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Monday, December 18, 2017

What to do with the 90+% dopey pressaplenty

We see that some folks are okay with press nonsense.  Well this one guy ain’t.  So he doesn’t watch the 90+% (okay more and more we believe this “estimate” is way too modest) dopey nincompoops much at all.  What meaneth that – to this one guy?

Well it’s fairly obvious – before I was a bit aware of what if I spent my $$$ buying TV and other forms of advertised things that paid these dopes then I was financing them.  And now I simply don’t know which raises this simple question in this simple guys brain – why doesn’t the label say – xx% or y$$ of this purchase are spent advertising this product?   Huh?  Heck the government pretty well requires all sorts of crap about this and that but not how much of our purchases goes to pay these well paid crapheadsaplenty and others.  What happened to the “info” fundamental????  I shouldn’t have to watch them to know what I might choose to buy or not to buy, huh?

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