"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Thursday, December 28, 2017

America’s Media Nincompoops – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We found one (apparently not in the 90+% of media nincompoops) who displays some hope going forward and we offer links to his recent offering followed by a few “observations” of our own.  Ready?

Please go to: 

Now before you start to whine about this and that as we finish 11+ months of this guy who is not exactly everyone’s “cup of tea” we – thefundamentals – would like to simply point out the one thing that we know is missing and we are afraid that this new guy knows it needs to be done and still has it somewhere on his list and we – thefundamentals – simply wish to encourage him – before November 8, 2018 for the simple reason mentioned below in our closing paragraph to take the first step of paying down some of our national debt (see the number above/below) because it is the right - the correct - the badly needed action regardless of the media nincompoops – the democrat nincompoops and that fat load of republican nincompoops so that – we the people – can hear what those running for office on that day – all 435 nincompoops in the house – 33 nincompoops in the senate – we have no clue what to do with the nine nincompoops in the “ANYTHING BUT SUPREME” court “PILE OF YOU KNOW WHAT” – have to say about doing something we owe our kids/our grandkids/yep, the ones not even yet conceived!!!!

So what’s missing – well write and tell us how often you hear the Washington DC 435/100/9 sh**heads and their press nincompoops mention this amount that we owe and how much of it they intend to repay during their term when it comes due (gosh just like any good American does) –
$20,000,000,000,000.00 plus change
REAL REPAYMENT!   Sure would make our 2018 a GOOD and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  How about you?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Broken Mary - A Journey of Hope

Face to Faith – worth reading/watching…

"…you’re that guy in the morning…"

This "guy in the morning" is speaking about the Man whose birthday is almost here and about His Mom.  God bless them.  Merry Christmas. 

This man is well worth reading

He (Mr. Riley) is basic – he is fundamental – he writes darn well – and he comes across to this guy as a regular guy with a basic, fundamental awareness of just what this wonderful country of ours is based on.

This should be our last “political” or “governmental” offering this good year – 2017.  Not our last offering – we’ve got a couple “Christmas” offerings coming your way soon.

Merry Christmas – may God bless you and your family.

Monday, December 18, 2017

What to do with the 90+% dopey pressaplenty

We see that some folks are okay with press nonsense.  Well this one guy ain’t.  So he doesn’t watch the 90+% (okay more and more we believe this “estimate” is way too modest) dopey nincompoops much at all.  What meaneth that – to this one guy?

Well it’s fairly obvious – before I was a bit aware of what if I spent my $$$ buying TV and other forms of advertised things that paid these dopes then I was financing them.  And now I simply don’t know which raises this simple question in this simple guys brain – why doesn’t the label say – xx% or y$$ of this purchase are spent advertising this product?   Huh?  Heck the government pretty well requires all sorts of crap about this and that but not how much of our purchases goes to pay these well paid crapheadsaplenty and others.  What happened to the “info” fundamental????  I shouldn’t have to watch them to know what I might choose to buy or not to buy, huh?

Worth reading

My Husband Died, But I'm No Widow


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mr. John Kass - worth reading - as usual

This guy had just written a piece that he had just put up on this website and was editing it.  And then, due to circumstances and timing and his wandering inclinations he gets his newspaper delivered electronically and folks he looks at the second page as is his recurring characteristic and now he simply wants to add this link here –

Of all the media and all the nincompoops and all the money and whatever else comes to mind this guy can only offer one alternative – please read John Kass and please read his comments published today and folks all this guy can add is this simple fact:  90+% of our media today is what most of us get rid of every morning and flush away.  Not Mr. Kass.  He is America – what most of us live for and support and will do most anything to make sure our kids and our grandkids get the same life opportunities others gave us.  He is a lone press man with knowledge and skill and simple basic life values that are lost among the 435/100/9 and all their local and state variations – and it is simply up to us – just as it was several hundred years ago – to get back to basics – to fundamentals.