"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Comprehendin’ what’s really goin’ on in America today – simply stated... a repetitive history lesson

I write and offer the fundamentals for simple basic (fundamental) reasons.  The most significant of which is the historical repetitiveness of Homo sapiens behavior.   Over and over, again and again, we the people allow others to behave in repetitive routines leading over various time periods to various forms of self destruction.  

Now before continuing this observation we ask that you borrow or buy a copy of the book entitled 1942* written by Winston Groom* (1943 - 2020) with the subtitle The Year That Tried Men’s Souls.

Author Groom on pages 90 – 100 of 1942* offers various historical facts and possibilities about the Japan attack on Pearl Harbor and  America’s entrance into World War II.  Worth reading in my view for a simple basic (fundamental) reason – history changes in fashion and location; events and individuals, but the outcome and responsibility of events bare repetitive occurring end results.   That simple statement is why I am concerned about our future – America’s future – and why I offer these words.  I am well aware of the unlikely occurrence of a wake up call before it’s too late.   History simply repeats its lessons as displayed in our title words above. Events, occurrences and participants are somewhat different – end results repeat similar outcomes.

America is not the answer to the world’s repetitive historical nonsense.    We need commitment.  We were given commitment by our founders/fighters.  It's called "responsibility."  Encouraged to avoid various forms of unneeded and repetitive forms of historical nonsense.   Today here at home its 24/7 news/opinion/government/politician/bureaucrat irresponsible NOnSENSE = aka DEBT!!

We – the fundamentals – are simply suggesting a bit of history to possibly provide a wake up call before it’s simply too late and Homo sapiens stupidity repeats!

  • Folks that’s all for today in this “wake up call”
  • The lesson(s) of Homo sapiens repetitiveness
  • We the people versus…
  • … the buffoons (aka 435/100/9/1++++000,000’s more – nincomPOOPs) enroute to self destruction
  • We the people simply ain’t doin’ what our founders and fighters did when needed
  • Freedom simply requires “RESPONSIBILITY” and...
  • ... occasional POOP flushin’ (aka votin’) – TJefferson said/wrote it – used different words; pls go to: https://tjrs.monticello.org/letter/100

*  This book is worth your time to read... as are Mr. Groom's other offerings


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