"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Friday, November 6, 2015

War on kids

Who would have ever thought that the government of the United States of America would one day force large groups of kids to attend schools which do not educate?  At the same time it builds record levels of unrepayable debt so that senior citizens and millions of unionized unproductive government “workers” can enjoy record level paychecks, benefits, entitlements and pensions?  And that it passes that debt – yes, it makes no attempt at even stopping the rise in the debt – along to kids and their yet to be born progeny?

That is the United States of America, today.
Every species has one task – reproduce and teach their young to survive.   For homo sapiens those survival lessons used to have to do with hunting, gathering and then agricultural matters and some related lessons.  Today those survival lessons have to do with reading, writing and arithmetic as well as a few other advanced skills.  The basis of survival today is good reading skills.

If you live in an urban community – this government is not teaching most of its young how to “read”:

We will spend more time on this “report card” in the near future but you should know this – there are several groups in the American government responsible for this horrendous outcome:

·         American Federations of Teachers (AFT)
·         National Education Association (NEA)
·         The Democrat Party (guess who the NEA and AFT have "endorsed" for president?)
·         The US Department of Education

All can proudly display a “mission accomplished” banner at their fancy headquarters filled with very well compensated “bureaucrats”.  They have accomplished what no one would have ever expected in America – mandatory attendance at schools that do not educate.  This is American corruption at its pinnacle.

More to come…….

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tough questions

"People who want to be President of the United States should be able to answer tough questions,"  says CNBC.  Who would disagree with this statement?  Not us. 

It just has nothing to do with the issue – the statement is a typical, low rent, commercial deflection that now characterizes American media.  We could spend the remainder of this essay listing low rent, typical, commercial lies, distortions, deflections and deception coming from NBC/Comcast.

We could begin with their horrible customer service – their corrupt monopoly – their high cost, low quality “packaged” programming.  But we won’t – instead we offer them and their fellow travelers a few “tough questions”:

·         Size and incompetence of government – separate debate needed. We cannot think of one media organization that is not completely conflicted on this topic. All of them –  PBS, NBC/Comcast, ABC/Disney/ESPN, CBS, CNN, Fox and all their book publishing subsidiary companies and Hollywood content producers need the government to deficit spend/build debt to survive.  Have you ever heard one debate question based on this obvious fact?
·         Government unions.  They need to go.  Completely.  Same problem as above – all the media outlets depend on government, bureaucrats and their vast unionized bureaucracies for press releases, “news” conferences and an endless stream of government “information” to fill their 24/7 repetitive programming and give their “personalities” something to read.   Our suggestion – combine this topic with the previous topic – buy TV time and go at it.  Record ratings will result.
·         Specific bureaucratic failures – there are many – veterans administration, IRS, departments of justice and state lead the discussion.  America needs a media that constantly probes this dismal failure.  For the other bureaucracies – the only debate should be – cutback (how much?) or eliminate. 
·         Debt.  Goes without saying that we need sensible, thoughtful ideas and proposals about government debt across the country and how to reduce it.  We would pose the debate question as follows:  just how much debt should be placed on each American child to support our free ride today?
·         Immigration.  We have heard a lot about it.  There is one law that now dominates immigration policy – it needs to be changed and one bureaucracy that dominates the implementation of immigration policy – it needs big change.
·         Urban public schools or what we call – The Democrat Party’s (as well as AFT and NEA) war on African American kids.  The reading skills results have just been released – these kids can’t read.  Gee, why are so many unemployed?  Did one of the CNBC clowns pose a question about this fact?  Must not be “tough” enough topic, huh?
·         Islam.  Put it on the table.  Lets open it up for discussion.  The debate topic can be simply stated – is there a place for Islam in a free, constitutional democracy?  If so, how to manage it and its followers.
·         Taxation.  The IRS simply is not compatible with a growing competitive economy in the 21st century.  It needs to go.  Only the republicans are willing to offer tax policy changes and the media, as you saw, will destroy any mention of alternatives. 
·         There are some more – our legal system is a burden too much for a fast paced technological society.  Most of our laws and legal principles are badly out of date.  Militarization of local police forces must be reversed.  Large portions of our urban communities are refugee camps – entirely without an economic foundation.  The Fourth amendment has been discarded.    Democrats will not touch any of these topics – the CNBC clowns dare not bring them up.

We could care less what happens to Carl, Becky and John and their support staff.  They are simply not qualified to have anything to do with a serious discussion (one might wish to contemplate the obvious transference of this truth to their day job performance.)

Unfortunately for America, the same is true of their industry.  This industry is the mouthpiece of the American government and its dominant political party – the democrats.  Investigate, look into, open up any portion of its corpus and you will be overwhelmed with “tough question” possibilities.  They dare not touch them.