"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Monday, January 1, 2018

Another New Year? Maybe – maybe not.

Before we write these several words pls know this – we don’t write out of some form of hope or anticipation that things continue on the crap path we have been following for some time now.  We also know that historically – a long time ago – new year was quite a different idea and practice than currently occurring and in many places/groups didn’t occur at all.  So be it.

Our day as have been the past several could have been lost in the endless TV nonsense occurring today – football from every and in every form and location and what we get a particular kick out of are the dumbo’s with some form of massive opportunity limitations slightly offset by televised football games about which they can chat endlessly and accomplish absolutely nothing but cause one to almost prefer the never ending cost rising ridiculousness of our televised advertisements for everything from the cars we may drive to the toilet paper we use to the pills we may take and to the various foods now offered at darn near every corner unless one is able to get the he** out of our large cities and suburbs run by overpaid and completely unneeded useless nincompoops called sometimes – government employees*.

How on earth did we – we the people – remember the basic use of those three simple words – WE THE PEOPLE – how on earth did we the people ever fall victim to this ridiculous nonsense?  May be best to not even raise the question.

We always come back to a basic – a fundamental – one of two basic fundamental reasons why this old fart occasionally writes these unread pieces of brevity that apparently are not quite in line with our wonderful country existing today.

One fundamental is – anyone who borrows money must pay it back or flush themselves with or without assistance.  No worthwhile human being sticks a kid – their own or others – with piles of nonrepaid debt growing astronomically now in our country and several of the most ridiculous states/county’s/city’s falling apart as you read these few brief words.  Our recent top military man spoke about our problem not all that long ago – it’s at the top of this page – and what happened?  Well, we the people voted in a top guy from a craphole state/county/city who darn near doubled the debt – this dumb IL farthead is now missed by our media fartheads (well just 90+% of ‘em) and the hollywood fartheads (smelly oscars-a-comin’) and then our 1,000,000+ group led by nine of the most gaseous no-brainers ever who never say a word about requiring DEBT repayment.

The other fundamental has to do with the good men who died for us.  That this old fart of a guy has not earned the right to do or say anything other than – thank you men – God please care for them – we are simply not worthy of what they and You have done for us.

Merry Christmas – 2018, can’t wait!

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