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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Our English friends (well little more than half of them) teach us a lesson

So, about 52% of 70+% of England’s eligible voters turned out and simply said, “Enough.”  “We have had enough of this nonsense.”

So what did they mean by nonsense we ask?

Well, not necessarily in order, this is what we think/have read/and sometimes even believe:
·         They are not particularly impressed; well that doesn’t quite capture it; we’ll try again.  They find government bureaucracies do be crap holes occupied by crap heads with one common similarity – unneeded and way, way overpaid
·         They also would prefer a community that has some similarities to them; well maybe that doesn’t quite capture it either.  Let’s try this:  they are sick and tired of nonsensical outsiders who adhere to nonsensical ways.  Very different from themselves
·         So, does anyone see a basic similarity in the above two items?  We think we do – the commonality is this – people need to work for a living; raise their children with some common interests and, very important, they need to be able to save some money and take care of their personal and public interests above the priority of government employees and politicians who simply are not needed
·         So let’s add one more item to this list – it is time to end government employees (most all the different types and hypes) and their nonsense that takes a lot of money from various groups and gives it to themselves and others in whom/with whom/and by whom they can buy votes on various election days
·         Simply stated, most every “democracy” and public form of government – of, by and for the people, today is simply not.  They are run by hundreds of thousands (in America’s case, millions of overpaid, unneeded government employees) who simply need to be terminated/fired/gotten rid of
·         Here, BTW, is a one sentence remark coming from the 6/24/2016 WSJ article written by Quentin Letts (a Brit mind you):
The referendum result is a tremendous kick in the knackers for Britain’s centrist ruling elite. Many of those supporting continued membership in the EU were politicians, academics, lawyers, big-business leaders, church leaders and well-paid journalists.
·         So, we ask you – “…politicians, academics, lawyers, big-business leaders, church leaders and well-paid journalists.” – should/are they running America also?
·         Can we (Americans that is) get rid of these idiots?  Who knows; it sure will not be easy.  The damage being done will most likely continue.  But, for a moment; this brief passing moment; about 52% of England’s voters simply told them – bye, bye.  We had it.  You stink and we want you gone…

Wait until you see/hear/watch/observe these clowns and their many supporters as they build their reaction (again, please see Mr. Letts list of the idiots above) and seek to kill this effort on the part of a slight majority of voters to end the misery and wastefulness.