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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Code of Honor

The Code of Honor says that one neither cheats nor lets the cheater go undiscovered. In other words, the cheater is held to count as is the knowing and tolerant observer.

Let’s take a look at the Code of Honor and apply it to the world of today. We will observe the situation and then apply logic and reasoning to the facts.

A cheater can be anyone who expects to receive the benefits of work, toil and effort without performing the work, toil and/or effort. That would be a standard definition of a cheater. Get the goods without paying for them. Get a paycheck without working for it. Get the grade without studying or researching and writing the required papers. Jacking the system is cheating. So, who gets the benefits without doing the work in today’s world? Well, how about those union employees who don’t work but get paid? They meet the definition. How about those welfare recipients who get a check but don’t work for it? They meet the definition. How about early retirees who get paid for not working or work another job and get paid twice? They meet the definition. How about unemployed workers who get a check for being unemployed? They meet the definition. How about government workers who stand around on the job (one sees them on TV all the time) but still get a paycheck? They meet the definition. How about the nephew or cousin or brother in law who gets the job because he did some political work for the politician but who doesn’t really have anything to do? They meet the definition.

So, now we have defined a few cheaters in today’s world. Remember we defined cheaters as someone who gets the benefits of work without doing the work. We didn’t say anything about legality because we all know that legality is sometimes this and sometimes that. TheFundamentals remembers when smoking was legal and cool and abortion was illegal and shunned. Some of you may not remember that time. We also all know that what’s legal for one may not be so legal for another. There are people in jail right now for either possession of certain drugs or use of same. There is pretty good evidence that the last three presidents of the US of A used drugs and may have even been in possession of drugs at some time.

The Code of Honor says that you get in trouble if you cheat (see cheaters defined above) and you get in equal trouble if you tolerate cheating. So, does anyone out there know anyone who:
1. Gets a paycheck without working for it?
2. Belongs to a union and doesn’t work but still gets paid?
3. Is a welfare recipient?
4. Gets an unemployment check?
5. Is retired and being paid but doesn’t work?
6. Works for the government and sleeps on the job?
7. Holds a government make-work job because they know someone?

Of course not. We know that this is just logic and reasoning and a Code of Honor applied to the year 2009 and we know that there is no logic and reasoning going on in the year 2009.
Code of Honor. One of TheFundamentals. Not applicable in the year 2009.

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Anonymous said...

By this definition then we can consider Pat a cheater if he is given a putt and takes it without doing the work.

Retirees have done the work they just do it before hand and are not reaping the rewards of their efforts long since paid for. Let' not forget that at least they had the gumption to do the work.

Those on welfare that are able but too lazy to work are an entirely different story!