"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Monday, September 30, 2019

A simple overview of what is going on in America now

Folks, #45 simply is not part of the American government/political/now massive piles of “you know what.”  The ones who want him gone – out – bye bye – are the current version of what our founders flushed a while ago.  Smelly then – smelly now.   The problem of today’s “you know what” of ours – they don’t want change – won’t accept change – will quite simply use everything possible to flush #45.  (Aside – he’s a ny’er – makes it easier.)

So “what’s gonna happen”?  History is filled with “what’s gonna happens (wgh).”  This old guy has lived thru/with some slightly or varied version of “wgh” – but he is fairly sure the stink of today ain’t quite at its peak.   Maybe read about our revolution a while ago?

But that ain’t why we write this.   We write it for a simple reason.  Yes, we refer to lasting simple reasons as “fundamentals” and we exist (write this stuff) for one of ‘em – only borrow money (DEBT) for good reason and pay it back or bye bye.  NO decent homo sapien sticks his kids with DEBT – get it?

The simple solution to the fatsos (435/100/9+++000,000’s more everywhere) be they the ny’er or the 435/100/9+++++++fatsos is as follows – stop adding to DEBT – start paying DEBT down.   Got a lotta $$$$$$, pay down $$$$$.   Some $$$ - pay down $$.   Little or no $ - pay down $0.99 to $0.01.  Complicated?  We say it’s pretty basic – fundamental.

Our only question to you da’ voter is when the heck are you gonna demand it from any fatso seeking much less trying to buy your vote – huh?

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