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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Not Just the IRS That is So Darn Politicized

The pattern just keeps repeating itself - over and over again.
The recent kerfuffle arising from petty bureaucrats favoring their personal political view over the opposing political view seems to shock some viewers, readers and other observers of the American governance system.
There is no such thing as a two party system when it comes to a bureaucracy and any such propaganda (just listen to David Axelrod spin this situation and, more importantly, just watch his nose extend as he does) to the contrary is simply bureaucratic hogwash.
Let's take a couple of bureaucracies:
1.  PBS - you know who they are - they beg for public money to bring their high level programming - their unbiased news stories and their constant caterwauling about global warming, homosexual marriage and the horrible behavior of the Catholic church.  When the minority party was suggesting some Washington DC belt tightening, how did PBS report and otherwise stay above the fray?  Well they used their publicly funded airwaves and publicly funded news rooms and their publicly funded propaganda machine to develop a publicly funded propaganda movement called, modestly, the 170 million movement or some such thing, to repeatedly tell us what a fine job they were doing for 170 million PBS loving Americans and it would be very un-American-like to cut even one penny of financing to this fine effort of theirs.  Now, in our world, that is a conflict of interest.  In any normal world it is politicization.  At the Corporation for Public Broadcasting it is business as usual.
2.  Department of agriculture.  This bureaucratic cesspool has a life, a purpose, a mission that can make the IRS seem to be a gathering of rational thinking workers.  The Department of agriculture - to be more exact, the tens of thousands of bureaucrats who get a paycheck, get a benefits package that would bring embarrassment to Marie Antoinette and pensions to match, have done something most bureaucrats dream of but few accomplish - they have taken a very limited concept of distributing America's excess agriculture production to a limited group of needy people; a program that started out with several thousand recipients in each state - to a virtual no restriction, electronic debit card usable on almost any manufactured food product in a grocery store, regardless of nutrition or lack thereof; regardless of cost and advertised it - yes, folks promoted it to where 25% of all Americans, 70 million Americans now use it to finance their trips to Kroger, Publix and Safeway.  Politicization - you gotta be kidding me - do you think even the lowest IQ Department of agriculture employee is going to vote for a Republican and admit it?
There are a few things one can learn even growing up in Chicago or Washington DC.  One of those things is that a bureaucracy is politics - through and through.  The top bureaucrat, be it a guy or gal, depends on politics for his/her job which means all reporting to her/him depend on politics for their jobs.  The only voice raised against this reality is that of the great leader - who tells us they operate independently because he says so.  Is he nuts or just lying?  Both?
Ultimate politicization is Chicago.  One party - no ifs ands or buts about it.  Drive around a Chicago neighborhood a few days before an election and count the front lawn signs that promote a Republican candidate and a Democrat candidate.  Make a bet with great leader - you will pay him a quarter for each Republican sign if he will pay you a dime for each Democrat sign.  You'd make money even if you settled for a nickel.
Can we track the movement of government employees from "independence" to leaning one way to complete politicization?  By complete, we mean IRS politicization - PBS politicization - Department of agriculture politicization?  Of course we can -  January 17, 1962, John F. Kennedy, by a stroke of the pen - his signature authorizing the unionization of federal government workers (see:  TheFundamentals, March 9, 2010.)   Political payback for votes?  What do you think?
There is no place in a republic form of democracy for the unionization of any government workers.  The US constitution guarantees that the form of government in America and each of its states shall be a republic - the people rule - not the bureaucrats - not one political party over another - and most certainly not some union boss/thug who runs the place the way the union boss/thugs run Chicago.
Here are the main culprits:   NAGE, AFSCME, NEA, NRLCA, AFGE, NALC, AFT, NTEU, AATU, IBPO, NAON, APWU, SEIU and NFFE. 
Words , even words flowing from the mouth of great leader, mean nothing.  If you want a government of, by and for the people, you must limit it just as our constitution limits it and that means limited employees and no unions.  If you want to depoliticize America's vast bureaucracies all you need do is one of two things:
1.  Limit the budget - i.e. drastically cut them back, or
2.  Get rid of the unions (most are listed above)  - i.e. undo JFK's signature on executive order #10988
We recommend #2.  In the meantime, just keep on kidding yourself - there is no politics at the IRS or PBS or the Department of ___________ (fill in the blank.)   And always keep repeating - they work for us.


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