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Monday, May 14, 2012

Where are the Moderate Democrats?

Are they all leftist, liberal, crazed ideologues who can only imagine an utopia built on borrowed money, sodomy and mythological dreams of their fathers, grandmas, unborn children and whomever the Hollywood media decides should receive the fleeting focus of self indulgent, massively rich but desperately undisciplined, heroes.
Where are the moderate Democrats?  Is there no such thing anymore?

Have they all sold out for the Bernanke promise of devalued currency and “what me worry?” nonchalance of a fiscally irresponsible majority in the senate; until recently a large fiscally irresponsible majority in the house of representatives and the most fiscally irresponsible president of the United States of America, ever?  Obama has added more debt to the United States in a little over three years than the foolish Bush II did in eight years!!!  That’s a fact.

Where are the moderate Democrats?

Do they not exist?  Is every Democrat a spend, borrow and then spend more because we can still borrow more undisciplined fop?  Do they really think you can build a future society based on borrowed money, sodomy as a substitute for marriage and family and free birth control/abortions/sterilization under the sham of women’s health care?

Is this the ideology of every Democrat in the senate and the house?

Is there no Democrat left who values living within their means, doing without, sacrificing, cutting back, and just plain leaving citizens on their own to deal with some of their health, education and societal challenges?

America now totals over 300 million citizens.  This is not Greece or Germany or Italy or Spain or Ireland or even the United Kingdom.  We are a massive country with an out of control political class supported by a dominant, all-controlling bureaucracy which gets it way everywhere – locally, at the state level and the federal level.  We are not a constitutional democracy anymore.  America has devolved into a bureaucratic monstrosity.  The people don’t control anything; the bureaucracies run everything, including the silly politicians who establish them and grant their every wish for more borrowed funding.  Is there no moderate Democrat who recognizes what their party has done and where this distorted governance leads?

TheFundamentals watched in shame and disgust as Bush II and Greenspan and Cheney made a ruin out of financial soundness and tempered foreign involvements.  And, while those foolish men did their damage, many of their party acted much as Democrats do today – they go along; they vote for the damage; they do not challenge or speak up.  Only after they were tossed out of power did they find their values and their voices.  It’s too late then. 

We have opened our doors and our boundaries and our airports and our schools and our job market and our technological development laboratories and our wallets to darn near anyone who wishes to partake.  This openness has built the Democratic Party into the majority party in the country.  Is there no self control that goes along with this largesse?  Can no one who embraces this concept of deficit spending and vote buying see that it is a fool’s errand?  A trap?  A suicidal mission of destruction?  Is there no responsibility lesson that accompanies the Democrat vision of endless power?

Where are the Democrats who will stand up to this craziness and just say, “Stop.”  “Enough.”  “We cannot stay this course.”

Some are now rumbling that the Obamacare nonsense about forcing Catholic organizations to offer free, mind you we are talking no co-pay; no deductible; no nothing but just show up and get it for free (are these fools really of the mind that things are free?) birth control/sterilization/abortions and all the fancy new hybrid ways of preventing a conception; may be a step too far?  Are you kidding?  They think it may be a step too far?  Think of this situation.  The majority party has abandoned all values; all historical fundamentals and all sensibility that would normally produce some discipline to rein in the foolishness.

There is no way America can survive when its majority party is drunk at the helm and unconcerned about the course they are following.  Even a majority needs a few teetotalers to keep it on course.

This majority has nary a one.  Well maybe they have one in Rhode Island - in Gina Raimondo (see:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-01-10/gina-raimondo-math-convinces-rhode-island-of-america-s-prospects-with-debt.html ).  Have they all embraced Obama’s dreams from his papa?  Do they think that the church of Obama is the way “forward”?  Where are the moderate Democrats who will speak against the foolishness of their majority and their leaders?  America has never experienced this level of sycophantic behavior.

Add in the Hollywood media and you are now sitting in the back seat of Thelma and Louise’s car as it caroms over the cliff.  Thank you Democrats.  Thank you progressives.  Thank you liberals.   And most especially thank you moderate Democrats.  Your acquiescence has done what neither Bush II nor Osama could - Mission Accomplished.

We hear that even Bill Clinton asks the same question.  He points to his wife and says, “We need you.  The country needs you.   Challenge Obama.  Obama is an amateur.”

America desperately needs a few moderate Democrats – fast.  Mrs. Clinton obviously decided to remain “loyal” to her boss – too bad.  Too bad for us; too bad for the country.

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