"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Friday, June 7, 2013

David Axelrod, Dreamweaver

Let's say your profession is message and media management.  Well known past professionals in this field include Karl Marx, Herman Goebbels, Tokyo Rose and Baghdad Bob.  Now, you may recognize the name of our title character - he founded AKPD Message and Media.  His number one client is our great leader under whose regime employment has plummeted, private sector income has precipitously dropped and debt has skyrocketed.  So, if you're David, you've got your work cut out for you.  Not to worry, David has done his job well and managed to pocket millions in the process of managing what the media choose to cover.  Possible topics include:

·         dropping income
·         skyrocketing debt
·         massive unemployment – a lot of Americans just don’t work anymore
·         devastating societal conditions in urban neighborhoods resembling 3rd world countries like Somalia and Ethiopia
·         rapidly rising health care costs previously promised to decline
·         current as well as looming city and state bankruptcies
·         or, none of the above.

So, what has the media covered?  None of the above.  Good job, David.

Here is what America's Hollywood media, led by two of America's key information sources - PBS and Comcast/NBC chose to cover -

  • Claimed increases of cases of sexual assault in the military - see the happy faces below (Gee, General Odierno, don’t you just love those gal senators and all their brilliant ideas?)

A few years ago the fellow who would have been seated in the middle of this gathering of top military brass pondering the "claimed rise in sexual misconduct" uttered a comment that should have changed America's system of governance - literally turned it upside down.  His words are memorialized at the top of this page.  When he made the statement designating debt as our nation's top national security threat, on that day, the US government told us that it owed $13,375,222,710,985.08.  We don't know if that number even represents 10% of what we truly owe if you add all the obligations of all the cities and states as well as all the future commitments to do this and that - in Washington, in New York, California, Illinois and so forth.  What we do know is whatever the true debt number is, it is a lot higher today – even their own number above has risen to $16,738,778,336,691.59.  (Aside:  think about it – the treasury department adds the pennies to their debt number but they have no clue who told the Cincinnati IRS office to give the tea party and patriot folk a hard time.)

In other words, the threat to our national security has grown and these fellows are called in front of a group of pampered senators who cannot wait to do David Axelrod's bidding - deflect all attention away from real problems and substitute a contrived but media embraced issue. 

David now works for NBC which is owned by Comcast.  Just imagine where America is headed when a low quality, high priced, monopolistic outfit like Comcast not only controls the distribution of media, Internet and information into a large portion of America's homes but also controls the content and decides which issue(s) to favor and which issue(s) to disregard (see above list.)  All supported by corrupt government policies and bureaucracies.  All supported by the very senators and congressmen who want us to think about sexual misconduct in the military instead of anything of real consequence.

Congratulations David – job well done.  Your dreams have come true.


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