"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Monday, September 30, 2019

A simple overview of what is going on in America now

Folks, #45 simply is not part of the American government/political/now massive piles of “you know what.”  The ones who want him gone – out – bye bye – are the current version of what our founders flushed a while ago.  Smelly then – smelly now.   The problem of today’s “you know what” of ours – they don’t want change – won’t accept change – will quite simply use everything possible to flush #45.  (Aside – he’s a ny’er – makes it easier.)

So “what’s gonna happen”?  History is filled with “what’s gonna happens (wgh).”  This old guy has lived thru/with some slightly or varied version of “wgh” – but he is fairly sure the stink of today ain’t quite at its peak.   Maybe read about our revolution a while ago?

But that ain’t why we write this.   We write it for a simple reason.  Yes, we refer to lasting simple reasons as “fundamentals” and we exist (write this stuff) for one of ‘em – only borrow money (DEBT) for good reason and pay it back or bye bye.  NO decent homo sapien sticks his kids with DEBT – get it?

The simple solution to the fatsos (435/100/9+++000,000’s more everywhere) be they the ny’er or the 435/100/9+++++++fatsos is as follows – stop adding to DEBT – start paying DEBT down.   Got a lotta $$$$$$, pay down $$$$$.   Some $$$ - pay down $$.   Little or no $ - pay down $0.99 to $0.01.  Complicated?  We say it’s pretty basic – fundamental.

Our only question to you da’ voter is when the heck are you gonna demand it from any fatso seeking much less trying to buy your vote – huh?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Living history – wonderful trip to the can

Folks you may not wish to read the following for several reasons…
…nevertheless, we offer it…try to keep it simple…hopefully understandable.

We name DEBT as our #1 problem.  Yes we know – a little debt – no big deal.   Rising – big time fatso building unrepayable amounts of DEBT – the road to self destruction.

Does anyone talk about debt as we mention DEBT?  Maybe but not often on TV – not writing much but we notice a bit more now than usual – and places it sure ain't comin’ up – 3 smelly places…

·         Judges and courts and black robe wearing nincomPOOPsaplenty
o   Well unless you’re like me – a regular low level monkey – and if you owe and can’t pay…the fat judges keep tellin’ us – we da’ people to pay back what we owe.  Do they tell the government smellyones to do the same?
·         The overpaid/nonproductive 435/100 smellyones that exist for two reasons:
o   Our founders forget to not pay ‘em and give ‘em a very short stay
o   Some of us – about half of us now – want somethin’ for nuttin’ and vote for ‘em
·         The top #1 – usually a boy and we got a smellyone there now
o   Wonder why he got #45?  Well just listen/watch/whatever to the smellyones who want his job – low iq dumb guys and gals needin’ a good ______ ______

Name any of the smellyones – da’ 435/100/9 + da’ topstinko tellin’ us, we da’ people – do without for a while – got some dough – pay some more to governments (we got more governments that anybody? – anywhere? – any way? …anyone care?) and we (tee hee hee) will pay down DEBT

Name ‘em now!

We’ll give it a try – here’s our list:                         
Folks all the crap goin’ on now – flush da’ dopey don – vote for da’ dopey democrats – (btw, before you do that, do this – move to ny or ca or dc or il).  Meanwhile, the smellyones we list/mention above – stink to high heaven – but sure get paid a lot – all the while they make/build/fix/invent/heal/grow/harvest/teach/and so on……
Here – read this – may help you decide (tee hee hee) who to vote for or what to do – nah!   https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/17/investing/united-states-debt-risks/index.html  $70 TRILLION 

Our brief closin’ wisdom – enjoy it…while you can.   Get your piece of it…if you can.  We’re headin’ for the can.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The baffling BUTT building DEBT nonsense of America’s nincomPOOPs

Anyone watching the BUTTDEBTPOOPs (numerically defined as 435/100/9/1 + 000,000’s more here, there and everywhere in government – many elsewhere) or listening/watching/reading them or whatever other ways now exist to live in this costly outhouse – here it is today direct from:  https://treasurydirect.gov/NP/debt/current

  Debt Held by the Public
  Intragovernmental Holdings
 Total Public Debt Outstanding

Did you hear or watch – read, see or listen to any of the POOPfatsos seeking (when we were a kid it was called “BUYING”) your vote mention or display the above?   Have you got a kid?  If so here is that little ones piece of the number above called – Total Public Debt Outstanding (it’s NOT TOTAL PUBLIC DEBT) – not even close butt lets divide it up anyways*:

If the national debt were divided among every person in the U.S., each of us would owe more than $67,000. Source:  https://www.heritage.org/debt/commentary/our-national-debt-just-hit-22-trillion-will-congress-finally-take-it-seriously

Our question to you - Have you told your kid?   Let us know what she/he said.   How many kids they gonna have?  We were watchin’ the ten fatsos last night waitin’ for one of ‘em to say – enjoy a lifetime of smelly piles of BUTTDEBTPOOP.  Vote for ME!!

Back to our title words above – carefully chosen, of course.  Ain’t it just wonderful how much the POOPfatsos who buy your vote with DEBT bring up the DEBT topic and also explain what this guys Mom and Dad used to explain regularly – hey boy, you borrow any money – YOU BETTER PAY BACK EVERY PENNY OF IT boy – on time!!

·         Anyways – the one word that best describes America’s media/government/fatso POOPs today

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