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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

“…a gathering of nincomPOOPs”

We wrote an overview of the 2 hour 10 democrat party nonsense providers offered last night.  We’ve decided to not print it – it’s repetitive – it’s been stated before – that party has turned into a gathering of nincomPOOPs – and simply needs that which most of us do with “POOP” – we flush it.

Our founders/fighters (lots of good Democrats) over the years have faced similar versions of the smelly stuff and up until about 50 years ago – at great cost to many young men – they flushed the POOPs of their days attacking our wonderful country.

Now it is up to us.   For almost the past 50 years we the people are building/living in an outhouse of the 21st century – kinda funny to see it that way but the basics – thefundamentals – ain’t changed a bit since our founders flushed their POOPs.   Now, our turn – are we up to it?

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