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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Health Care Costs in the US and Other Countries

Please examine the above chart carefully.  It displays the per capita spending on health care in all the major developed countries and also shows (the blue vertical bars) the life expectancy in those countries.  Anything jump out at you?

TheFundamentals found this chart at the website:  http://www.wolafen.wordpress.com/

We were shocked at the obvious discrepancy.  The cost per citizen in the US is double most other countries and, in a few cases, even greater.   Yet, the US ranks fairly low in results which are defined as life expectancy.  What gives?  Are the numbers behind the chart just wrong?  Well, we were able to find another chart at http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0934556.html that confirms the overall relationship of American health care spending per capita to other developed countries.  In other words, there are at least two sources that compile the same overall total costs producing the staggering diffential in expenditures and results in the US versus other developed countries.  The US is paying much more for less.  What could possibly explain; what factors could be behind this large discrepancy? 

We are being told by the health care reform promoters that it is a combination of factors - waste, fraud, insurance profits and other components.  We are not being given an accurate, detailed and reliable analysis to support those claims.  Why not?  Should we enter into "reform" without a credible and detailed analysis of the problem?  TheFundamentals says "no."  To do otherwise is to implement a change that may not be responsive to the real problem(s).  Tomorrow we will address the particulars of a credible and detailed cost analysis.

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