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Monday, August 18, 2014

Promises and Peanuts

What is the Democrat Party power base?

Well, it's:
#1 – African Americans (9 out of 10 black votes go to Democrats)
#2 – Government employees at all levels – local, county, state, federal (ditto)
#3 – Latino Americans (about 2/3rds), and
#4 – White women (about 1/2)
What stands out in the above analysis?  Voters in categories #'s1, 3 and 4 make up a large portion of category #2.  The money flows from category #2 – the government unions – you know them well – AFSCME, AFGE, SEIU, AFT, AFL-CIO, NEA and many, many more send their money to the Democrat Party and what do those unions do?
1.    They guarantee by way of seniority and by contract the almost total inability to terminate the employment of any of their members resulting in the failure of the government employee/bureaucracy/unionization movement to get rid of bad apples, including the old white power structure in local communities.  Which means the government bureaucracy does not reflect the changing demographics of the very communities in which they operate.
2.    There is no more defined and ongoing example of this problem than in:

a.    Ferguson, MO where the police force is almost all white and the town is 2/3rds black, and
b.    Virtually every major urban minority public school system where the teachers union protects the status of failing teachers by prohibiting their termination and, instead, forces taxpayers to fund ever higher wages,  benefits and pensions

3.    The same is true for the deteriorating and, in many cases, outright collapse of the urban infrastructure.   Large cities are almost entirely controlled by the candidates of the Democrat Party who use the patronage jobs to reward those who toe the line which means the established power structure.  In the meantime the black citizens experience double and triple unemployment rates; in some instances black youth unemployment reaches 50% of the population (see  2.b. above) and in all cases – the minority populations who live in these urban areas have lousy streets; crumbling bridges; poor public transportation; and face numerous ridiculous forms of fees and fines and government rules and burdens just to live, eat, sleep and to try to get to work if they have a job to go to. 

4.    Listen to any urban Democrat candidate and you will hear this one certain theme – it is the white man; the rich man; the successful man who holds you back.  In other words, republicans – they look out for themselves – they take advantage of all the schemes available to pay less than their fair share – and keep you down. 

5.    This has now been the propaganda for decades.  The groups listed above (#1 thru #4) buy it – they don’t question it – and to this day they find themselves singing the same old tune – dancing to it as their candidates win elections and then keep the status quo – no reform; no change; just hope and blame.

6.    Who else gets screwed by the Democrat party – besides minority voters?  Taxpayers – any and all taxpayers – their money goes to support the most corrupt, inbred, self perpetuating political machine anywhere this side of the Sicilian mafia and the Russian communist party.

7.    The change the black community seeks is being thwarted by the very Democrat party the black voters support almost unanimously.
Government employees, their unions and all their money, are not going to stop voting Democrat but  the rest of the power base listed above needs to know this one thing – you are getting exactly what you deserve for selling your vote for peanuts and promises: perpetual  promises – perpetual peanuts.  Just keep singing the same old tired song; dancing to the same old tired tune.  Just keep voting Democrat; keep complaining; keep blaming the white man.

There are many lessons to be learned from the last six years as well as the last 50 years but most come down to this - once your vote is taken for granted you become captive to the people in power and their propaganda which is promises and peanuts.

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