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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buying Votes or Just Plain Lying

Call it what you want – distortion, partial truth, spinning, rhetorical excesses, ignoring facts and/or flat out deceit.  When a president does it, it comes down to a simple truth.  He is either buying votes or lying.  Mr. Obama is, simply, either a vote buyer or a liar.  If the latter, he follows in the footsteps of some great liars of the recent past – Bernie Madoff, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.   You can add in Eliot Spitzer and Newt Gingrich if you wish.  Or Johnnie Edwards; yes that John Edwards chosen by the brilliant senator from Massachusetts with the wealthy wife to be his vice president on the democrat presidential ticket just a few years back, or Mark Sanford.  They are all liars with terrific bona fides.  Welcome to this group Mr. Obama.  Perhaps you would care to challenge this assessment of your truthfulness.  If so, just read the following article and respond to each of the very specific instances noted of your lies.

The article we are referring you to was written by Erica Werner of the Associated Press.  Few in her field are as objective and as blunt even though she does provide Obama some unwarranted cover in her piece.

Here is what we don’t get.  You, Obama, wanted this job with full knowledge of its trials and tribulations.  You asked for it; you sought it out and now it overwhelms you to the point where you choose to lie instead of admit failure and exit.  You appear to be waiting for; almost hoping for, some form of intervention.  Something.  Some event or occurrence; some distraction from your ineptitude and failed leadership to take the spotlight away. 

Why do you want the job again?  You have failed at it.  So what?  People lose every day.  You are a loser and now you are a lying loser.  Have you no shame?  Is this your idea of leadership?  Of accountability?  Or change?  This is utter failure with no responsibility.  This does not work in the United States.

There is always one simple way to get out of the spotlight.  Actually two.  One is to resign. Two is to step down and let your party find someone who is willing to try something different in the hope; yes, just the HOPE that it will work.  There is adequate time for you to exit.  If you continue to lie your exit will occur on or about November 6, 2012 and, more than likely, it is already determined that you will not be reelected.

So, Mr. Obama, you have two choices.  Lying is not one of them.

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