"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How much trouble are we in?

Here is the official definition of “trouble” – “difficulty or problem”

Synonyms – problems, difficulty, bother, inconvenience, worry, concern, anxiety, distress, strife, agitation, harassment, hassle, unpleasantness

Anything missing perhaps?

 Well we think an obvious anything is missing – unrepayable debt.

Now when we say – “are we in” as above we mean – the United States of America.

Our quickest – easiest – fastest – least difficult – manner or approach to offer our thinking and reasoning for now concluding the US of A is in trouble is to combine two simple fundamentals –
1.    The one above – unrepayable debt – a no-no – and
2.    These several words spoken by our 35th president within minutes of his taking the office of president –
“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

Still with us?   If so, ask yourself this – is there a connection between our source of trouble – now we know it is the result of several real problems but we don’t see much point in spending anymore time addressing the real problems for several reasons including:
·         It is politically incorrect these days to so address any real problem, and
·         Therefore it is a waste of time to so engage, and
·         The simple knowledge that we have tells us no one – nary a soul – with even a modicum of wisdom and human standards intends or will even consider passing along debt to their children born and to their children not yet conceived.

Get it?

As human beings we can do one of two things – be responsible to those we care about and add to the human being gathering – or not be responsible and  folks it is now fairly obvious to all but those who live off the latter that America is simply self destructing.

The democrat party as well as a good chunk of the dopey republicans has simply abandoned the rather obvious brief words snitched and used by JFK in his rather brief commentary upon getting the top political job here.  Did JFK mean the words?  Well all we know is this when we ponder that question – he gave his life for the USA – as did his older brother before him – and a younger brother after him and he said the few words above and we cannot find even one person in darn near all our political jobs and government jobs (excluding our military of course) and reporters who has an ounce of their simple commitment to America by following the principle of the few words.

In trouble?  It’s just debt, huh?  Don't mention it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Worth reading

Just a couple this wonderful morning –

And –

The above/latter link – just for those who wonder – why is our media so lost.  Well folks it simply is just doing what it loves to do.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

90+% of our press are……..dopes

Now let us explain, s’il vous plait.

First what meaneth the dots in the title above?  Simple answer – we don’t print most of the words – well none of ‘em – that preceded the descriptive definition – dopes.

How did we calculate the 90%?  Simpler answer – we have been around for a while – quite a while.  Actually we do use the descriptive + plus sign because it has always been very obvious that it is more than 90% but we were not certain of using 95+% and obviously knew that 100% would be at least modestly difficult to defend.  Alas – it can’t be defended and here are two good reasons why:

1. First a guy by the name of John Kass.  We’ve read him for a long, long time.  He is a Chicago guy –well he is on the second page of the Chicago Tribune and this is what we usually – no, not always, but darn near – like and admire about this one man – he is getting better and better by the day – by that we simply mean in our opinion – this one dopey guy writing these few words – he sees the situation and he knows darn well it is not good and yet he still has to balance that with good writing or else – well you figure out what else, huh?  An example – well read his article published today and afterwards ask yourself this simple question – the dopes in the 90+% of today’s American media and the one pile of ____ party cannot bring themselves to apply one standard to all – and that is just one of the reasons so many are not worth watching/reading/listening to.

2.  Now the next guy – a guy named Jason L. Riley.   Holy smokes folks we have just found him recently (last year or so) – not over the years as mentioned about the guy above.  Not only is he a darn good writer and observer and simply aware of what the heck is actually going on - he has the ability and the skill and simply the guts to put it together and write it/reveal it and not give a tinkle of nonsense to diminish it.  Why do we mention this characteristic?  Well name a Republican who acts in a similar fashion, huh?   Mr. Riley is located at the Wall Street Journal. 

Closing comments s’il vous plait.

Now we are pretty darn sure you may need to subscribe to one or both outfits to promptly get their commentaries – observations – wonderful writings.  But we also think you may be able to get their writings by moving around and checking up on them.  Pls don’t hold us to that.

Up to you – we do find them way above – really those words are woefully inadequate to describe their observations and simple presentations compared with 90+% of the dopes in America’s media today and yes we mean 90+% of the TV dopes (heck, we are probably being rather generous  in limiting that observation to just 90+% of them dopes, huh?)

Our modest closing suggestion – turn off the TV – read these guys – find others – heck if you’ve got a good one let us know, huh?   But also know this – we will check ‘em out and maybe agree – maybe not, huh?