"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

America’s political joke

We are wrapping up two weeks of American political presentations. 

Both run by outfits that simply get to say/present/communicate in many different ways their view of themselves and their top people and their always important and notable accomplishments and other such things (blah-blah- blah.)

These outfits focus on what they want to promote.  These outfits do not focus on what they have done or not done or simply done poorly.  No such things happen when the outfits get to run the show and produce the information provided.

Here are a few simple examples:

·         America’s debt.  We actually don’t really know what is America’s total debt?  We have no clue.  We do know that the federal government debt number accumulated and reported has risen phenomenally over the last 20 years or so.  When one thinks about it; one simply knows that our federal government is lost and is simply unconcerned about America’s future.

·         Our federal government says they owe somewhere around TWENTY TRILLON DOLLARS.  They also tell us that after 200 years of government including TWO WORLD WARS and MAJOR DEPRESSIONS/RECESSIONS as well as BUILDING A HIGHWAY SYSTEM and generally CREATING A STRONG DEMOCRACY and, of course, A FEW OTHER THINGS – the year 1976 (200 years after the USA was created) this debt amount owed was about $620 billion and back then we had a population of about 218 million folks (and kids) so each person was on the hook for about $2,844.00.

·         What is that number if you divide the current TWENTY TRILLION by the 320 million current population?  It’s about $62,500.00 per woman, man and child.

·         Yep, for 200 years America was run by people (we think they were human beings) who faced a lot of big time, major situations on top of simply running and building the top country in the world and the total debt that each American was on the hook for was pretty darn minimal.

·         Yet, somehow, in the next 40 years (actually most of it came in the last 16 years or so) that $2,800.00 per American did not just double or triple – nope, it increased by about 2,200 percent.

·         The clown president who started it spent an hour or so last night telling us what a great person his wonderful wife is.  She has been active in politics and other forms of US governmental activities during the last 20 years or so of this period and she thinks she should get the top job.


Oh, by the way, the yapper from last night, of course, never mentioned any of this nor did he mention that he and wifey-poo have accumulated a ton of money in their bank account(s) with never creating jobs or selling one product or service.   Neither seems to grasp the necessity, much less value, of this activity.

Yet they and their close associates keep telling us every minute of every hour of every day how her opponent (the other guy) has done such a nasty, terrible job in his various business activities.  We simply don’t know what basis they have to criticize someone for doing something they never even tried.

There is something very badly wrong with this scene much less those who have signed on to it; support it; want it to continue.