"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Friday, June 30, 2017

Holy Smokes

What is fake news?  We simply do not know.  Why do we not know?  Well best for someone else to answer but here is our answer – we have stopped watching darn near all of the fake news dopes and we have darn near stopped reading all of them and we are not even spending much time on the internet dancing around them and no, it didn’t just start with their ridiculousness around the 2016 election or their ridiculousness around the Obama dope (does anyone have even a small amount of knowledge about the mess he and his boys (and some girls) created in Cook County, Chicago or Illinois?)

Now the Donald says that CNN is fake news.  Okay, so what?  Doesn’t make them much different than the networks or the other crap providers does it?  They all wanted the Hill to win – they all approached 11/8/2016 on the basis the Hill was going to win – and to this day we suggest you watch a few of these nincompoops not say what is obvious to anyone watching them – we were stupid – we are stupid – and we will remain stupid.  We would list the short films of their late election night stupidity but they are using bad language instead of simply saying – over and over again – WE ARE STUPID!

Why watch stupid dopes?  Well now that is an interesting question – many of us do and they are “Hollywood” dopes and they are dopes aplenty and well paid dopes aplenty and believe it or not – guess who pays them?

Hey, come to think of it – it’s the same who pay the fake news dopes.  And guess what?  Who else do you think is paid by this group who pay the fake news dopes and the “Hollywood” dopes?   Yep, government dopes by the thousands – heck by the tens of thousands – by the hundreds of thousands – and no we don’t pay them millions – nope we pay them billions.   And they treat us as if we are stupid.

Wow, we are beginning to get it.  Holy smokes.  Golly gee.   We are stupid.   Now we get why they treat us as if we are stupid.  It is one, maybe the only, situation where they are right.

Holy smokes – they’re not the stupid dopes – we are.  How much are we paying these nincompoops?   How much extra do we pay when we buy something that advertises and supports these nincompoops?  Anyone know?  Hello……….hello………...hello……….

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This man is worth reading

His name – Jason L. Riley

Please go to the following to get some of his work and writings:

Hang in there Mr. Riley.  You have your hands full dealing with the nonsense of others in our land.  Pls keep writing about them but mostly keep writing about the good ones who persevere now.  They deserve it and Mr. Riley – they need it.   Today's dopey press ignores them.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Learning a bit about the new President

Anyone have time to waste?  Lots of time to waste?  Well if so have we got a cheap (?), easy and readily available route for you to take – turn on your TV and look for anything on CNN or Fox or MSNBC or whatever other dopey channels and stations are offering so-called news or analysis or whatever they call the folks who talk with each other endlessly about things of no import to anyone with a family or a job or a profession or even a few easier and less stressful things to do like golf and gatherings and maybe even a lunch or dinner or just some good old fashioned get together will folks you/we know who spend their lives doing something worthwhile.

Like a real job – not a yapping time wasting trying to make something out of nothing while piddling away time.

One of the things we like about this new guy – the new President – he doesn’t give these dopes aplenty a moment – heck maybe not even a second – of time.  We have now reached a similar situation – we don’t turn ‘em on – we don’t watch ‘em – we don’t buy the crap that pays them if we did watch them – because why would we – why would anyone who worked for a living waste their time and money on crap that supports these dopes a plenty.

And one more thing we are learning – why would anyone worth even a nickel spend one second of their time yapping with these many, many nincompoops?  Why?

It tells us one thing – our politicians or whatever one chooses to call them – are overpaid, underworked, over benefited and simply stupid.  No, wait a minute; we don’t think that is an accurate much less correct simple statement.  Whoever pays them is...

The new guy – he sure ain’t stupid.

Who is paying these nincompoops?  It ain’t the new guy.

Know anyone who might be doing it?