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Friday, February 1, 2019

The billionaire dopesaplenty

It is rather funny – in a puke form of intestinal droppings – if one still has the time to waste watching the fatsodopes million/billionaires now whose only basis for presence are the numerous dollar bills they claim to be able to take to the grave sometime in the not too distant future.

We do wonder this – something recently brought up to us by a fellow who thinks if you tax the richfatsos a lot higher tax rates they will leave town and country.  Folks we are sure there are a few who already have but so what?  We have been seeking a factual presentation coming from just one of the “news – not really” sources: 

In the US, there are six corporate media giants that own 90 percent of the US media market—GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

Here is the premise – compare the rise in USA total government debt (go ahead – try to find it) with the rise in the total dollars held or whatever by the rich fatsosaplenty – just us Americans mind you.  We don’t know the numbers but we are inclined to at least test the proposition as our total government debt raises so do the dollar bills held by the rich fatsos???

We add question marks for a simple reason – why don’t the six outfits mentioned above – say 60 minutes or nightly ABC/CBS/PBS/NBC notnews or the fox fatsonews dopesaplenty do it and share it?   HUH?   We know this – the news fatsosaplenty tend to not tell us how much of what we pay for when we buy the stuff that advertises endlessly now on their shows (JUST WAIT TIL YOU SEE WHAT WE MEAN LATE THIS SUNDAY) and also let’s see if the fatso football broadcasters offer an accurate dollar amount following each player’s name/number that raises the cost of a lot of what we the people buy……..

Do you get it – we like “freedom of the press” – we just think/know it should also be factual and pertinent – DUH????

Okay – enough.  Folks it wasn’t like this when this old guy got conceived inside his good hard working MOM a while back – well within weeks of the stupid japs attacking our navy base and killing good young hard working American men!

We do wonder often what some of those good hard working young men might say about the smelly piles of “you know what” mentioned above – HUH?  Or even worse what might be said about those of us – we the people – who put up with this nonsense?

BTW if you seek a higher level and more researched/knowledgeable view than above – pls read Kimberley Strassel – well worth a few bucks:    https://www.wsj.com/articles/grande-vs-keurig-billionaires-11548978810?mod=hp_opin_pos3

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