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Friday, August 2, 2013

Soul Mate's and BedFellows

Which do you follow?  Which pop culture concept appeals to the inner you?

Love at first sight, or…
…lots of fish in the sea (some refer to this approach as – got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince/princess.)
TheFundamentals has no position on this matter but our inquisitive mind does suggest a possible conclusion, based on purely anecdotal evidence, that there is a certain balance in the universe.
Let’s look at a few examples:
Example #1            



Example #2


We can’t explain boys and girls – attraction – commitment – perseverance – ups and downs – any aspect or part of it.  But there does seem to be a certain yin and yang at work here.  A certain – we deserve each other – balance.   And what really catches our attention is that not only did these two couples find each other – in a sea of many, many options and choices – the four of them found each other also.  C’mon, what are the odds of that  happening?  The very occurrence of this foursome can’t just be coincidence, huh?   Alignment of the stars perhaps?  Look at the character – the focus – the determination in this photo.  Let’s not take this lightly, huh?

We go back to a great historical figure and man of “real” science to seek some explanation – some idea of just what could be happening.  This man, who had some insight into the physicality of things, once said, “God does not play dice with the Universe" - AEinstein.
Could it be that these couplings are destined?  Could they be much more important that they seem?  We could really be fortunate that such things are given to us.  Let’s go easy on these gifts – they appear be part of a much larger plan - even though this one required a quick rearrangement of schedules (see below).

This photo is just great - as phony as a three dollar bill, but, great.  Our simple question, "Just how long do you think this coupling - these two soul mates - will last?"  If Hillary runs she will have to turn on this guy.  He doesn't like her much now and vice versa.  It will be a lot less when she is on the campaign trail.  Can't wait to watch this convenient coupling come undone.



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NDDillon said...

It would have been fascinating to give Hilary and Barack truth serum and participate in the luncheon conversation.