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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A few closin’ words from one guy who voted for da’ loser

The media has no clue (what we really mean is simple honest answers) to explain what goes on in the head and all the lower homo sapiens components of a human being who simply seeks to be left alone because they are responsible moms, dads, neighbors, uncles, aunts, citizens, grandmas and grandpas and a few other forms of folks who volunteer to help others seeking neither payment nor appreciation.

In other words – they simply are good people – and seek to be valued as a member of what our founders fought and some died for – a community of we the people.

Anyone who even occasionally reads or learns a few facts – not press fiction – about our founders and fighters know one simple real fact – they were homo sapiens and neighbors and moms, dads, citizens and so on as listed above…oh, and one more thing – they were sinners and selfish folks and pains in the butt thinking more about themselves and getting what they wanted or needed even if they lied and did a few other things much like the “loser” mentioned briefly in our title above.

The media and other costly forms of dopiness – we always numerically offer it simply as da' 435/100/9/1++++000,000’s more dependent on them for large forms of nonproductive salaries and benefits (no, not just in DC but now everywhere we da’ dopes now put up with them) will someday either control America as do the dopes in Cuba or simply live behind guarded walls of protection as now goin’ on most everywhere in America today.

Or, of course, we flush ‘em, as did our founders and fighters butt – yes we mean da’ big fat BUTTS most of us now enjoy – suggest that until our weight and other forms of excessiveness drop we ain’t up to what our founders did with the dopey ones in their BUTTflushin’ time here on earth.

That’s it folks – enuf from da’ loser voter…

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