"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The mess the democrats have driven into

We liken what we see going on with the democrats as rather similar to a drunk fatso driving home after one more repetitive gathering of too much everything driven by a basic repetitive form of human being misbehavior – it’s called no self discipline.

We learned some self discipline as a kid – ditto for our neighbor’s kids – with a few exceptions.   Many of those exceptions didn’t do all that well as time catches up with misbehavior.

Folks if you still vote for ‘em – know that they no longer pretend to love competitive democracy – they simply want governments they oversee overseeing us – darn near 100% of the time.   They now are almost 100% supportive of socialism denying the one sure consequence of it – it fails – big time.  A lot of our good young men – good young American men – gave all to never let it happen here at home.

For those of you who vote for them – we doubt you are going to enjoy the ride.   History tells us where the ride will end up.   We ask you…have you any realization about this certain impending crash?

The one constant ongoing 100% of the time thing that accompanies any drunk driving and misbehaving is – the drunk(s) ain’t responsible for what they do – what happens – who gets hurt – or much else because they are not even aware of their drunken nonsense – until it’s too late.

They blame others – democrats blame republicans – and conservatives – and the larger gang of us who simply know one thing – a fundamental – America is not founded on the smelly democrats/stupid republicans/overpaid fatso nonproductive bureaucrats and one more thing – 

DEBT – massive amounts of nonrepaid DEBT we stick our kids with

We are mostly based on something vastly simpler – more basic – more fundamental – we are self responsible – not dependent on others much less government nonsense – and, yes, we pay back what we owe others.

The reason democrats drive like drunken fools and blame others is rather simple – they have already built the one sure thing that self destructs – massive unrepayable DEBT – and they simply need to hold someone else accountable.

We ask you – when their DEBT GAME BLOWS UP – if you voted for them – who are you gonna hold accountable?   Even better – who are your kids going to?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Understanding the meaning of words

Pls read this – we just received it in our email – 

The source is an outfit operating under the concept or whatever one calls it now, today, of freedom of the press.

This one guy simply calls it – governmental and press/media/etc. and other overpaid nonproductive nincomPOOPs – well you know the 4-letter word – we don’t print it – suffice it to say “…it’s crap.”

We the people elect folks – not because we find them to be much of anything other than what is simply needed to get something done and then get their (pick the applicable adjective(s) – fat, skinny, normal, old, smelly, attractive, unattractive) behind back to some form of real work and real contribution to our land of the free, home of the brave.

Folks it ain’t happening – just as it wasn’t a while back.

Back then we had founders – today we don’t.   Hold up a mirror – you are observing just one of the many people – yep in the above mentioned group of we the people – who ain’t doin’ what our founders did a while back and simply expected us, we the people, to also do as needed.

* chicagotribune

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Did our founders get everything right?

Let’s answer the question posed above – of course they did – for a while – but it appears we the people are simply loaded into the back seat of the never changing homo sapiens vehicular repetitiveness of simply not learning from history.

Folks we – yep us the people – are on the road of history to self destruction.  Call it whatever turns you on – whatever your brain or your language or your education or whatever turns you on and you grasp – you are the one doing it – no one else – it’s you.

This guy has a bunch of basics that have pretty well remained unchanged since his good Mom moved him out to his first breath of American air.  He calls ‘em fundamentals!

He was taught them – yes – but he also knows something and he is not sure if he was born with that something or if he learned it before he was 5 or 6 years old (meaning from Mom and dad and others).    At the top of that list – we owe others – mostly good men – good young men – who fought and died or if fortunate came home and raised us while working and continuing to follow some basics.   They taught this kid that this wonderful place into which he arrived – well he too had better do what they did most all of the time.

What’s our top fundamental – ours and others – when it comes to America?   Borrow money only for a worthwhile purpose – usually, not always, to build something and then always – ALWAYS – pay it back – never stick someone else with your DEBT.

Why?  Folks the answer is so simple that this old fart is almost disinclined to state it – we ain't worth nothing – nada – zip e dee do dah – if we expect someone else to do something for us – like pay back our debt or live with the consequences of not paying it back.

Sure we hold the smelly ones – the 435/100/9 + 000,000’s more across our once land of the free, home of the brave – 110% accountable for this mess we are in.  We say “flush ‘em” – cripes, why not – we get to keep or flush most of ‘em every two years – overpaid nonproductive smelly turds.  Our founders didn't like smelly ones – do you?

We ain't doing it!   Hold up a mirror – the big change needed comes from…….you’re lookin’ at her or him!


Monday, March 18, 2019

The ridiculousness* of today’s “fundamentals”

Turn on your television and try to watch a so called “news” show and perhaps if you still follow basics – we call ‘em fundamentals – presenting something about responsibility – financial responsibility.   Find a person or two of the overpaid do little other than read and chat a lot – address DEBT – how much the 435/100/9 fatsos (add 000,000’s across our country) and their overpaid mostly nonproductive “bureaucrats” and others – attorneys and TV chatters and jocks and ______, _______ (you fill in the blanks) – and now the stupidest growing #’s of top job (located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave) candidates tell us – we the people – it’s time to stop adding to and it’s time to start paying down….

Most of us – we the people – who borrow $$$ for specific purposes – pay it back – or else.  Today many of us, we the people, benefit from it – actually “sell” our votes to a lot of the smelly ones – we call ‘em nincomPOOPs – for obvious but seldom mentioned reasons.

The news peckerheads and other overpaid do nothings (do they make/grow/fix/invent/heal/raise/defend/ fight for/teach/etc.) do they ever simply suggest or say – wake up folks, responsible people don’t stick others with POOP or DEBT?

Do the news dopes ever mention that we the people who allow this are simply sending a message to our kids – and their kids if they have any (golly gosh, why might they not be, huh?) – a message that we offer to you now – for you to own and look in the mirror and repeatedly tell yourself…

…screw all these kids – I want what I want now – this minute – and the fatso candidate had better deliver fast or no vote.  Buy my vote fatso – I don’t care about kids.   It’s my turn.   I sell my vote to the fatso who’s gonna give me the most for it!!!

* Why do we write thefundamentals?  Our answer is not significant.     What matters in today’s rather basic few words about our – we the people – nonsense is our ongoing damage to all and everyone.  We write for several reasons – we suggest you read this article from the WSJ – printed over the weekend.   If you so do ask yourself and answer this question:  they talk about one of the new many smelly nincomPOOPs mentioned above – where is anything written in the article about DEBT and its fundamental consequence on young Americans?

Let's have some fun.................

These Guys Used To Do It With Class

Friday, March 15, 2019

A few words (and a link) about her….and a tad more

Here’s the link to her:  Ms Peggy Noonan and one of the few simply good “writings worth reading” versus most all of the nonsense on tv – the internet – and several other forms of press/speech/whatever nonsense of today that we the people pay for as we buy the “crap” that advertises endlessly.

Ms Noonan gets it – and yes, this guy telling you this knows of a few others who simply get it.  Unfortunately they are part of a costly group of nincomPOOPs that don’t get it but they do get our attention and our earning piddling away 24/7 capabilities of today.

Ms Noonan makes a simple suggestion at the end of her offering above – folks all this guy can say is – wow, if only it were historically that simple.   Then we might pass on to others that which others passed on to us – we the people – probably never expecting us to be so stupid!

Yes, we know, most of us are not stupid but we also know this – most of us are putting up with and even supporting the nonsense of today – our founders and a lot of good young men who gave all over the years simply did not.