we develop things – some of us invent things and some of us heal others.  We don’t act and pretend to be something or someone who does that – we, the people, do it!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The American fundamental

This old guy usually takes a bit longer to grasp what is going on – until recently.  The gap in America is not all that tough for this old guy to grasp – heck folks beginning 75+years ago he was taught some basics – yes, he still calls ‘em – fundamentals.

He owes a lot of it to his Mom and Dad – as well as a darn good Uncle and Aunt – and then of course many many others but he does wish to say this – he knows he is not alone in grasping what it is about this country – its founders – its many many good Moms and Dads – women and men – who built it – and then the group of Men who did everything for we the people - many who gave their their lives for us.

This old guy has a huge problem with government nincompoops – he readily labels ‘em – the 435/100/9 clowns (no disrespect to good clowns) and dopesplenty and a few other printable words but he also knows this – 435/100/9 is symbolic because they number many - MANY - now which is a very simple and understandable way to describe the top gap in our country – we the people – founded by those sick and tired of the then governmental nincompoops of their time simply told them to leave and when they didn’t …well we all learned they did what was needed to get back to basics – fundamentals.

What do we the people need?  Five groups – we need and owe them a lot.

Folks we grasp this basic – is it perfect – no, but it has done the job so far and if you don’t know why – well study it a bit –read about their basics – fundamentals – what they do and don’t do – who they draw and admit and who they take a pass on – and one more thing – no unions.   The rest – the millions costing us billions, or more – they need flushing and then after flushing we the people can once again start the process of deciding who and which ones we need hopefully based on some form of American fundamentals – competitiveness – bidding – responsibility – accomplishment – and lacking any of those characteristics – flushing.

Folks that’s it – do you get it?  If so, the least each of us can do is only vote for someone who also gets it!   Those who want to buy our vote – flush 'em!

Monday, May 28, 2018

These young men died for us...

...and we the people must always respect their sacrifice for us and our children and simply start behaving as a nation of "fundamentals" and "values" - and get about rejecting the nonsense of today.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A very simple attempt to pose to – we the people – this question…

…what is wrong – what is going on – in our wonderful country right now?

We offer first this recent article from a USA newspaper:

Next we offer this number that we copied from the below website:
$ 21,053,362,097,750.15

We close with two fundamental questions:

1.    What/why are we the people permitting lawyers to tell us what matters and ignore what really matters?

2.    When are we the people simply going to demand that government stop spending money on themselves – rebuild a few government needed necessities – support the military – and tax those with money to do one thing:  repay DEBT?

Monday, April 30, 2018

Freedom of the Press

Just think – many good young American men fought for and died for American freedoms including the one above.  Just think about it for a minute or two……….

Michelle WolfĂ‚  32, has faced heavy criticism for her performance on Saturday after she made barbed jokes towards White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and aide Kellyanne Conway

Friday, March 30, 2018

Rest in Peace

George "Dan" Daniel Lanphear

JANUARY 24, 1938 ~ MARCH 23, 2018 (AGE 80)

Dan Lanphear passed away on March 23, 2018 at the age of 80 surrounded by his loving family and friends. A graduate of West High School, Dan excelled in Football and Track & Field, holding the shot put record in the state of Wisconsin for many years. He went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was a local football hero. In 1959, he was selected for the All-American Football team and made television appearances on the Ed Sullivan and Perry Como shows. In 1960, he played in the Rose Bowl (Wisconsin Badgers vs Washington Huskies). He was inducted into the Madison Sports Hall of Fame in 1989 and the University of Wisconsin Sports Hall of Fame in 2010. Dan graduated from the UW with a degree in Business and later went on to play for the Houston Oilers winning an AFL championship in 1960.
After playing for the Houston Oilers, Dan took a sales manager position for SBC, a division of IBM (later known as Ceridian) in St. Louis. He transferred to the Chicago location in 1974 as Sales Manager, then Regional Manager developing a thriving branch which became the company's largest. Dan was a legend among his coworkers, from his business expertise to his encouragement of community among the employees. He made it a fun and productive place to work and he recognized the skills and equality of all. It was during his career with SBC that he met the love of his life, Alice, his wife of 28 years. Together they enjoyed trips to Hawaii and Florida and spending time with family and friends
He was a devoted father of his two daughters, Danya (Kenneth) and Andrea (Dana)from his first marriage to Ann Marie. He was proud of his artistic grandson and his musical granddaughter. Dan was also close to his younger brother, Charles. Dan was preceded in death by his parents, George and Margaret, and his youngest brother, Philip.
Dan was famous for his football achievements but to his family and friends he will be remembered for his witty sense of humor and his generosity to all.
Visitation will be Saturday, March 31st, from 10 AM until 2 PM at Davenport Family Funeral and Crematory, 941 Old Rand Rd., Lake Zurich, IL.  His Celebration of Life luncheon immediately to follow visitation.
Dan passed due to complications related to Parkinson’s Disease. In Lieu of flowers, please send contributions to Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation at www.michaeljfox.org.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Worth watchiing...



