"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Friday, September 7, 2018

Q and A – politicians (q) and one judge (a) – anything missing?

Well this old guy must be honest – he is one of perhaps many who spent a bit too much time perhaps over the last several days getting way too much input resulting in the lengthy title above.  And it’s closing two word question – anything missing?   Here the old guy goes again offering his two cents worth:

·         One group apparently gathered together with one seemingly ongoing repetitive line of motivation – do everything we can to make sure we are running the show and picking the judge candidate and end result next time
·         This group is anchored in mostly brief questions and issues and situations and circumstances that apparently appeal to big fat chunks of their electorate every two or four or six years
·         Best thing they apparently can do is saying/repeating not a word about possible approaching financial bankruptcy or something akin to that chosen world of someone else’s problem offered free of charge to those who somehow or another want/desire/seek/live in/for something free of charge
·         In other words – buy votes
·         We – this old guy – still seeks someone – some teacher or some educator – some historian – some wise older human being – someone somewhere in our wonderful land and country that so many have given all for – to flush the costly ongoing do something for me logic and motivation of this group
·         So, is this why this old guy writes these few words asking the above question…
·         …”anything missing?”
·         NO, it’s not.
·         What is missing from this lengthy repetitive form of mostly old men (yeah, we know, the gals are movin’ on in to the group) doing this and that over and over again?
·         Do you know?
·         Well we do and we offer it HOPEFULLY free of charge.  We did not hear even one of the other group – the group barely hangin’ on to leadin’ us – we the people – in this “freedom” or whatever nonsense of theirs – did not once hear one of ‘em asking the hopeful judge about our responsibility to not only repay the money we borrow but in so doing not – we repeat – NOT stick our kids with…
Simple question Mr. Wannabe Judge – is it okay for these ______to stick kids with DEBT?  Is that what you do with your kids?