"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


For all the writing we do, on these pages; for all the writing and reports, the analysis and careful consideration of cause and effect that is on display by responsible media all over this great land of ours, nothing tells the story as simply as these metrics:

United States DEBT
When WJClinton took office:          $ 4.1 Trillion
When GWBush took office:            $ 5.7 Trillion
When BHObama took office:        $ 10.6 Trillion
US DEBT today:                           $ 17.2 Trillion
As you observe these debt increases, over just a 20 year time period, please keep in mind (this is for all you “Keynesians” out there) that the GDP of America grew from $ 6.9 Trillion when Clinton took office to $ 16.2 Trillion today (current dollars.) Keynesians argue that government stimulus (DEBT) is required during a period of economic decline and government frugality (surplus) is needed during economic growth.  Today's Keynesians are simply convenient, one-way subscribers to the British economist's views.


                                                         Population                 Those who are
16 – 65 years            Working or Looking

When WJClinton took office:         194.8 Million                129.2 Million
When GWBush took office:           215.1 Million                143.8 Million
When BHObama took office:         235.8 Million                154.2 Million
Workforce today:                            246.4 Million                154.8 Million
The important fact to take away from these numbers is this – in the past 20 years the population eligible to be in the workforce has increased from 194.8 million to 246.4 million, an increase of 51.6 million Americans. Of those 51.6 million, 25.6 are either working or looking for work (i.e. in the workforce.)  The other 50% - not working; not looking for work.  Ask yourself how a country can survive when only one half of its growing potential workforce is either working or looking for work?

Working Percent:
% of Americans in Workforce when WJClinton took office:    66.2%
% of Americans in Workforce when GWBush took office:      67.2%
% of Americans in Workforce when BHObama took office:    65.7%
% of Americans in Workforce today:                                       62.8%
Here is the graphical display of this modern day work decline:

The policies of the American federal government – in Washington DC – promote debt and suppress work.  These policies, in the form of lengthy laws, rules, taxes and out of control bureaucracies are effective; they have accomplished their mission – debt goes up; working people go down.  Just think what would happen if the policies were reversed?  The process by which politicians and bureaucrats have redefined American governance from discouraging debt and encouraging work to encouraging debt and discouraging work has destroyed the American dream.

There are many positive purposes to define a country.  Here are a few:
·         Equality and opportunity
·         Care for aged, sick and disabled
·         Freedom and independence
·         Peace; good neighbor
·         Work and prosperity
·         Strong military
·         Social programs and safety nets 

None of these purposes can be accomplished, over a long term, in a society that builds debt and loses workers.
Name one country; one empire; one nation or even a grouping or union of nations that has prevailed, lasted, succeeded, grown and survived with a combination of growing debt and declining work?  Name one in recorded history?

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