"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Monday, February 27, 2017

The American Debt Discussion and Awareness

We start with a simple human being medical example – let’s say some guy, hypothetically,  recently  visited the medical center a week ago and was tested and examined and had samples of this and that taken and came back a few days ago and was told the following:

·         Some hearing loss
·         Immune system not quite what it used to be
·         Occasional urinal incontinence
·         A possible tumor in your liver needs further analysis

We all know that the last one needs immediate attention – the others need to be dealt with and there are several well known methods.  But a tumor?  May be a big problem – let’s hope it is treatable – get moving – deal with it.

Is this simple example appropriate elsewhere?  And if so – where – and further who should be doing it – and further – let’s just say we have an example – then – what are the next steps?

Yesterday morning we did something we seldom do – for about 12 or 15 minutes we clicked around between the Sunday Morning news/interview shows – whatever – and we were most interested in what those shows – their reporters and whatever – and their guests and whatever – were questioned about and discussed or talk about or try to discuss.

Now, at this moment in this brief writing we, TheFundamentals, will state what we think is America’s number one problem, much like a tumor:
Here is the DEBT of the United States of America now (rounded out):
$ 20,000,000,000,000.00

If you have interest in this number and its recent growth please go to:

We have just a few things to say before we close up this brief essay:
1.    Number of times we heard it discussed Sunday morning – ZERO
2.    Number of times we heard anyone attempt to raise it – ZERO
3.    Number of times we heard or saw someone mention it in an indirect fashion – ZERO
4.    Enough

This is all we have to say in closing – we did not bother to try to rank our closing statements:
1.    We have no clue who is the stupidest – American media or American politicians and bureaucrats (not the military) or just all the rest of us
2.    Take the politicians – the only one we have heard mention it briefly and recently is the new president (please go to:  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wud7UvrpgLg )  – all the others we watched are simply stupid,  ignorant, afraid or ________
3.    Why do we vote for ignorant dopey people?   Or watch them?
4.    Even better – ask yourself – do I intend – will I leave my kids – my grandkids with debt I didn’t repay?
5.    And then ask yourself this – what in the _____ am I doing voting for _____ who will?   Or watching ________?

6.    Please fill in the blanks after you have read and contemplated an answer!  We can’t because we do not print the several words that come to mind.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Worth watching - listening

Please connect to:


When we watched it early this am less than 3000 people had done so.   We imagine that will rise.

It is a shame when one simply grasps this waste – this simple idea – for a democracy to survive it simply must have facts and information – basic knowledge and value it.

Our press or whatever you call the printed and viewed people – alas, darn near all of them – are simply lacking this one simply fact and need.  Today.  In our beloved land.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some thoughts about “what is going on?”

Pls keep in mind our above first three words – okay?

·         Debt and deficits – it appears America has joined the group of nations or whatever one calls them that simply print money to maintain some form of status for the dopey political idiots – call them as your please – a rather new and totally different basis of being than why we are here and what our good founding folks – mostly our brave young men who fought and died for this place
·         What does this mean?  What most likely will occur?  Well if you don’t know or don’t care or don’t think about it we have no interest in answering those questions for you because –  if you have studied history even occasionally or modestly you have an idea and if you watch the nonsense and listen to it (more below) coming from the media dopes of this day, well you should know
·         So now what?  Does the Donald know?  Does the Donald have a chance?  What is in store for the Donald?  Well now we get into the real realm of fiction and uncertainty – heck folks do we know?  Pls read on if interested.  We do think about it and then you perhaps can answer the question – do we know?
·         First we must speak briefly – why waste our time – about the incredibly ridiculous media in our beloved land by asking this simple question – how on earth did we end up with these nonsensical and simply #*&%(@ people?  (We regret mostly just in this one case/situation – our refusal to use needed but mostly four letter words when describing obvious ridiculousness).  Perhaps you have an answer to the question – how on earth did we end up with these nonsensical……
·         We don’t.  It actually terrifies us – not us as in this guy – but us as in his and others kids and grandkids – we owe them so much more when it simply comes to reality and history and just an even basic level of human being awareness and knowledge….
·         And folks we are simply discarding our responsibility to be adults who pass along a solid basis just as was passed along to us!
·         Back to the Donald and others – now what?
·         Well, we simply do not know.  He does not seek us out – does not share what may be going on as he ponders the next weeks – heck the next year or two.  We simply do not know.   But we worry for a couple of basic reasons or possibilities:
o   The Donald has dough – lots of dough – and most of us do not.  For those of us who worked hard – and for a fairly long time – put up with the bad and the good – we call it “life” – well we are okay.  Life expectancy will take care of us….
o   …but as we have said – we worry about our kids but mostly because our kids are older we worry about our grandkids and all their kids not even remotely planned or conceived or even being pondered now
o   In other words we worry about the future of the US of A
o   Our beloved country brought to us by simply many, many hard working regular folk who only sought one simple situation – get me/us away from the dopes who ran things for themselves
o   And that is simply how we close – these few brief words –
o   Please get us away from the dopes that run things for themselves
o   And this thought – too late?  Or not?

o   Enough for today…