"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Megalomania - All in the Family

"I know she will make whatever the right choice is for her in the future, that will ultimately be the right choice for our family and for our world.“ - Chelsea Clinton
Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence.  "The megalomaniacal thinking of the father, and the mother, is deeply embedded in the daughter." - TheFundamentals

If one were to ask most moms and grandmas, would you entrust your daughters and granddaughters to the care and oversight of the intern program at the executive offices of the Clinton foundations and campaigns when Bill is around, what do you think the response would be?

If one were to ask most men, after a tough day at the factory, office, job site or teaching in academia, how you would like to come home to the gal pictured above, what do you think the response would be?  (Yes, one out of four might show interest.)

We understand why people get carried away with their estimation of their own worth and purpose.  We just don't understand why others buy into it.  But then again, "What difference does it make?"

Monday, July 29, 2013

Help Wanted - U S Government Job Posting Board

 Date and timing:  Job opening anticipated in early 2014

Job Title:  Money Printer and Distributor – Obfuscator

Principal Job Task:  Bubble blowing disguised as serious economic management

Job Description/Requirements: 

1.     Principal function – oversee the printing and distribution of massive amounts of United States currency – dollars, in all denominations, without any accountability

2.    Principal function #2 – get Hillary elected president in 2016

3.    Secondary functions:

a.    Fight inflation
b.    Fight unemployment
c.    Fight naysayers
d.    Confuse congressional inquirers
e.    Appear at fancy meetings and conferences
f.     Present an authoritative  image via use of multi syllabic words and lengthy sentence construction

4.    Experience required – nothing practical – high academic standing most helpful

5.    Education – ideal candidates will have highest possible achievements in liberal arts curriculum (e.g. art history, English, economics, European history, etc.)  Advanced degree(s) in any of these fields of study are helpful but honorary degrees will be carefully considered (preference will be given to honorary degrees from eastern colleges and universities)

6.    Communication skills:  this position requires a very unique set of skills in both written and verbal communication capability.  First, the candidates must provide demonstrable evidence of knowledge of economics and finance without any reference to facts or historical occurrences.  The candidate must be able to speak at great length and not say anything that could possibly be interpreted as a commitment or a defined program of future activity.  This need is paramount and is why special attention will be given to candidates with backgrounds in academia (bureaucrats).  Special note:  if your background includes a combination of academia (bureaucrat) and government work (bureaucrat) – big plus

7.    Inclination to raise interest rates:  nil or next to nil

8.    Inclination to impose discipline upon any existing form or branch of government:  nil or next to nil

9.    Inclination to impose discipline upon any existing form of bank or financial institution:  nil or next to nil

10. Inclination to use the word “discipline”:  absolutely nil

11. Inclination to break up large banking entities:  don’t even mention it

12. Application process:  please submit two essays, on the following topics:

a.    Why I want to be Fed Chairman (please limit yourself to 500 words with an average syllable count of three per word.)

b.    What I envision for QE’s 4 – 12:  include in this essay the following specifics – monthly dollar amount of US security purchases and approximate timing of the QE program (please remember your term will be four years with no guarantee of renewal so your expansion programs must be timed for completion within that term.)  This essay can run up to 600 words and the average syllable count per word needs to be four – extra credit will be given for vagueness and avoidance of any possible negative consequence or outcome

13. Other qualification:  Please include documentation supporting your donations to democrat party candidates (BTW – if you ever given to a republican, don’t bother to apply)

14. Special qualification:  can you make president Obama appear to be a leader?  A great leader?  Can you make sure he gets credit for anything good that might occur in the next three years?  And make sure he doesn’t get blamed for the likely bad things that are going to occur?  Can you?

15. Extra credit essay:  extra credit will be given for a brief essay (no more than 100 words, explaining in simple terms why the republicans are responsible for everything bad and democrats are responsible for everything good.  Average syllable per word – one.  Remember: KISS – this is going out to our electoral base and our fawning media giants, so “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  This essay will not be returned and all rights to its future use (count on it being used several times in the near future) will accrue to the federal government, current administration only
Compensation:  spectacular and includes salary, benefits, pension and perquisites beyond normal human comprehension (in some cases you will actually think you are a middle eastern potentate.)  We’re talking security details, limousines, private jets, personal chef, valet and concierge.  Not bad for a degree in economics or art history and no real job experience, huh?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don’t Go Messin’ with the Lone Ranger

Hollywood has dropped a bomb – in the new movie just out:  The Lone Ranger.  This essay is a simple thank you to all who haven’t gone and will not go to see this horrible remake/disassembly of one of America’s great heroes.

