"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

From his mouth to God’s ear

Propaganda is defined as: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

We are surrounded by; inundated by; overwhelmed by, propaganda.   The entire advertising industry in America is based on – propaganda.  Our political parties distribute endless messaging that embrace the full meaning of – propaganda.  Our media outlets – every single one of them – from the tiniest freely distributed local services promoter and coupon guide to the massive bureaucracies controlled by Disney/ABC/ESPN; NBC/Comcast and PBS and Fox as well as News Corp., Gannett, Tribune Publishing and the NYTimes Company.  They are fulltime, 24/7 propagandists. Distributing information of a biased or misleading nature to promote their causes and viewpoints as well as those who support them financially, socially and culturally.
And at the top of this list of well funded propagandists are three with particular noteworthiness:
1.    The public employee union movement that now absorbs large portions of tax payer funds that were collected for the purpose of very specific funding of needed public services and products.  Not for salaries, benefits and pensions for government employees – not even for a second was that the purpose of taxes.  The money collected was for the sole purpose of providing a public service or goods or product or needed activity that could only be accomplished by the mandatory taking of private monies to accomplish the task.  Think a bridge – a highway – an army – a school – a welfare fund – a public restroom or warming house or hospital.  The employees who would work in those facilities were not the reason the facility was built – it was the service or product or need in the public facility or entity that was the reason for the creation.

2.    The small group of propagandists who sell their skills; their services; their very souls to manage the message – distribute the misinformation to bring about a specific outcome even though said outcome could not be accomplished if accurate information about its nature were distributed.

3.    Governments. Politicians. Bureaucrats.  All full time propagandists now.  Totally corrupted by years of speaking misinformation.  Today, any politician running for office who will not state clearly his/her focus; objectives; and time period for accomplishment are simply – propagandists.  And their cause or view is – themselves.
America is in decline – overwhelmed by known and unknown debt that can never be repaid – can only be passed on to our children and to the unborn.
To this decline history of our last 50 years we now add the final destination of propaganda.   Outright lies – coming directly from our president.  Not just misinformation.  Or distortions and deceptions.  No.  Blatant lies about the situations we face – the home grown social, financial and cultural issues of our own making – and the plans and activities of our foreign enemies as well as historical mistruths.  He simply lies about the situation; the history and the facts.   We can think of no greater crime save treason for a president to commit than to lie to the very people who trusted him. Lying destroys trust – and it is a lasting insult to those to whom it is delivered.

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