Sure, our team won - but folks - Houston could well have won also...

...Go Blue...it just gets tougher and.....

...got a few minutes...

...if so maybe worth viewing and maybe even pondering the below -


life goes on...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

There are times when even…

…this guy writing these few words this morning and who voted for the guy Trump wonders if the guy Trump is as big and as fat an old nincompoop as most of the other 435/100/9 nincompoops who claim and pretend to have a fundamental basis of why America exists and what it darn well will require if it is to so continue.

A good man has left complements of the Trump.   More to the story?  We’ll see.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

A market view of what used to be – The Big 10

Pls read:  https://nypost.com/2018/03/03/michigan-or-michigan-state-the-line-provides-the-clue/?ref=yfp and then ask yourself – self, why would the Big 10 or whatever it pretends to be today – this moment in passing time – even waste one second of time moving their basketball tournament before the big tournament to New York City?

Got an idea – if so, pls share – meanwhile Big 10 or whatever you now pretend to be, pls answer this, “Why ain’t many attending the show?”   Meanwhile we say ------- GO BLUE!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

When will this nonsense end?

Ever think that title thought or maybe a few somewhat different words that nevertheless ask about the same question based on a few facts or what we – thefundamentals – usually refer to as FUNDAMENTALS?

What be the nonsense?  Well if you don’t know (we do find that hard to believe) we will now tell you but folks if you were born 50+ years ago then you have some good things working for you and here they are:
·         Most important a lot of the nonsense now underway 24/7 was just beginning
·         You also probably got an education and pretty much obey the law and care about others – most certainly about those who are your responsibility (a lot of younger folks still do this even while they are doing some pretty dopey things)
·         You probably also watch what you spend and – well one more important thing – you hold yourself accountable to repay any debt you incur, which brings us to our title…

…what on earth is the simply lack of knowledge and wisdom and basic human responsibility of people to themselves and their loved ones – their kids and their kids/kids not yet even conceived that allows them to act and live and behave as if they are not the all-time top American piles of smelly “you know what” who don’t address the following:

Folks we didn’t make this up – we snatched it from this website:  https://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/debt/current  just this morning.  Anyone can snatch it – send it to your kids – your neighbors – you Mom and Dad – hey, maybe even a better idea – see what you think – send it to the fatsosaplenty – all of them if so inclined but for sure the ones coming from your “homeland” – state, city, whatever and also include all of the last nine on the below list for this simple basic fundamental – we thought the judges were supposed to demand the basics when the elected smelly ____heads don’t:
Aren’t you grateful our computers don’t/can’t send or receive odor?  Well watch this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHMLGVJPwEw

Monday, February 26, 2018

Adult Male Human Avoidance of Responsibility

One of the basics this guy knows and has had some firsthand experience with is the basis on which the above title was prepared.  But its presence today has to do with the lower links and yet in offering it as such this guy also knows this one simple fundamental fact – read the news – watch the news – occasionally pay a little attention to the vast and costly accumulations of overpaid unneeded governmental “employees” or whatever other descriptive words come to mind and unfortunately watch or listen to some of the many piles of meaningless words flowing from our 435/100/9 top all-time nincompoops and then know this – our founders and our grandma’s and grandpa’s and a good chunk of our mom’s and dad’s dealt with this nonsense and some died to prevent us from ever having to face it but we are simply not smart enough or have the “balls” today to stand up and shut the plentiful dopes down:

Is he investigating himself…or what…and what else should be going on?????  If government does not equal responsibility then what?????

Worth Reading


Sunday, February 25, 2018


Pls read the following - http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-met-cnn-town-hall-guns-kass-0225-story.html

Here is why we encourage you to so do - this one man - Mr. Kass gets it and speaks it and writes it and is lost in the pile of the smelliest ever media/press and government nincompoops ever - ever anywhere in our brief history.

Friday, February 23, 2018

This one GUY is just plain GOOD

As much as the guy writing these few words this am knows that we in America are simply lost in the biggest fattest pile of smelly “you know what” to ever attract a gathering of simply overpaid, overfed, underworked and just plain dumb human beings ever to walk the face of the earth bar some others who come to mind but are now gone.

And then, just as we are focused on our special group that represents many many millions of useless fatsos – the 435/100/9 top dopes of all time – what happens?  Do you know?  Well we do – we read this one GUY – ONE GUY – who is just plain good in the way he writes and has fun while so doing – oh, and one other thing – he sticks his written verbal capability smack up the “you know what” of the many nincompoops that now not only dominate our TV and media and internet crapaplenty but do one more thing to us – they up the cost of most everything we buy.

Read him if so inclined – he is one GUY who for this one guy simply says – folks America still might have a chance – doubtful but who knows?  Pls go to:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-met-winter-olympics-kass-0223-story.html

Thursday, February 22, 2018

“It’s the same thing every day!”

Folks – we don’t know this lady – all we know is she and we see this thing the same and you may wish to figure out if you too are on our path – pls go to:

Friday, February 2, 2018

Worth reading? Perhaps. Who knows?

