"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Our various “free” behaviors…speech and press and religion, etc…..mean what….to us, we the people?

Is speech free?  How about press?  Free?  Or are we paying for it?  Religion?  Free?

We turned on the TV Sunday – very briefly – we watched for several minutes - first a "news" or "press" show - read below:

·         About 5 or 6 people were sitting facing the host and yapping about something.  We could only tell one thing for certain in the several minutes we watched before an advertisement or several came on – not one of ‘em had a real job making or growing or fixing or inventing something or anything, and they don’t tell us how much they get paid when we buy the advertised stuff that pays them

·         We moved the channel to what we thought was yappers yapping before a football game – but, alas, we were a few minutes early – and we got some preacher guy in a fancy what appeared to be big, new building with lots of people seated in really fancy seats listening to this guy yap on about.…

…so we turned off the television and started to think then write these few words.

We had breakfast with a group of guys last week – and this guy sat next to the oldest of the group – one need be at least 70 years old to get invited – the old guy I sat next to – 86 years old.  Here are a few facts about him – his wife left us all about 18 months ago – he misses her greatly – he also has never had any serious health ailment or issue – which completely separates him from the group – and one more matter – he fought for America in Korea when most of us were in grade or high school.

He brought it up – speaking just to me.  He told me about an event occurring – his buddies were allied with Australians and Turks.  The Turks apparently snitched some fingers from the enemy guys who were killed – and stuck ‘em on their sleeves and whatever.  The 86 year old guy told me he had trouble sleeping at night concerned they might want to snitch one of his fingers.  I smiled – and then he said a few words that communicated this to me – everything – EVERYTHING – now going on in America that stinks to high heaven – me, this 76 year old guy – I am responsible for.

I laughed then – four days later – he’s right. 
One more brief occurrence – occurring a month or two ago.  I have a buddy – an attorney guy – I have known him since he got his first job with his law degree after passing the exam – he is 20+ years younger than me.  He was telling me about the various things he does for his local community serving on committees and making decisions and sometimes even getting elected.   I asked him – how much are you getting paid?  He looked a bit taken aback with my question – then held up his hand – and circled the thumb and forefinger – and said the words – I volunteer.  I get paid nothing.

One guy did what he was told to do – he fought for America.  He blames me for the current mess.  The other guy works for government – his local government – gets paid nothing – he didn’t like the presumption of my question.

I am going to tell you about one more man – also a good buddy of mine – who left earlier this year – at the age of 80.  He was a football player – a good one – even played professional ball for a brief period – he also held a real job – always – raised his kids responsibly – paid all his debts – and cared for and about others.   Never spoke about his own accomplishments.

I can tell you more about each of them – but why bother – instead I will simply pose this closing question to you – find me one of the 435/100/9/1 nincomPOOPs who can match ‘em – what do they get paid?  What do they make/grow/fix/heal/invent…?  What about me, you, us – we the “free” people?