"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27,2010

Friday, March 26, 2021

America today – lots of “media” – lots of “advertising” – lots of issues – lots of discomfort – and a few more “lots of things”… we’ll close with just one of ‘em – LOTS OF DEBT

We like to offer an open view.  Speak your mind – share your view – as we are about to do.    Pls fill in the many government “employees” names who you vote for and/or pay who speak about… no, not the normal letter sized title items offered above but the capitalized three words… LOTS OF DEBT.   Pls write their names:

______________________     ________________________   ____________________

We gave you three blanks above for a simple reason – when it comes to DC each of us gets to vote every two or six years for a nincomPOOP – oops we mean one rep or two sens.    Why would anyone with a brain and let’s just say 5 or 10 years of real adult working experience vote for a nincomPOOP?   One who simply doesn’t do what this fella was taught long ago by good people?  His Mom, dad, brother, family, neighbors, even teachers and attorneys back then – they worked!  They volunteered.   They did not complain.  Well, not too often.  They repaid every penny they borrowed!

Lets close with one more question and a few facts – didn’t our founders and fighters (some gave all) teach us a simple lesson by factual performance of what is needed to be free?    Not endless smelly DEBT POOP droppin’s we know are not repayable?  Did anyone teach you that the required 24/7 need of liberty and freedom is… sit tight folks…


The 435/100/9/++++others are stealin’ freedom.   POOPs + unrepayable DEBT get the theft job done!   Read a history book - no not one from today's media POOPs - from a founder/fighter!!

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