Use your head – try to not follow the politicians – or the bureaucratsaplenty – after all – all we do is pay them and then we get back to real work – real jobs – real responsibility – real life – and then we pass “GO” and someone else takes over and life goes on…….

We do offer this above reading for one reason other than its obvious value to an “investor” and here it is – who do you think will be blamed (held accountable) when the following occurs…"...although the U.S. market could continue moving higher and bring in more investors who want to join the party they’ve missed, the odds are good the worst is yet to come.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The decline of the Democrat Party…

Here is a one year listing of articles* examining and explaining and simply offering facts and some fundamentals about our title subject – the decline of the democrat party:

We offer the following several words from the last link listed above:

 If the Democrats have one thing in common, it's their shared hatred of President Trump. His shocking win over Hillary Clinton and the subsequent madness of his rule have galvanized the party in a way unseen in at least a decade. Yet their unity in opposition masks lingering and deep fissures in the party.
Yet even the left-wing is divided about the best way forward. Should it follow Elizabeth Warren's lead and promise a return to the trust-busting ways of the early 20th century? Or should it emulate the more sweeping, Nordic-style politics of Bernie Sanders? Or perhaps the Democratic Socialists of America are right and something even more extreme is needed.

…only time will tell…meanwhile 90+% of American media is simply lost…and the Washington DC nincompoops aplenty hang on for dear life…and a lot of us simply need to think about and maybe deal with this question – what meaneth this for me and mine?

* we have not read all of these…

Monday, January 22, 2018

"...our Nation can count on you."

SUBJECT: Guidance on the Government Shutdown
Our government will shutdown at midnight tonight. We in the Department of Defense will continue carrying out our fundamental responsibility to defend our Nation and the American people.
We will continue to execute daily operations around the world – ships and submarines will remain at sea, our aircraft will continue to fly and our warfighters will continue to pursue terrorists throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. While training for reservists must be curtailed, active forces will stay at their posts adapting their training to achieve the least negative impact on our readiness to fight.
I recognize the consequences of a government shutdown. You have my personal commitment that the Department’s leadership will do our best to mitigate the impacts of the disruptions and any financial burdens to you and your families.
Steady as she goes – hold the line. I know our Nation can count on you.
Jim Mattis,”

The above is worth reading – now, today, any day

Shutting down

We cannot help but mention something brief and wise learned over centuries – the best thing that ever happens to “we, the people” is when government shuts down.

For a week, say – well it’s a beginning

For a month, say – a start

For a year, well now – now we may be on the road to good change

For a decade or more – folks this is exactly what happened for many decades beginning in the late 1700’s – we moved on with the one thing we need as a “people”  – good men fighting and getting rid of the endless piles of smelly ____ that build when governments are not shutting down routinely.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Another New Year? Maybe – maybe not.

Before we write these several words pls know this – we don’t write out of some form of hope or anticipation that things continue on the crap path we have been following for some time now.  We also know that historically – a long time ago – new year was quite a different idea and practice than currently occurring and in many places/groups didn’t occur at all.  So be it.

Our day as have been the past several could have been lost in the endless TV nonsense occurring today – football from every and in every form and location and what we get a particular kick out of are the dumbo’s with some form of massive opportunity limitations slightly offset by televised football games about which they can chat endlessly and accomplish absolutely nothing but cause one to almost prefer the never ending cost rising ridiculousness of our televised advertisements for everything from the cars we may drive to the toilet paper we use to the pills we may take and to the various foods now offered at darn near every corner unless one is able to get the he** out of our large cities and suburbs run by overpaid and completely unneeded useless nincompoops called sometimes – government employees*.

How on earth did we – we the people – remember the basic use of those three simple words – WE THE PEOPLE – how on earth did we the people ever fall victim to this ridiculous nonsense?  May be best to not even raise the question.

We always come back to a basic – a fundamental – one of two basic fundamental reasons why this old fart occasionally writes these unread pieces of brevity that apparently are not quite in line with our wonderful country existing today.

One fundamental is – anyone who borrows money must pay it back or flush themselves with or without assistance.  No worthwhile human being sticks a kid – their own or others – with piles of nonrepaid debt growing astronomically now in our country and several of the most ridiculous states/county’s/city’s falling apart as you read these few brief words.  Our recent top military man spoke about our problem not all that long ago – it’s at the top of this page – and what happened?  Well, we the people voted in a top guy from a craphole state/county/city who darn near doubled the debt – this dumb IL farthead is now missed by our media fartheads (well just 90+% of ‘em) and the hollywood fartheads (smelly oscars-a-comin’) and then our 1,000,000+ group led by nine of the most gaseous no-brainers ever who never say a word about requiring DEBT repayment.

The other fundamental has to do with the good men who died for us.  That this old fart of a guy has not earned the right to do or say anything other than – thank you men – God please care for them – we are simply not worthy of what they and You have done for us.

Merry Christmas – 2018, can’t wait!