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Friday, September 11, 2015

Time for Mr. Trump to get serious about debates

We heard the report – CNN should send $10 million to a veterans charity from the mega bucks it will make off the debate next week.  Or else Donald will not show.  Wow!  This is Donald’s thinking – his cleverness – his “negotiation skills” and it tells us a lot about the man.  Much more than the Donald would want us to know because it shows that this fellow is not quite as clever or smart or as good a negotiator as he claims.

Donald should have simply stated his case this way – let’s debate; commercial free.  Forget about selling sugar water and soap and male erectile solutions.  This is a debate about the future of America; it should be commercial free.  If CNN won’t agree – we move it to a network that will agree.
Mr. Trump,  the solution for our veterans has nothing to do with a $10 million fix.  The VA wastes that amount of money each morning while you are doing your hair.  Do you really think that $10 million will make a dent in the ridiculousness of the VA?  If so you will not be able to negotiate your way out of a paper bag – and you will be manhandled with ease by SEIU, AFSCME and the AFL-CIO and hundreds of more “government employee” unions.
It seems to us that Donald is afraid of a real debate?  Think about the topics we don’t debate.  Here is what Donald, Hillary, all the candidates should put on the table and demanded questions/debate regardless of what the “journalists” at CNN might have on their agenda:
1.    How much of the American economy today – 2015 – is an underground economy?  What does the Fed know?  The Department of Labor?  The IRS?  The census bureau?  How much GDP is not counted?  What amount of taxes are not paid?  Social security and Medicare/Medicaid levies never collected?  Why is this not a top priority of the Democrat candidates in and running for office?  Who constantly clamor for more taxes for their “needed” programs?  All the public employee unions, AFSCME, SEIU, etc?  Of president Obama?  Of the US justice department?  Don’t we need the money?

2.    Immigration enforcement.  Why don’t we hire an outside contractor to oversee a thoughtful legal immigration process (see #4 below)?  Why don’t we hire an outside contractor to manage a legal, limited, clearly defined alien worker program?   Using the extensive know-how and modernity of American commerce, particularly American businesses that routinely deal with millions of transactions and customers/clients every single minute of every hour of the day and use those systems to oversee travelers, tourists, students, visitors and those seeking temporary work in our country?

3.    Why don’t we shut down the Veterans Administration and make the entire American health care system open to all veterans?  How can it possibly make any sense for America to run a “separate but equal” health care system and duplicate all the overhead, labor and facility components for this one group of individuals?   Particularly given the substandard result produced?

4.    Immigration policy.   Policy is a very different issue from enforcement (see #2 above.)  We all know that we have the largest gathering in our history of unemployed, age eligible to work, citizens (90 million of them!)  We are not talking about youngsters or seniors; the handicapped or the disabled.  We are talking healthy, functioning young and middle age citizens who either cannot find work or are not interested in seeking work.  And, at the very same moment in our history, our country is flooded with illegal aliens who are working (after all this is the single most consistent argument mentioned by the “need for comprehensive immigration policy reform” gang) and we are also admitting legally, annually, 500,000+ more immigrants, many of whom will seek work.  Today, 25% of our population was not born here or are the children of that group – that is 80 million people!  This is just dumb policy.  A dead end policy that has done great harm to the country.  But don’t mention it.

5.    Constitutional convention.  In the first place the supreme court was never intended to be the moderator or evolution agent of the nation’s basic law – the people were.  Our constitution is simply out of date – to some extent by advances in knowledge and technology but mostly by life’s passages and events.  We may as well get the lines clearly drawn – America is split down the middle on most economic, political, cultural and societal issues.  The split however is not equal when it comes to geography – it is only equal in terms of voters.  If we must, let us decide now which part of America can survive as a borderless socialistic entity (think about it – most democrats desire one overriding, dominant, national government) and which part of America will coalesce around the concepts of capitalism and individual freedom under a federalism concept of law.

6.    America has its own refugee crisis.  A silent and very inconvenient crisis.  We have refugee camps within our major urban populations centers.  These are communities within communities where survival is largely the responsibility of various governments as well as NGO and charitable caregivers, mostly faith based.  Also, we are part of a much larger world refugee crisis including some within our own hemisphere although much of the world refugee crisis is now middle east and Asian based.  We have no discussion, debate or even dialogue addressing our role in these home grown and outside refugee situations. 

7.    Islam.  (A major cause of the worlds refugee situation.)  Islam is not a religion of peace.  Not even a religion. It is a form of life control – political, societal, commercial, governmental and ideological.  It is not tolerant of anything and it abides by written and historical laws, traditions, customs and mores that are in direct violation of our American laws, principles and traditions.  We neither do nor are permitted to discuss it.   Not openly at least.   Yet, America should be as intolerant of Islam as it is of communism.  Please don’t mention it.

8.    The proliferation of propaganda.  Most of this comes from our own government(s), the dissemination of incorrect and invalid and just outright deceptive information.  Most of our bureaucracies distribute data that is not accurate.  Most informed Americans ignore their data and seek alternative sources of valid information. If the Fed itself followed the employment data issued by the BLS it would have raised interest rates several times by now.

9.    Public schools.  This debate is going on – but still stymied by teachers unions and their puppets in the democrat party.  A party that touts choice for moms who don’t want to be moms abandons those who are take on the difficult task of being a mom and hangs them out to flap in the wind with one of the most important decisions a parent must make.  School today is more than the three R’s but jamming kids into classrooms with teachers who struggle themselves with basic skills is not a choice; it’s pure politics.

10. Debt – never mentioned; ignored; yet our single biggest domestic and international problem/threat.  We simply must put an end to deficit living and debt accumulation.  We choose instead to not even talk about it.

11. Population.  We have 300+ million people rapidly moving to 400 million.  Essential basic jobs in manufacturing, assembly, metals, chemicals, even refining are virtually gone due to labor, environmental and endless forms of legal restrictions, rules and litigation.  Those that remain are taxed to death and burdened with every societal goodie imaginable to politicians and bureaucrats who never made or grew or mined a thing in their (miserable) lives.  This is not progressive and it sure is not a dream of a better life.  It is suicide by fiat.

12. Bureaucracies – government bureaucracies everywhere.  Staffed by 24+ million people – earning 2 and 3 times the wages of middle class Americans – with much more generous benefits including free health care and able to retire in their 50’s with close to 100% of their last five years average pay.  Everyone watching knows this.  We can’t find one politician who has even the smallest or passing interest in possibly saying – enough – we must cut back – now. 

Donald gets a lot of credit for saying things that we think but most politicians are afraid to voice.  Okay.  Much of that, unfortunately, is entertaining but not significant.  We wonder, Donald, do you even think about some of the issues raised above?  We haven’t heard much from you to suggest that you do.  We know the others don’t.


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CNN usually charges $5,000 per 30 second commercial in prime time. For the debate on 09/16 it is asking $200,000. Fat chance of taking this moneymaker to a non-profit broadcaster.