"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Monday, May 20, 2013

Indict, Prosecute and Adjudicate

This is not rocket engineering, to quote Sergio Garcia.

It is common sense – it also happens to be the American judicial system.  If we are accused of a crime – by we, we mean any one of the 93% of the US population; the other 7% work for one form of government or another – based on reasonable cause, some evidence and a prosecutor who by their own definition can indict a ham sandwich, we enter the American judicial system – indictment, prosecution, adjudication.  We defend ourselves at our own expense, and we are either found guilty, exonerated or the case is tossed out for lack of evidence, reasonable doubt, etc.

It works for us – the 93% - there is no reason why it can’t work for the 7%.

Now, there is only one little hitch – just as the 93% seldom argue that they should be able to conduct the investigation and the indictment process for themselves, so can we argue that the 7% should not conduct the investigation and the indictment process for themselves.  Alas, though, the government controls the investigators and the prosecutors.

So what to do?

Simple – assemble a cadre of independent investigators (no not the FBI or CIA or NSA or any of the countless inspector general’s working for the heads of the bureaucracies under investigation) and independent prosecutors to work the government cases.  This “we will investigate ourselves business” that is now rampant under the Obama administration is not independent and it is not going to produce an impartial result and it sure will not instill a tad of confidence in a government that is now deemed to be inefficient at best, routinely incompetent and, at worse, corrupt to its very core as is the governments of the locales from whence came Mr. Obama. 

Aside:  we hate to say it but we told you so – you cannot get good government by advancing someone who worships at the altar of Chicago, Cook County and Springfield, Illinois politics and politicians.  Many of these folk end up being prosecuted by the feds – but the feds can’t prosecute their own.

Anything short of this process is just more avoidance, deflection and distraction.  We would like to see the emails flying between the white house and AKPD propaganda – why isn’t the justice department investigating that gang?  Is the NSA listening in to their phone calls?

Oh, that’s right – if you are on the side of more government; more public employment unions; more bureaucrats; more rules, laws and regulations, you get a pass.

Either send a message now – with the situations (IRS, etc.) in front of you – or get ready for 3+ years of this “we will get back to you when we complete our investigation” nonsense.  In the meantime, someone needs to remember this simple fact – the United States has wasted more money and accumulated more debt in the last five years than any other time in its history.  And it has done nothing to advance the output and innovation of our economy.  All it has done is add to a federal government bureaucracy that depresses economic advancement.  The guiding principle of TheFundamentals is and continues to be:

Deficits = Debt = Destruction

These bureaucrats and their bumbling, illegal activities are just one of the more obvious causes of the deficits – and the one that clearly needs immediate elimination.


NDDillon said...

One would think that the debacle that was the Whitewater/Vince Foster investigation would be enough to warn people off of the idea of more independent counsels. If you really think that Congressional committees along with career prosecutors in the Department of Justice and investigators from the FBI cannot do their jobs, then the problem is more serious.

If there was some indication that President Obama was involved, the idea might be more compelling. According to all accounts, he is not targeted.

Anonymous said...

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