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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mrs. Clinton – The Facile Candidate

Facile is a great word – it is an English word that fits Mr. Obama to a T.  Here is the definition of facile:

Adjective -
1.  (esp. of a theory or argument) Appearing neat and comprehensive by ignoring the complexities of an issue; superficial.
2.  (of a person) Having a superficial or simplistic knowledge or approach.
Synonyms - light

When it comes to the complexities of an issue – in Obama’s world – there are no complexities.  When asked about the delays in implementation of his signature piece of legislation – the affordable care act (now commonly referred to as Obamacare) he ignored the question and quickly reverted to a few components of the legislation which had been implemented and actually could have been implemented without any overhaul of American medical insurance. To wit:
·         Kids can stay on their parents health insurance longer
·         Preexisting conditions cannot be a basis for insurance denial

The affordable care act is so difficult to understand, much less implement, because it obviously contains provisions that make no sense.  On the very surface of the wording of the legislation there are obvious, contradictory problems.  No, the implementation is not being postponed because American business needs time to get its act together.  That argument is not just facile, it is dead wrong.  The government cannot get its act together and that is actually the good news.  Even the government is reluctant to enact something that is downright unworkable – in theory now that the theory is understood – and most certainly will be every bit the train wreck as one of its principal Democrat supporters recently defined it.  If you doubt this assessment ask your physician about Obamacare.  You will get an earful.  What happens when the train wreck becomes apparent?  More facile answers, we would surmise which forces us to look into the future a bit.

Obama now says he was out front on the NSA spying situation.  Huh?  Some poor kid is now a guest of the Russians because he got out front on the NSA spying situation.  In any other time or place the Democrats would be pulling for the kid.  But the facile president has kowtowed to the bureaucrats and why not – what are a few freedoms if it means he does not need to answer any questions about an event on his watch? 

About the last thing anyone ever wishes to find in a purported leader is this “facile” characteristic.   Yet, we see that Mr. Obama has turned over his propagandist  - David Axelrod to Mrs. Clinton for the sole purpose of propping her up with this very same trait.  When she dismissed questions about an event on her watch with the insult – what difference does it make? – she actually faced a critical decision.  Do I accept responsibility because I am responsible, ultimately for whatever happens on my watch or do I skip out – provide a simplistic dodge and dismiss the topic so that all who follow me, support me, who I want to vote for me can follow my simple response.

She chose – a facile response.  This is a character issue.  We believe it to be a disqualifying issue.  Perhaps not for a congress person or a senator, even a mayor or governor.  But when our country faces a massive debt which is clearly our most critical long term problem/issue – be it national security or just financial responsibility,  a woman who follows the lead of a facile man is not capable of leading a country back to a solid foundation.

In her most recent speech, she chose the facile issue of voting rights – an issue without any substance.  This simply means she chose to rile up her black voters so that they will not ignore the midterm elections and not turn their back on her in three years.  She chose a facile situation instead of a leadership situation – debt, deficits and the unworkability of a massive federal government.

She chose badly – again and she will do it again and again. Today she is a facile candidate.  She is a well trained, facile candidate. 

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