"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Friday, June 5, 2020

Predictability…our history and future…moving forward

This old guy now in his 4th and final quartile of life started writing postings a while ago and then posted them at www.thefundamentals.us about 10 years ago.  The main reason for doing the above was a simple fundamental:   DEBT…only borrow for good reason – pay DEBT back per the DEBT contract – and cool it.   DEBT borrowings only for needed and valued reasons – not daily this and that’s.

We thank our good Mom and Dad for this upbringing and, yes, it was going on mostly all around us back when even middle class and those working hard to attain middle class could feed/house/assist themselves and each other and very few handout alternatives were readily available.

Times have changed……   

Our title is based on one simple comprehensible reason – good history books about history and people – no, not as often offered on tv and movie theatres and other forms of verbal/visual “fictional” or “personal” offerings – but as documented factually.  I have been reading – The World:  A Brief Introduction, Richard Haass.   Begins 300+ years ago – right up to now – and simply factually presents the repetitiveness of human behavior – over and over and over…

Let’s make it simple…here is our brief history/predictability:

·         The Chinese have survived for a long time – that survival will continue
·         America was founded by fighters/workers, mostly good men and many good women who were also mothers and workers…good Moms and darn hard workers
o   Not all homo sapiens are born/live with the above – hard work, fight, survive…it can/does disappear…
o   …and it’s disappearing in America
·         Religions, governments, etc. are interesting but this old guy knows – we need founders, fighters and workers.   We don’t need…435/100/9+++000,000’s more nincomPOOPs
·         And then we get to our “fundamental” – DEBT.  America has got a lot of rich people.  This gettin’ old guy doesn’t hear or read any of ‘em sayin’ – stop raising DEBT!  We gotta start payin’ DEBT down!   Folks its basic – its fundamental –  but we ain’t doin’ it

We close…read a history book…pay down DEBT…few others basics…before it’s too late…that’s all folks.

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