"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The decline of America

If you are interested do a search seeking the words of those who spoke about the road to America’s decline – fairly simple and consistent – only we can do it to ourselves.

Right now we have two declining political party’s – one had two candidates for the top job – the other had a bunch.  America rejected all of them except for one guy with no political past – a little less than half chose this man – but they showed up in over half the states and the folks who set us up some time ago made it possible for a large minority to prevail in such a situation.

The party with the most votes has been in decline – both local, state and federal election decline for some time.  It has one rising accomplishment – more DEBT(a) at all levels where it gets to create DEBT – which brings us to the second key important element of our decline – the press – the media – the so-called information providers support this declining party and yet – zip – nada – nothing – nary a word about DEBT.

The other party is simply lost – wandering – frankly we don’t really have much of a concept other than it appears a lot of ‘em simply think they had better do some portion of the crap of the other group – a bit less – and that way appear to be a tad better…..

Enough – here is our closing thought – we have one darn good group of folks who in the past have given all for this wonderful land of ours.   We think that some of them – maybe up higher – are seeing and not believing what is going on – and we can only hope – are thinking at least about the possibility that sometime, somewhere, something basic – fundamental – will need to be done.  The 435/100/9/1 nincompoops are not up to it today – could that change – we’ll see.

(a) we must make a simple statement about DEBT – it goes back to our very beginning – we grew up with people and in a community and still maintain the fundamentals of these good people to this very moment and one key fundamental is – you owe money – you repay it.   No responsible person does not repay their debt.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Worth watching – Admiral Mullen

Obviously we are supporters of this man.  His few words spoken above when the issue/problem – rising and not even discussed debt – was quite a bit less – is our top fundamental.  It is to this moment our number one problem/issue for this once wonderful land/country of ours.   This man lead those many – many who fight and fought for us – and those who gave everything for us – he is well worth listening to – we are most grateful to him.