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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Presidential Integrity

What is integrity?

Mr. Webster, please:  firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: "INCORRUPTIBILITY

Especially moral or artistic values.  What are Mr. Obama’s moral values?  NBC (owned by Comcast) can address his artistic values.

What we know is what he occasionally reads to us or that we can find in a delivered speech and what he may say off the cuff in unscripted, not unpracticed, remarks.  And, of course, what he does.

So, we know his values include:

Spreading the wealth around

The rich should pay more (or, as he likes to say – their fair share)

Government spending is good

More government spending is even better

It is okay for his administration to incur debt to pursue their programs and activities

He will not permit Iran to have a nuclear weapon…

Syria had better not cross the red line of using poisonous gas, or else…

Government debt need not be repaid (he learned this in Illinois)

Big money must be removed from politics – well some sources of big money should be eliminated – not public employee union money or money from the bureaucrats who work for their public union masters

Tea party people are riling up the electorate and they should be squished – or at least examined by the IRS and other governmental agencies but you bureaucrats are on your own if you examine them too closely

It is not okay for his predecessor’s administration to incur debt to do pursue their programs and activities  - it's irresponsible and unpatriotic

Guns are good when in the hands of government employees and bad when in the hands of those for whom the government employees work  – the people

He works for the people – all the people – all the time – works hard

He has a self-acknowledged tendency to be lazy, and

His political values are those of Chicago, Cook County and Illinois

So, if you worked for this man’s government and you could do something based on his “values” and a republican opposition party organization came to you because your job was to approve their tax exempt status, what would you do?  (Before you answer, if you are an Obama voter, remember, you are already casting your vote for him and his party because he has promised you something coming from that money collected from the haves and you see yourself as not getting your fair share of the pie – i.e. you can justify anything if it helps you get your piece of the pie.)

Oh, one more of his values – if he is caught doing something he shouldn’t do or someone who works for him is caught doing something they shouldn’t do – act “outraged” – be firm – find someone to blame – stand up for your values – and by all means, call for an investigation. 

One last value – this one is a well-established  “Illinois” value  – unless you are in the inner circle he will toss you under the bus in the blink of an eye.  But don’t blame Illinois too much for this value – it was firmly established in his psyche when he got there.

Integrity?  It's his second middle name.  When it comes to values, he's a beauty.





NDDillon said...

The post doesn't make much sense. I propose that you would wait for even the slightest information showing that Obama or even anyone at the White House directed the IRS or even that they were aware prior to the point where the investigation was near its final stages.

The biggest problem is that the tea party groups and other 501(c)(4) organizations including Obama's receive tax exempt status. There is no reason for this. If they want to participate in political activity, they should all be subject to tax.

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