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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The American fundamental

This old guy usually takes a bit longer to grasp what is going on – until recently.  The gap in America is not all that tough for this old guy to grasp – heck folks beginning 75+years ago he was taught some basics – yes, he still calls ‘em – fundamentals.

He owes a lot of it to his Mom and Dad – as well as a darn good Uncle and Aunt – and then of course many many others but he does wish to say this – he knows he is not alone in grasping what it is about this country – its founders – its many many good Moms and Dads – women and men – who built it – and then the group of Men who did everything for we the people - many who gave their their lives for us.

This old guy has a huge problem with government nincompoops – he readily labels ‘em – the 435/100/9 clowns (no disrespect to good clowns) and dopesplenty and a few other printable words but he also knows this – 435/100/9 is symbolic because they number many - MANY - now which is a very simple and understandable way to describe the top gap in our country – we the people – founded by those sick and tired of the then governmental nincompoops of their time simply told them to leave and when they didn’t …well we all learned they did what was needed to get back to basics – fundamentals.

What do we the people need?  Five groups – we need and owe them a lot.

Folks we grasp this basic – is it perfect – no, but it has done the job so far and if you don’t know why – well study it a bit –read about their basics – fundamentals – what they do and don’t do – who they draw and admit and who they take a pass on – and one more thing – no unions.   The rest – the millions costing us billions, or more – they need flushing and then after flushing we the people can once again start the process of deciding who and which ones we need hopefully based on some form of American fundamentals – competitiveness – bidding – responsibility – accomplishment – and lacking any of those characteristics – flushing.

Folks that’s it – do you get it?  If so, the least each of us can do is only vote for someone who also gets it!   Those who want to buy our vote – flush 'em!

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