"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The growth of uncertainties… our “leaders” ignore history… what’s next?

Does anyone else wonder… is this simply history once again repeatin’ itself?   I sure do… butt here’s a simple observation… I simply can’t figure out… how’s it gonna work out this time… ?

We the people of America have media that not only has no clue as to what’s gonna happen next… they simply ignore their lack of wisdom/knowledge/awareness/history!   How do we know… we googled it… here… we ain’t kiddin’ –

     We googled… issues american media ignores…  and here’s the 1st several links with their published date…

o   https://hbr.org/2017/01/the-u-s-medias-problems-are-much-bigger-than-fake-news-and-filter-bubbles   January 5, 2017

o   https://www.boulderweekly.com/news/censored-ten-big-stories-the-news-media-ignored/  November 12, 2015

o   https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/oct/05/american-media-ignores-poverty-issues  October 5, 2013

o   https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/media-distrust-big-news-1.5965622   March 28, 2021… several words borrowed below…

§  A global pandemic, historic anti-racism protests and a turbulent U.S. presidential election had Americans glued to their screens in 2020 like never before.

§  But as people consumed more news, they also began to trust the media less, surveys showed. According to a recent Gallup survey, the percentage of Americans with no trust in the mass media hit a record high in 2020: only nine per cent of respondents said they trust the mass media "a great deal" and a full 60 per cent said they have little to "no trust at all" in it.

www.thefundamentals.us is offered for several reasons… mostly a simple reason – I love freedom… it simply does not exist based on any rights including voting rights.   Freedom simply requires responsibility… RESPONSIBILITY… 24/7… or it goes bye bye… just as it has in America today.  RESPONSIBILITY is miA… missin’ in America today.   Why?   Media +++ overpaid unneeded politicians bureaucrats and other forms of smellyones… aka nincomPOOPs… attorneys… others… are runnin’ it… bankruptin’ it… lovin’ DEBT!!!

Let’s wrap up… we googled… the cost of most everything… and we got:  https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/305356/the-price-of-everything-by-eduardo-porter/ Book was published about 10 years ago… check out some of the prices mentioned in it… compared with todays…

We ask you… “… how’s it gonna work out this time… ?”   


Thursday, January 13, 2022

What does history teach us recurs when news and information…

… and other nonfacts about the behaviors of politicians or bureaucrats or king/queens/dictators or religious know it all’s simply become repeated endless versions of nonsense… NOnSENSE (i.e., no facts) and many of us… we da’ people start votin’/supportin’/payin’ the above smellyones instead of adding them to our morning toilet flushing to get rid of the smelly stuff and then get back to real life… real jobs… real accomplishments?

You know the stuff that many of us simply do daily as we fulfill the needs taught us by our Moms… dads… sisters/brothers, aunts/uncles, cousins and others who live for freedom knowing its one simple daily need we must meet is….

… responsibility!

We the good people of America are in a rather interesting new 24/7 version of NOnSENSE… aka as Bu**Sh** and it flows from our constant 24/7 sources…tv sets, computers, internet connections and even the fatso politicians and bureaucrats… attorneys, judges and other forms of governmental agencies loaded with do little butt get paid a lot nincomPOOPs… kinda similar to the very same do-little smelly folks our founders/fighters simply told to leave and when they didn’t… well read a history book… I simply call it… POOP flushin’!!

Some encourage we the people to keep payin’ POOPsters plenty… do you?  Holy moly folks I sure ain’t gonna vote for more of history’s POOP payers… are you?

Thursday, January 6, 2022

A simple but unanswered question…

Please read the following:  https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/588451-jimmy-carter-says-he-fears-for-democracy-our-great-nation-now

Instead of highlighting a few of its reasonable statements about the need for “coming together before it’s too late…” we again pose this question that we readily acknowledge is our – thefundamentals – principal reason for existence:

… is it okay (historically and common sensibly) for a democracy based on freedoms and responsibility to simply print and hand out trillions of dollars with significant declining  purchase capability so that… “our leaders and candidates uphold the ideals of freedom and adhere to high standards of conduct?"   Yes, we added the question mark!

That folks is our simple but repeatedly unasked/unanswered question??  My answer is pretty basic… i.e., fundamental… read a factual history book and get the answer… ASAP!!   Jimmy doesn’t raise it… and neither do others.   Why don’t they…?

Saturday, January 1, 2022

2022 – let’s have some fun

What’s really miA… missin’ in America… today?  The easy…basic… qwik… answer is… history and us Homo sapiens endless repetition of past misbehaviors.

We claim wisdom, knowledge, awareness and other fundamentals all the while we also keep repeating history’s ups and downs bringing me to this moment of fundamental (free) miA wisdom…

Read the following pls: 

·         https://mom.com/momlife/17976-12-oldest-animal-species-earth

·         https://www.oldest.org/animals/species/

Earth is about… 4.54 billion years old, plus or minus about 50 million years.   Source:  https://www.nationalgeographic.org/topics/resource-library-age-earth/?q=&page=1&per_page=25

How much longer will earth be around… ?  Pls read the following… fair amount of “’detail” offered… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_of_Earth

Now as to… us Homo sapiens… sit tight folks, don’t let the bedbugs bite… pls go to:  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/humans-are-doomed-to-go-extinct/ or just read these few borrowed words…

“Mammal species tend to come and go rather rapidly, appearing, flourishing and disappearing in a million years or so. The fossil record indicates that Homo sapiens has been around for 315,000 years or so, but for most of that time, the species was rare—so rare, in fact, that it came close to extinction, perhaps more than once. Thus were sown the seeds of humanity’s doom: the current population has grown, very rapidly, from something much smaller. The result is that, as a species, H. sapiens is extraordinarily samey. There is more genetic variation in a few troupes of wild chimpanzees than in the entire human population. Lack of genetic variation is never good for species survival.”

We close… materialism appears to be Homo sapiens past and accelerating short lived/loved… anything comes and goes.  History loves repeating itself.