Before we continue, we would like to cite as our authority in this movie critic realm the lyrics from Jim Croce’s great song – You Don’t Mess Around With Jim  ---

“You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Jim”

You also don’t make a movie about the Lone Ranger and put a mopey Hollywood weenie in the roll of Tonto and have him making bad jokes at the Lone Ranger’s expense.  Not unless you’ve got a lot of money to waste  (tee-hee-hee.)

If they lose $100 million on the movie – great.  $200 million would even be better.

TheFundamentals admires the Lone Ranger and we have brought you past columns about this great American hero (see:  http://thefundamentalsus.blogspot.com/2011/10/basic-values-lone-ranger.html )

Why is the Lone Ranger a hero?

·         Integrity
·         Compassion
·         Honesty
·         Law abiding
·         Fair
·         Humble (this character trait alone explains why Hollywood was out of their league)
·         Non violent – the worse you ever saw from both LR and Tonto was a good punch to the jaw or a bullet to the gun hand
·         Respect for women
·         Concern about children

Who in the world would even consider messin’ with the Lone Ranger?   Only fools and America has a monopoly on them in a small outpost in southern California named Hollywood.  Reread the list above and ask yourself, “Which of these characteristics reminds me of Hollywood?”  Think about it, the Lone Ranger is everything that Hollywood is not.

Here is how top cartoonist Henry Payne sees it:

And just the other day:


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit, R.I.P (July 24, 1701 – July 18, 2013)

It is not a metaphor that America’s Arsenal of Democracy is bankrupt.  A very different Detroit turned its manufacturing supremacy into a 24/7 war machine production monster in the 1940’s and earned a reputation unparalleled in our nation’s history.  Today, under the promiscuous administration of a man dedicated to a fleeting ideology of “distribution” and “share the wealth” which requires no discipline – no sharing of responsibility – the city lay in ruins – symbolically devastated just as its war machine 70 years ago devastated our enemies in a time of great discipline and sacrifice.  Quite the story – but, alas, one that neither Obama nor Bernanke, NBS/Comcast nor PBS will tell.  Not a one of them will ever repeat this fundamental:
Deficits = Debt = Destruction
There are two familiar routes available to a bankrupt entity – be it a person, a company or a municipal organization.
#1 – Cash in (liquidate), distribute the assets and shut down, or
#2 – Restructure and take another swipe at survival.
Here is a brief list (gallows humor intended) of those who lay claim to Detroit’s few remaining assets – the ones seeking distribution in the liquidation alternative above.  It could be that only in Federal Bankruptcy Court, Chapter IX filings, can those responsible for the subjects death show up in the courtroom to pick over the few morsels of flesh left on the bones of their victim:
■ American Federation of State, City and Municipal Employees
■ Amalgamated Transit Union, Division 26
■ Assistant Supv. of Street Maintenance & Construction Association
■ Association of City of Detroit Supervisors
■ Association of Detroit Engineers
■ Association of Municipal Engineers
■ Association of Municipal Inspectors

Association of Professional Construction Inspectors
■ Association of Professional & Technical Employees
■ Building & Construction Trades Council
■ Detroit Fire Fighters Association
■ Detroit Income Tax Investigators Association
■ Detroit License Investigators Association
■ Detroit Police Command Officers Association
■ Detroit Police Lieut. & Sergeants Association
■ Detroit Police Officers Association
■ Dept. of Transportation Foremens  Association of America
■ EMS Officers Association
■ Field Engineers Association
■ I.U.O.E. Local 324 (Detroit Principal Clerks)
■ I.U.O.E. Local 324 (Operating Engineers)
■ I.U.O.E. Local 324 (Park Management)
■ Police Officers Labor Council
■ Police Officers Association of Michigan
■ Police Officers Labor Council (Health)
■ Retired Detroit Police & Fire Fighters Association
Sanitary, Chemists & Technicians Association
■ Senior Accountants, Analysts & Appraisers Association
■ Senior Water Systems Chemist Association
■ SEIU Supervisory & Non Supervisory
■ SEIU Professional & Technical
■ UAW-WWTP Supervisors
■ UAW-Legal Assistants
■ UAW-Civilian Police Investigators
■ Utility Workers Union of America
■ Utility Workers Union of America
■ Utility Workers Union of America
■ Utility Workers Union of America
■ Police Fire Retirement System
■ General Retirement System

Source:  Detroit Bankruptcy Filing

And, of course, the bond holders, other financial entities, insurers and attorneys.

