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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Please contact FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

The FCC is the regulatory agency that is responsible for the Comcast disaster – the regulatory agency that can say “yes” or “no” to Comcast’s request to expand its successful wealth building project for its ownership – the Roberts family while burdening the American public with its disastrous stranglehold on America’s broadband distribution and information/entertainment services.

The FCC’s top guy is Tom Wheeler.  Here is Tom, in a speech on April 4, 2014 to the National Association of Broadcasters:
“Today, I have the American people as my client, and the actions we take at the FCC are built around the interests of that client.
Our mantra at the FCC is “Competition, Competition, Competition.” We believe that competition is better than regulation at stimulating innovation and protecting consumers.”
In light of Tom’s words above, let’s take a quick look at some facts that Tom must know.
Last year, ESPN carried the telecast of 31 out of a total of 35 NCAA "bowl" football games.  If you wished to watch any of these games you had to pay a provider who pays ESPN/ABC for the right to watch a commercially supported broadcast.  (Think about that. You pay to watch commercials!)  So ESPN/ABC charges exorbitant fees for the commercially supported signals for these games, which we, the public pay for in the form of exorbitant package fees for TV programming.  But here is something you may not know:  did you know that ESPN owns 11 of them?  Yes they own the game.  Our ESPN sources are:  http://espn.go.com/ and http://espnevents.com/
Now where is the competition Tom?
Did you know that Comcast has a virtual monopoly in all the cities where it offers it broadband services and its cable TV services and its telephone service and its security service.  Where is the completion Tom?
Did you know that Comcast wants to buy the number two broadband/cable TV company, Time Warner Cable?  Did you know that Comcast says that will not be anti competitive even though it means that Comcast will be the sole provider of costly TV/Internet bundles to 4 out of 10 American homes and will control 55% of the US market?  Comcast will then be the MONOPOLISTIC BROADBAND/CABLE TV PROVIDER in 20 of America’s top 25 cities.  They may as well be selling us swamp land in Florida or a bridge in Brooklyn.  So Tom, we ask you, where is the competition?
Tom has the words right – competition best serves the American people.  Alas, Tom thinks that words suffice – forget about the follow through, the actions, the results.
We recently sent Tom a brief email asking him to visit a local Comcast office to conduct a simple transaction – say, pay a bill or return some equipment or just seek some information about a product or service.  We have done this exact same thing at three Comcast offices in two states and it can take up to 50 minutes.  It actually reminds us of one of those pictures of eastern European people standing in line in a communist country to get a loaf of bread or a quart of milk.
We ask that you contact Tom and share with him your Comcast experience.  Or just tell Tom how much you like Comcast and hope he continues with his program to enrich the Roberts family.
Here is Tom’s email address:  Tom.Wheeler@fcc.gov

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