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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

And now, a tad more about “finger pointing”

Anyone not noticing most all of our – we the people – media and their endless negativity about Mr. Trump perhaps do occasionally wonder – hmmnn, what is going on that almost half of us voted for him if he is such a nincomPOOP – huh?

Are the media dopesaplenty simply now hangin’ around with the other half that has nothing but endless positiveness for all they have done over the past 50 years or claim to have done and negativity for everything that #45 and his gang have done over the last 3 or 4 years?

In other words – is our media lacking something we call – history and fact and experience – or simply the word we use…“fundamentals?”

Folks we know we are in a mess – and we know also that this mess (btw, we just mistyped the word “this” and accidentally came up with a word we don’t print but does come to mind a lot when we offer even a few words about media nincomPOOPs) is something that a few factual history books* have documented over and over again.

We also know one of our founders told us in writing that we the people would have to flush the POOPs from time to time if we wanted a free country....we have offered his words.  We sure hope your read them!

That’s about all this old guy has to say – except for this – da’ donald is a tad dopey – but he sure ain’t the problem – we are.

*  We’re readin’ one (a new one) right now

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