TheFundamentals makes this suggestion – if anyone cares to take a crack at alternative #2 above, the one involving restructure/survival – we would suggest two things be constitutionally prohibited, forever:
1.    Prohibit any arrangement, contract, conversation or meeting with any of the above outfits or their successors or replacements, ever, under any circumstance, and
2.    Prohibit any borrowing, even one cent, ever, from anyone
In other words, use taxpayer funds to secure the goods and services for which they are collected, not for salaries and benefits for municipal employees.  And, live within your means.  This basic discipline will not guarantee success – but it will provide an opportunity for success.  There are a few other modifications to our current rules and governance arrangements that are also needed but the two above would be a good start and relatively easy to implement, if anyone is so inclined.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

An issue too sensitive to discuss?

It would be very easy to put up a video of black American punks running rampant through the streets of Los Angeles and Oakland, California under the caption, “Eric Holder’s America.”  There is enough truth in it to warrant it.

It is more complex to address the legal thinking behind “stand your ground” laws which now exist in more than half of the states – the positive consequences of such laws – and the obvious problem with them in the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

What follows is a commentary of why those laws are needed – why they work – and why our failure to solve what is perhaps America’s most chronic social and culture issue – the collapse of discipline in black urban communities, is going to amplify the racial divide in America and bring occasional media glare to incidents where a white American ventures into a closed urban black community or a black American ventures into a closed white American community with dire consequences. 

Let’s start.   Before anything, survival is always present.  Before food, sex, shelter, you name it – survival is present – at the top.  That’s a fundamental.

A white person wandering sections of Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc, for whatever reason – sightseeing, lost, seeking a snack and a soft drink, at any time of day, is, at best, problematic and, at worse, stupid; perhaps, suicidal.  (see:  http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0412/white_woman_black_neighborhood.php3#.UeaUjk4o5jo )  The crime statistics support this observation – black on black crime in these communities is epidemic – black on white crime is opportunistic and therefore less but that is mostly a matter of circumstances – logistics, geography and the simple segregated nature of black and white communities in America.

It becomes a bit different when a black person enters a white community.  The crime statistics do not support a likely criminal occurrence.  On the other hand, survival sensibility most likely keeps those occasions limited.

Enter – stand your ground laws.  You don’t have to run if confronted.  If fearful of grave harm or death, you may deliver grave harm or death and be presumed to be innocent.  Is this concept – in law form – a deterrent to crime?  The statistics say, resoundingly, “yes.”  Many urban blacks welcome the inherent protection of stand your ground law.  In effect all that has happened is the same status a police officer has in dealing with a confrontation is now extended to a citizen and, notwithstanding the grossly inaccurate and overused  application of “first responder” status to police and firemen, most citizens are their own “first responders” and, in many cases, second and third responder.  Citizens need to be prepared – survival requires preparation.

Stand your ground laws are here to stay but they obviously carry with them a heightened risk because of  the common knowledge that most criminals in America today are black and no one with a survival instinct is going to wander anywhere, his/her neighborhood or adjacent neighborhoods,  without that prevalent survival instinct on their mind and preparation to take survival action if needed.

If you seriously wish to solve the problem Eric identifies, you must first eliminate the reality of black on black crime and black on white crime.  If you wish to do that you must move away from an emotional form of governance when it comes to responsibility and participation and move to a disciplined form of governance.  In other words, the black community needs to get some discipline – in all those forms of human behavior in which they now trail, excessively trail, white America.  That discipline is not coming voluntarily and it is not being imposed involuntarily.

Neither Holder nor Obama have embraced that purpose - discipline, as black leaders.  The few black leaders who have are excommunicated from the black family, such as it is.  And that shunning is done by both Holder and Obama as well as other profiteers.

No justice – no peace is emotional blather.  As is the abuse and overuse of the concept of “racial profiling.”  Discipline is the answer and few grasp it – even fewer preach it – even fewer practice it.   This country of ours will not survive without a return to discipline.  Much of the urban black community is living testimony to this fundamental.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Beloved Freedom(s)

Haven’t we all said it?  It’s a free country!  I can say what I want.  There’s no law against me speaking my mind.

One patriot once said it along these lines – I disagree with what you say but I will always stand by your right to say it.

