"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The mess the democrats have driven into

We liken what we see going on with the democrats as rather similar to a drunk fatso driving home after one more repetitive gathering of too much everything driven by a basic repetitive form of human being misbehavior – it’s called no self discipline.

We learned some self discipline as a kid – ditto for our neighbor’s kids – with a few exceptions.   Many of those exceptions didn’t do all that well as time catches up with misbehavior.

Folks if you still vote for ‘em – know that they no longer pretend to love competitive democracy – they simply want governments they oversee overseeing us – darn near 100% of the time.   They now are almost 100% supportive of socialism denying the one sure consequence of it – it fails – big time.  A lot of our good young men – good young American men – gave all to never let it happen here at home.

For those of you who vote for them – we doubt you are going to enjoy the ride.   History tells us where the ride will end up.   We ask you…have you any realization about this certain impending crash?

The one constant ongoing 100% of the time thing that accompanies any drunk driving and misbehaving is – the drunk(s) ain’t responsible for what they do – what happens – who gets hurt – or much else because they are not even aware of their drunken nonsense – until it’s too late.

They blame others – democrats blame republicans – and conservatives – and the larger gang of us who simply know one thing – a fundamental – America is not founded on the smelly democrats/stupid republicans/overpaid fatso nonproductive bureaucrats and one more thing – 

DEBT – massive amounts of nonrepaid DEBT we stick our kids with

We are mostly based on something vastly simpler – more basic – more fundamental – we are self responsible – not dependent on others much less government nonsense – and, yes, we pay back what we owe others.

The reason democrats drive like drunken fools and blame others is rather simple – they have already built the one sure thing that self destructs – massive unrepayable DEBT – and they simply need to hold someone else accountable.

We ask you – when their DEBT GAME BLOWS UP – if you voted for them – who are you gonna hold accountable?   Even better – who are your kids going to?

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NDDillon said...

It is nice to see you are back to questioning the deficit, but ignoring the reality that the debt has exploded due to the tax cuts in 2018 is odd. I do not think the argument that the Democrats drive the deficit has weight any longer.