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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More “factual reasonable reasons” to flush the 435/100/9/1

Please don’t read this if you think/feel/expect/know/anticipate and VOTE FOR the overpaid fatsos mentioned above.  This one guy simply says, “They are simply two legged low IQ versions of the smelly stuff we the people flush each morning.”

Now if you’ve made it this far – well read this:

First we googled and got the following – No results found for "american leaders supporting hong kong citizens"

Here are the three pictures offered by Google if we didn’t limit the question with the quotation marks:




And then as we looked a bit further down the Google offerings – well we hoped for things more basic.   Yes we call basics…FUNDAMENTALS – take a look:

·         https://www.thenation.com/article/democrats-hong-kong-autonomy/   the title of this one is –
The American Left Is Failing Hong Kong
Why is Marco Rubio doing more than the Democratic Party to support the people of Hong Kong?

We close with two simple statements – here goes:

·         The “American Left” stinks to high heaven – just as do its daily turd/media/hollywood/peckerheadsaplenty smelly deposits
·         Fatso low IQ don – aka #45 – ain’t gonna get this guys vote if he doesn’t support the people of Hong Kong – today he is our #1 turd

Folks if you’ve read this far – well pls see our post tomorrow – we’ve written it already and it has to do with a very simple suggestion to each of us – we the people – and how we can help and “…support the people of Hong Kong”

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