And so it goes – freedom of speech.  There are some sensible restrictions on even this, the most basic of our “constitutional” freedoms.  The most notable being the “yelling fire in a crowded theatre” exception.  That is a no-no.  Even though in many situations one can say something that is not accurate; not even partially accurate; downright wrong or cynical or hypocritical (think Obama telling his audience that Bush II’s debt build up was “unpatriotic” and “irresponsible” and then doubling/tripling the rate at which he built debt) the fact is we all know that there are times when abusing the concept of free speech is appropriately discouraged.

At TheFundamentals, we constantly blather that the Obama fiscal and financial behavior is not only wrong – de facto wrong – because the consequence of deficits is debt and government debt is a burden placed on those who had no say in its creation by those who have no intent to be responsible for paying it back, but that it is immoral and destructive.  Our clamoring is painless – debt is not.

Today all we hear is government supported clamoring.  Today, the clamoring shares some characteristics with a lynch gang – demanding lynch justice for the one they claim was lynched.  These most secular of all secularists are now demanding an “eye for an eye” – straight out of the Old Testament.  They caught religion watching television.  Following charlatans.   More biblical than they realize.

Most of this clamoring comes from the “usual suspects.”  Men and women of remarkable feet of clay who find the chutzpah to rise above their limitations when opportunity knocks.  But have you noticed the two particular accomplices in this lynch mob gathering – NBC/Comcast and PBS?  Both are government based (one is funded by taxpayers and the other relies on government officials to secure its “exclusive rights” to the pipe coming into your home) monopolies which have spent an inordinate amount of time giving audience and time and broad microphone availability to this mob?  Can they “yell fire” with no consequence?   One more human sacrifice for ratings and a few bucks?  Biblical stuff, huh?

Why would it be okay for them to run wild – screaming constantly, darn near 24/7, with government’s blessing while another loaner, struggling kid, with access to some of their secrets, discloses them and is now under similar government mob attack for just letting the public know how government abuses its powers – daily – 24/7?

If it took a genius intellect to recognize that darn near every problem in our society is now government based, you would not be reading about it here, on these pages.  The situation is quite the opposite.  It takes the lowest possible standard of awareness and participation – that which can only occur after years, after decades, of being dumbed down to an acceptance level of pure simplemindedness, to not see that we now live with a government that serves only itself and its perpetuation.  This is the government our founders sought to prevent.

If this government is served by freedom of speech – Katie bar the door.  If not, national security is at risk – you will be indicted for treason.  This is not the government the founders had in mind – not the one they debated – most certainly not the one they documented – not the one memorialized in this document – http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/ .

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Debt Service

Well golly gee – you mean all that debt – almost $5 trillion from George and then, by the time he moves on, about $9 trillion from Barry – you mean we have to service that $14 trillion of debt?  Golly gee – what is that going to cost us?

Well, no one asked Ben Bernanke  – George and Barry’s financier, did they?  At least we haven’t heard Ben tell us what it is costing now and will cost in the future – we have a pretty good idea that it is not all locked up in 30 year fixed rate mortgage bonds like your home mortgage may be.  So what does all this mean?

Well, here is a brief look at debt service – maybe someone in the Hollywood media will read this posting and will ask Barry or Ben or someone a question about it the next time they get a chance:

Today, the federal government owes $17 trillion.  If that were a 30 year mortgage, say payable at 3.5%, the monthly payment would be - $7,634,000,000.00 which in English is 7 billion, 634 million each month or $91,605,000,000.00 per year which in English is 96 billion, 605 million annually.  Over 30 years, after making payments of $27,482,000,000,000.00 the debt would be paid off – or in English, 27 trillion, 482 billion dollars to pay back the 17 trillion we now owe.

(Aside and rather unpleasant reminder – this is what they tell us they owe – we think we probably owe a whole heck of a lot more but then again, following the logic of the Democrats likely 2016 presidential candidate, “What difference does it make?”)

Now, one other unpleasant reminder – we don’t have a $17 trillion, 30 year mortgage at 3.5% - but we probably should.  So, let’s say we end up paying all that back at 4.5% (we should  be so lucky) then what would the total payment be, after 30 years?


Say 5.5% (all of these rates for 30 year bonds are way below recent historic rates for 30 year bonds):  $34,749,000,000,000.00.

Yep at 5.5% the cost to service and repay the current 17 trillion they tell us we owe is double what we presently owe.  Such a deal, huh?

