"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


One of the most important needed and missing requirements – a fundamental need of freedom – is “responsibility”.  And its awareness, its recognition… its performance and its accountability.

The politicians, bureaucrats and those hanging around now in dc and many of the large states, cities, counties and courthouses are of course as you must be aware…  Democrats (yeah, and lots of “lawyers.”)

Democrats offer and deliver one consistent vote buying fact of history and life – they start spending taxpayers money (add to it by printing $$$ and creating unrepayable DEBT) for their various political bureaucratic and nonproductive forms of voter buying nonsense.  Voter buying nonsense often contains no user selection or competition – stuff that we the people mostly need or want and make choices.   Chevy or a Ford – a Pepsi or a Coke – the local college or schools that queens, kings, politicians and bureaucrats attended.  Yes there are some needed community  things that must be done occasionally and well – like building a road or getting a driver’s license – a voting system with specific time, place and identification.   Oh, one bigger one that history addresses constantly – military capabilities that kill enemies before smelly enemies kill us, we the people.

America has been around for several centuries.   Other places also come to mind.  America has not only survived, we’ve moved way ahead of others who have been around for many centuries – thousands of years.  That’s a fact!  One more simple fact – a basic fundamental – most of us Americans today are an American because some time ago a relative of ours simply got on a large boat (or were dragged on) and came here expecting nothing other than the chance to be themselves… be responsible for themselves… live each day free to show up and learn and work and have children who learn and develop and then work and have children.   Are you starting to get the facts about America – yes or no?  Please answer that simple basic fundamental question ‍♀ or ‍♂.  

Girls and boys… women and men… American voters… do you ask yourself before voting for someone… is that person seeking my vote… offering me something in return for my vote… or is that person simply offering me the open opportunity to work and live and compete and accomplish in an environment not run and dictated by the millions of people we simply call buffoons (i. e. bureaucrats… lots of nonproductive attorneys… others)?  Pls answer… now. 

Our parents and grandparents… and their parents and grandparents… simply could not poop flush (vote) so they left to come here to become turd free... and RESPONSIBLE (i.e. accountable).

Folks we can’t write simpler or more basic… easier to understand.    We cannot be even a tad more fundamental – America exists because our now gone family members moved on and turd flushed (voted) as needed and taught us to do the same.  The simple daily requirement of freedom – responsibility.

A closing request –  pls visit an American military cemetery.  Pls take your kids.   Look at the ages of the young men… gone.   Please.  A good day in this wonderful country of ours occurs in late May every year – Memorial Day!  Monday. May 31, 2021.   Pls take your kids and their kids… please.



Friday, April 23, 2021

The simple (fundamental) reality of what is goin’ on in America today

We are simply self destructin’ – just as the history books since the beginnin’ of the first few of us droppin’ out of trees simply seekin’ a life based on NOnSENSE – let’s call it “fatso heaven” – versus a world of freedoms needing just one basic (fundamental)... daily (24/7) need – here, may we simply write it… huh?


It’s gone folks – MIA!!  Been replaced by our (da’fundamentals) simple awareness flowing from the missin’ wisdom and commitment – yeah, the simple reality of 24/7...


Friday, April 9, 2021

A view about our – we the people – situation

Pls start here:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbisnoff/2021/04/07/jpmorgan-chase-ceo-jamie-dimon-gets-political-in-letter-to-shareholders/?sh=497be2b82da1

And then go here:  https://reports.jpmorganchase.com/investor-relations/2020/ar-ceo-letters.htm

We borrowed these few words from Mr. Dimon’s link above:

“China’s leaders believe that America is in decline. They believe this not only because their country’s sheer size will make them the largest economy on the planet by 2030 but also because they believe their long-term thinking and competent, consistent leadership have outshone America’s in so many ways. The Chinese see an America that is losing ground in technology, infrastructure and education – a nation torn and crippled by politics, as well as racial and income inequality – and a country unable to coordinate government policies (fiscal, monetary, industrial, regulatory) in any coherent way to accomplish national goals. Unfortunately, recently, there is a lot of truth to this.

Today, the United States and other countries around the world are grappling with many other critical issues. To name just a few: capitalism versus other economic systems; access to healthcare; immigration policy; the role of business in our society; and how, or even whether, the United States intends to exercise global leadership. Many Americans have lost faith in their government’s ability to solve these and other problems – in fact, most people would describe government as ineffective, bureaucratic and often biased. Almost all institutions – governments, schools, media and businesses – have lost credibility in the eyes of the public. And perhaps for good reason: Many of our problems have been around for a long time and are not aging well. Politics is increasingly divisive, and government is increasingly dysfunctional, leading to a number of policies that simply don’t work.”

And then we’d simply like to offer our brief few words – freedom is wonderful… and has one simple needed 24/7 action from we the people who live/die for it…


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Comprehendin’ what’s really goin’ on in America today – simply stated... a repetitive history lesson

I write and offer the fundamentals for simple basic (fundamental) reasons.  The most significant of which is the historical repetitiveness of Homo sapiens behavior.   Over and over, again and again, we the people allow others to behave in repetitive routines leading over various time periods to various forms of self destruction.  

Now before continuing this observation we ask that you borrow or buy a copy of the book entitled 1942* written by Winston Groom* (1943 - 2020) with the subtitle The Year That Tried Men’s Souls.

Author Groom on pages 90 – 100 of 1942* offers various historical facts and possibilities about the Japan attack on Pearl Harbor and  America’s entrance into World War II.  Worth reading in my view for a simple basic (fundamental) reason – history changes in fashion and location; events and individuals, but the outcome and responsibility of events bare repetitive occurring end results.   That simple statement is why I am concerned about our future – America’s future – and why I offer these words.  I am well aware of the unlikely occurrence of a wake up call before it’s too late.   History simply repeats its lessons as displayed in our title words above. Events, occurrences and participants are somewhat different – end results repeat similar outcomes.

America is not the answer to the world’s repetitive historical nonsense.    We need commitment.  We were given commitment by our founders/fighters.  It's called "responsibility."  Encouraged to avoid various forms of unneeded and repetitive forms of historical nonsense.   Today here at home its 24/7 news/opinion/government/politician/bureaucrat irresponsible NOnSENSE = aka DEBT!!

We – the fundamentals – are simply suggesting a bit of history to possibly provide a wake up call before it’s simply too late and Homo sapiens stupidity repeats!

  • Folks that’s all for today in this “wake up call”
  • The lesson(s) of Homo sapiens repetitiveness
  • We the people versus…
  • … the buffoons (aka 435/100/9/1++++000,000’s more – nincomPOOPs) enroute to self destruction
  • We the people simply ain’t doin’ what our founders and fighters did when needed
  • Freedom simply requires “RESPONSIBILITY” and...
  • ... occasional POOP flushin’ (aka votin’) – TJefferson said/wrote it – used different words; pls go to: https://tjrs.monticello.org/letter/100

*  This book is worth your time to read... as are Mr. Groom's other offerings