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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving Day… a few home runs

Pls read:

·         https://www.wsj.com/articles/home-america-thanksgiving-reagan-family-immigration-irish-catholic-church-new-york-brooklyn-meaning-11669247542?mod=opinion_lead_pos8

·         Available soon at: https://peggynoonan.com/

o   She mentions a ‘Team Normie” in the 11/17/2022 offering… let’s hope we… us “nearly normal normies” wake up ASAP

·         Her 10/21/2022 offering about Russia and its repetitiveness of failed Homo sapiens Neanderthalic NOnSENSE… continues

·         A comment on this good American Day… JFK gave all for America on 11/22/1963 – his older brother Joseph (1915 – 1944) gave all for America – as did his younger brother Robert (1925 – 1968)

·         America + materialism ain’t even a single… it’s a smelly foul ball

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