Paul Krugman (60), Alan Greenspan (87), Ben Bernanke (59), even the brilliant and greatly missed, Larry Summers (58) – we never hear them talk about paying back $27 trillion or $31 trillion or – eeks, $34 trillion.  Maybe 60 year old guys (and one 87 year old) don't worry so much about such things, huh?  Maybe they too subscribe to Hillary's self introspection philosophy:  what difference does it make?

Convenient of them isn’t it.  We wonder if the bond market views things equally conveniently?  Can you imagine a day when a US treasury bond is viewed with the same level of attractiveness as a city of Detroit bond?  How many city of Detroit bonds do you think the four wise men above (and Hillary) own?

Debt service – one of those inconvenient truths – the kind that the Clinton’s and Bush’s and Obama’s seem to think don’t make much of a difference.  They sure are experts on all those really important issues though - you know, homosexual marriage and affirmative action and Obamacare and China's currency manipulations (talk about the pot calling the kettle black) and peace in the middle east.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Road to Destruction

Remember, always, our founding principle:  deficits = debt = destruction.

The sub theme of today’s essay is – there are many signs along the way of the road to destruction.  You can ignore them until you reach your destination – or you can heed them and take evasive/corrective action.

The city of Detroit is 100 yards or less from the end of the road to destruction.  Yet, even with the clear visibility of their destination terminus, the very same fools who drove the city to this spot have the accelerator pushed to the maximum, with no intent to brake.  (For a brief update, please go to:  http://www.freep.com/article/20130708/COL06/307080118/ )

The question for you, dear reader, is who is driving your municipal car?  Can you wrest control from them before you find yourself looking at the same destination as the remaining, very much reduced and border line, indigent population of the city of Detroit?  Do you have leaders in place who know to stand up to public employee union bosses (thugs) – who know to balance the budget – to live within our means – to pay down debt, not just keep rolling it over and adding to it? Do you have defined contribution pension plans for all public employees or the old fashioned, guaranteed to bring your municipality to the same destination as Detroit now faces, defined benefit plans?

If you are a passenger in that car following the formula described so simply, yet elegantly above, you are an accomplice before the fact – yes, you are responsible for the end destination just as much as the promiscuous officials, employees and union thugs who are behind the wheel.

Take this essay to your next city/village/town meeting or the next school board meeting and ask these questions:

1.    What is the debt of this body?  What was the debt 5 years ago?  10 years ago?

2.    Will the debt be paid down in the next 3 years – lower than it is today?  Or even higher?

3.    What is the design of the pensions plan(s) for this body and its employees?

4.    If it is a defined benefit plan, what are you doing to stop that plan and move to a defined contribution plan?  When will you implement this move?

As adults, none of us, unless we are immature or stupid or both, would sit as a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a drunk person.  Yet, that is exactly what we are doing today in our towns and cities where financial responsibility and fiscal sensibility have been discarded in favor of keeping our public employees happy and their union masters mollified.  They work for us – in theory; in practice, we work for them.

Are you just sitting in that passenger seat?  Waiting?  Hoping?  That you will get home safe?  Not a good plan.  Stop the car.  Stop it now.  Don’t be an accessory to this crime.

Friday, July 5, 2013

America's Most Powerful Democrat(s)

Who are America’s most powerful Democrats?  Regardless of position or party affiliation.  Who are those few folk who are delivering the package – the goods – the results – for the agenda of the Democrat party?

That is the subject of today’s essay.  We took a poll, just like the Democrats do and just like their media advisers advise them to do.  The poll returned the following big names as the most powerful Democrats in America today:

1.     Barack Obama (of course)
2.    Joe Biden (not, of course)
3.    Harry Reid (makes sense)
4.    Nancy Pelosi (ditto)
5.    Rahm Emanuel (does not make sense)
6.    Dick Durbin (makes even less sense)
7.    Chuck Schumer (now we are at the bottom of the sensibility range)

Some others who got a few votes – George Soros, Hillary and Bill (we have a special pictorial essay devoted to them coming up soon), James Carville, Al Sharpton, Warren Buffett, Valerie Jarrett and Keith Alderman(?).  We didn’t list them because we cannot be sure if their names were being proposed seriously or someone was dissing our polling effort.

In any event that’s about it – not exactly a lineup that will flutter the heartbeats of a culture focused on self involvement; self comfort and self satisfaction.

TheFundamentals now offers its own candidates for this position – most powerful Democrats in America today.  The list is brief; very, very brief:

1.    Ben Bernanke
2.    David Axelrod

That’s it folks.

