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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mr.Mayor - Where is the curfew?

There are at least three guaranteed characteristics of anyone in Chicago politics:

1.    They have the answers, and

2.    They have the arrogance and chutzpa to present the answers with great determination and knowing, and

3.    They always make sure they are taken care of and protected and that the same goes for their families.

The streets of the south and west sides of Chicago are not safe for the residents of the communities crisscrossed by those streets.

The politicians and bureaucrats know where to go, when to go and when to stay away from the unsafe streets.  When they do go they are protected – with their own guns; with the guns of the police who accompany them and with their entourages.

The residents operate under a vastly different set of rules –

·         No guns

·         No police escorts

·         No entourages

·         No storm trooper helmets, vests and automatic weapons

·         No laws to protect them if they take their safety and the safety of their children in their own hands

If your child can be shot on her front porch or skipping rope on the sidewalk in front of her home, can you find solace in the tough but empty words of a politician or a police chief or any cop who says it’s this persons fault or that persons fault?

We think not.  We think the mayor and police chief can do one of two things.  Either resign, or get off their well protected fannies and take the following steps:

1.    Declare a dusk to dawn curfew in the neighborhoods noted above

2.    Place two national guardsmen on every block in every neighborhood until further notice

3.    Suspend the Chicago police union contract until further notice – declare a state of emergency and notify each officer that they can either quit or operate under state of emergency orders until further notice.  Terminate all police arrangements to protect any politician current or retired.  It is a disgrace for any police officer to be so engaged when law abiding citizens are unsafe in their own neighborhoods

4.    Give each family in the neighborhood a damaging but non lethal weapon to defend them and their families during the day and let them openly carry it.  Provide immediate training in the use of said weapon(s)

5.    Pass a defense of home law to relieve each law abiding family of any responsibility for defending their home against any threats

6.    Shoot to kill any curfew violator after a clear and recorded warning (Chicago loves to record its citizens but does not extend such similar courtesy to its politicians, police and bureaucrats - time to make this change)

7.    Create safe access for law abiding adult or employed citizens to come and go during curfew hours

Chicago is a disgrace to the country.  Many of its streets are “no-man’s land” and under the control of gangs similar to those operating openly in Mexico.  Good police officers risk their lives to do their jobs in this situation – many will not go there.  The new police chief made himself ridiculously visible fighting a gathering of 100 or so unarmed protesters a few weeks ago safely surrounded by hundreds of storm trooper attired police.  The police banged the heads of these kids attired in their shorts and sandals and then retired to air conditioned surrounding for self congratulatory sharing.  Where is this massive presence at 2:00 am in the Austin, Garfield, Lawndale, Englewood and Kenwood neighborhoods to name just a few?

A few years ago one of the local TV stations did a 3 minute clip on how the cops can make a street safe.  Check it out at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5migYVB9c4

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