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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank you, Dr. Coburn

Here is a brief biography of the title subject:

·         Born in 1948 in Wyoming
·         Married Carolyn Denton – they have three daughters
·         Graduated from Oklahoma State University
·         Worked in family ophthalmology company
·         Graduated from University of Oklahoma with a medical degree
·         Practiced as an obstetrician delivering 4,000 newborns
·         US House of Representatives 1994 – 2000
·         US Senate 2004 – 2014
Dr. Coburn never lost an election.  He followed his own rule of self imposed term limits retiring from the House and now will retire from the Senate at the end of this year.  In other words, this man is not a career politician.  He is a citizen who has made substantial contributions to his community as a businessman; as a physician and most recently as a citizen in government.  Most importantly he is a good man; a good father and grandfather and a good husband. 
Dr. Coburn has done more to expose fraud in social security disability applications and approvals than all the thousands of bureaucrats at HHS and the Justice Department whose job description is to stop fraud in disability payments.
Dr. Coburn is an outlier in every meaning of the expression.  He lives his life following a set of values and fundamentals eschewing the wandering winds of politics and popularity.  The fact that 71% of Oklahoma voters, more than 700,000 citizens, voted for this man to reelect him to the US Senate in 2010 should give hope to any American who fears for the future of this country under the direction and activities of the current wasteful and promiscuous government.
Margaret Carlson wrote a wonderful tribute to Dr. Coburn last week – you can read it at:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-17/tom-coburn-leaves-a-lonely-place-lonelier.html
TheFundamentals had hoped Dr. Coburn would run for president in 2016.  We now wish him God speed and good health.   Thank you, Dr. Coburn. 


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