Actually we are not certain that we even listed them in the proper order. We can make the argument that David is the key Democrat in America today.  His propaganda machine has rendered the opposition, such as it is, impotent.  David defines republicans instead of republicans defining themselves.  In so doing, David has been able to produce a small margin of victory for those listed above and their minions.  While accomplishing that needed result, he has successfully diverted attention from every meaningful situation affecting America today.  Without David’s accomplishments, the republicans would be meandering around the halls of power trying to figure out what to do and who to pay off for their electoral successes.  So, is David the most powerful Democrat in America today?

Well, Ben gives him a good run for his money – pun very much intended.  David has made millions doing what he is very good at – but Ben has the real money.  He controls the world’s reserve currency which is a fiat currency and regardless of that always precarious situation that accompanies any reserve currency not based on anything tangible, Ben has financed the unlimited promiscuity of the people that David got elected.  Without Ben, America would, perhaps, have been on the road to repair while the world languished in their excessiveness and promiscuity.  But, Ben stepped in – actually was terrified of taking a little heat from David, and printed US currency to buy up the debt produced as the politicians and bureaucrats, saluting their public employee union masters, spend at the rate of almost $10 billion each day to hold onto their very precarious positions.

Ben is leaving his job soon (February 2014) – so don’t worry – the stuff will not hit the fan for a few more months.  David has already left – he now works for America's biggest propaganda (‘er, we mean communications/information distribution) company.  You know it as NBC/Comcast or its new name – Xfinity which we think was chosen to accomplish one task – most Americans hate Comcast so what does a massive monopoly do when faced with the reputation for overpriced, lousy service and product?  Yep, change their name.  David now works for America’s communication monolith – he now has the biggest, loudest most ubiquitous microphone/Internet delivery system to get the Democrat message out.  Ben is just leaving – getting out of town before his fiat, reserve currency house of cards collapses.

David is America’s most powerful Democrat.  Watch him on America’s information and delivery network – Comcast (‘er, we mean Xfinity.)  Maybe Ben will get a job there too!


Monday, July 1, 2013

American Jurisprudence - Florida Style

If you can be led by those who determine programming at Comcast/NBC, you are getting a close up, daily, of the trial of one young man who killed an even younger, young man.  At issue, perhaps, is the circumstances of the killing.  The victim can't speak - the survivor claims self defense.

Did you know that not all that long ago, just three years ago, in the same state, a bit further south, a very similar situation arose late one night?  The news story of this event can be read at -  http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20100420/article/4201060

In this case, the victim also was not available for the trial.  As a matter of fact there never was a trial.  You see, the survivor was a police officer who decided to pursue the person(s) who rang his doorbell late at night and then ran away - after grabbing his gun which he used on the unarmed prankster/victim when he claimed his life was endangered.  That is all it takes - the simple claim that "I felt I was in danger" and - no public hearing; no trial; no nothing.  If you are a police officer.

Is that right?  This obvious double standard?  Is it wrong?  This obvious double standard?

We don't know - frankly we don't have a clue (pun intended.)  The clues all support the conclusion favorable to those who perform the self examination (bureaucrats call this an "investigation.") 

What we do know is that in the "black community" this so-called "double standard" is on trial today; the one being vigorously covered by Comcast/NBC.

When we read the US constitution we do not see any provision for any double standard in our legal system - anywhere in the country.  Most certainly Florida is not permitted a legal system that treats one situation different from a similar situation.  We see the opposite - equal justice under the law for all.  But, obviously, there is a double standard.

We do not know if this politician/bureaucrat/union boss/prosecutor/judge decreed set of "double standards" in American jurisprudence is a reason, perhaps even a major reason, for the breakdown in much of America's black, minority, struggling communities in almost every state in the country.  We do know that those in America's black communities who can get away from this and other circumstances of the blighted black communities do so - they do so in large numbers.  It has happened in Detroit - is happening now as we speak in Chicago - and will continue to happen across the land.  The distrust of America's legal system is systemic in these struggling communities. 

By the way, the victim in the police shooting noted above (the one you probably never heard about) was white.  But you didn't even know that did you?  Why didn't Comcast/NBC cover that story?  We know why they didn't cover the trial - there never was one.  We also have a pretty good idea why they ignored the story.  Do you?

One other thing we don't get about this whole situation - why does the black community, almost to the point of unanimity - those who escape the ghettos and those who don't, continue to offer electoral support to the very same cabal - the politicians/bureaucrats/union bosses/prosecutors/judges/Hollywood media who impose this "double standard" on them?  Do you understand why they do this?